Gengar Plush Gift Ideas (Toys & Collectibles)

How are you? So right now, we all know the situation of the entire world right! So, to do some fun with your surrounding maybe that makes you happy like me. Let try something new with the Gengar gift ideas like toys, merch, etc.

Wait before going further let me tell you about Gengar if you guys don’t know about him Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pokémon with a round body. It has red eyes, a wide mouth, and pointed ears.

Whether you guys are fans of shady, dark Pokémon or you guys should try it for once so that’s why I prepared the guide of Gengar gift and that will help you to choose what you guys want and what you are looking for. So, get ready for that.

Gengar Shadow Ball Figure

Gengar Shadow Ball Figure

Shadow Ball is one of Gengar’s classic signature moves. It’s also among the most powerful ghost attacks.

So, it just appears to be proper that one of the most stunning Gengar figures from Pokémon Centre highlights the spooky animal heaving a shadowy mass of ectoplasm at its adversary.

The great detail and the hand-painted masterpiece make the well-known, move of the creators and also a strong enough piece of decoration to stand out on its own.

Mega Gengar Plush Doll

Mega Gengar Plush Doll

This plush doll doesn’t make you feel so cuddly but the design and the texture of the plush definitely make you buy this doll. The Mega Gengar has opened its third eye and it’s ready to bring your deepest fears to life!

This is maybe lucky to be simply saving the thing for yourself as such a nerd prize

Sun & Moon Gengar Stocking

Sun & Moon Gengar Stocking

The shadiest Christmas stoking for the Christmas tree.

The creator literally thinks because the shadiness of the Gengar character has suited the entire vibe of the Halloween party.

And you can also add other Pokémon character to your holiday decoration.

Gengar Slippers

Gengar Slippers

The Character Gengar was supposed to make his surrounding colder, but this slipper definitely makes you warn.

Here is the item with the mischievous face and cute round body on the fluffy slippers.

Except for all other boring Color the creator choose purple which soothes your eyes and the soul of the sleeper help you to remain in shape in the future to.

Large 12 Gengar Plush

Large 12″ Gengar Plush

Anyone can have a Pikachu plush, but only the cool kids have a Gengar.

This supple yet firm plush from Wicked Cool Toys is ideal to keep you company on dark nights.

And if you like the ghostly creature this the better suit for you.

Gengar Backlit Gameboy Color

Gengar Backlit Gameboy Color

Here’s of the best entries in our rundown for those with a heftier budget.

These are all handmade and the collection of the console makes it different because of the dark color palette and slick Gengar silhouette.

This re-planned and upgraded rendition of the exemplary Gameboy Color made by 8bitAesthetic over at Etsy is simply marvelously stunning.

And this the so far, the most beautiful mixture of the old school style with the new modern techy thing

Gengar Switch Controller

Gengar Switch Controller

All the modification in the gadgets is made by hand with the detail and close attention on that with the perfect polishing.

Here is the most interesting thing for the gamers who like dark thing and the customization on their switch controller with bold purple colors make them stand out anywhere while playing.

Gengar Vinyl Decal

Gengar Vinyl Decal

The design was perfectly finished with the glossy feature and also perfectly manufacture for your laptop, car, and for other gadgets.

It’s a handmade decal and the creator made sure it’s not only beautiful and durable but also easy to apply.

Gengar Cemetary Terrarium

Gengar Cemetary Terrarium

PalletsCraftsByXev on Etsy decided to take a stab at recreating what may be happening inside Gengar’s Pokéball.

So one of the most amazing things and I’m damn sure you guys also curious about that thing too right like what is the life inside the Poke ball and what all the Pokémon do inside.

This gift was like a Poke Ball but not a poke ball. 

Gengar Belt

Gengar Belt 1

The bold color on the belt really enhances your clothing design and makes it shady you have to try this Gengar belt and must add it to your wardrobe to feel the vibe.

Because the color you wear shows your beauty and if you are a Pokémon lover so this belt bound you and make you get noticed.

Etched Pint Glass

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Do your devilish motivations take over after a couple of drinks? At that point get this pint glass with a delightful Gengar design to remind you… or support you!

Indeed, even the geekiest of nerds have two or three drinks occasionally. Since they’re handcrafted, no two glasses are remarkably the same. Get this glass and start the party with your friends.

Bifold Wallet

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The extreme purple tone and fun design on this bifold Gengar’s spooky nature, and it’s certain to get any child energized for their first wallet in case you’re purchasing.

Nowadays everyone needs wallets, so why not the designer one?

Gengar Phone Charm

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So here is the trendiest thing we have is the phone charmer and if you a fan of ghost- type Pokémon so you have to give a shot to this thing.

On the other hand, they have also a tiny constellation inside of the starry design charmer. And maybe it’ll bring you the same luck!

Ghostly Wall Scroll

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If you are creative and you like dark, shady things so must try the ghost wall scroll in your room.

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar stand one over the other in a distinctive purple plan that will tell everybody you’re about the dull devilish critters.

TCG Playmat

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The Pokémon TCG is one of the most famous and enduring ones around, and a decent playmat might be what isolates casuals from the genuine deal.

It is likewise accessible for two players so you can enjoy and sit back at nearby places and on the journey.

Hope you enjoy this list comment below which one you wanna buy and share this with more friends and don’t forget to bookmark MOW.

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