15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

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Telltale Game made Wolf Among Us, a paid third-person action-adventure video game that is composed of several episodes.

In this game, the story is based on Bill Willingham’s Fable named comic book series. The player must play the role of a police officer in this game, which is set in the year 1986. The player’s job in this game is to look into the death of a woman.

The player is free to move around and explore the whole game world in this open-world game.

The player can find multiple items while exploring the game world that will help him solve puzzles more quickly.

One thing that can be done in this game besides solving mysteries is talking to non-player characters (NPCs).

15. Tales from the Borderlands

Games Like Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games made Tales from the Borderlands, a paid adventure, strategy, and single-player video game.

In this game, the story is about two workers at Hyperion named Rhys and Pandoran.

This game’s goal is for the player to go on an epic adventure to find and open a vault.

Because it’s an open-world game, the player can go anywhere in the world to find goals and complete missions.

The loot system in this game lets the player get money and other things while they play.

The game also has great mechanics for the player, crisp graphics, and a realistic visual experience.

14. Walking Dead

Walking Dead 2 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games created The Walking Dead, a free action, role-playing, and single-player video game.

The story of this game comes from the Walking Dead comic book series. In this game, the player takes on the role of Lee Everett, who is a fictional character. In this game, the player’s job is to manage the survivors and help them stay alive.

For fighting zombies in this game, the player has access to multiple weapons. From a third-person perspective, the player can move around in this open world game.

In addition, there are multiple episodes in this game, each of which presents its own unique set of difficulties.

13. Game of Thrones

game of throne 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games made the paid action-adventure, role-playing, and strategy video game Game of Thrones. The game’s story is like the plot of a book by the same name that was written by George R.R. Martin.

The player in this game must raise armies, battle for the honour of seven powerful kingdoms, and witness the wars.

The player can play the role of their favourite character from one of two main characters in this game. Game of Thrones has multiple quests that are difficult, and the player must successfully complete them.

In addition, the game lets the player interact with and talk to non-playable characters (NPCs). It has good visuals, a well-written story line, and nice music for the player to listen to.

12. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

Quantic Dream made the free action-adventure, shooting, and thriller video game Beyond: Two Souls.

The game’s story is based on two main characters, Jodie Holmes and Ghost Aiden.

Through Aiden, these two characters are spiritually connected in this game, so Jodie can talk to other people.

Multiple missions are available in this game, and each one presents its own unique set of challenges.

The player must fight and kill enemies in these missions. The game also gives the player a variety of weapons to use against enemies.

The player is free to move around in the whole game world because it is an open world game.

11. Fahrenheit

farenheit 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

An action-adventure, single-player, and interactive drama video game called Fahrenheit was made by Quantic Dream and costs money.

The player must play the role of a detective in this game. As the player, your job is to solve a very important case that has been given to you. In this game, the player can play both the role of a detector and Lucas’s brother.

Uncovering mysteries, resolving puzzles, and catching criminals are the objectives of this game.

Also, it’s an open-world game where the player can go wherever they want from a third-person view.

A 3-D play area with HD graphics for the player is included in the Fahrenheit game, which also features thrilling sound.

10. Shadow of destiny

shadow of destiny 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

Konami made the paid adventure and single-player video game Shadow of Destiny. Within the game, the player is in charge of controlling the character Eike Kusch.

There is a made-up town in German called Lebensbaum where the game takes place. The game’s story revolves around preventing the murder and revealing the murderer.

The player is murdered by non-playable characters in each of the three chapters of this game.

To change the event of his death, the player must go back to a time when he was not murdered.

The person playing the game can talk to non-player characters and look around the game world.

The player must also solve challenging puzzles in addition to revealing the murderer and altering the murder’s event.

9. Glass Rose

Glass Rose 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

Developed by Cing and Capcom’s Production Studio 3, Glass Rose is a paid psychological horror and point-and-click video game adventure.

In this game, the player must use a cursor to move the Takashi character. A Japanese mansion in the year 1929 is where this game takes place. While playing this game, the character can talk and interact with other characters.

When the player is talking, they can highlight the communication words to get more information about certain topics.

A player can freely move around the whole game world because it is an open world game. The player must support this game on their own because it has a single-player mode.

8. Soul Reaver

soul reaver 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

The action-adventure, third-person view, role-playing video game Soul Reaver costs money and was made by Crystal Dynamics.

For this game, the player takes on the role of Raziel, a character from the world of Nosgoth. The player in this game must eat the souls of the enemies and look around the game world.

The player must successfully complete all of the game’s multiple quests. In addition, the game gives the player a lot of weapons, such as a sword, to use against enemies.

While playing the game, the player can talk to non-player characters (NPCs) and collect items with Soul Reaver. As a player, it has great graphics, great gameplay, and the best mechanics.

7. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain download pc 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

Action-adventure, role-playing, and single-player video game Heavy Rain costs money and was made by Quantic Dream. Inside the game, there is a story about a killer who goes after his victims.

This game lets the player take on the role of four different characters. The player has interacted with non-player characters (NPCs) and different objects while playing the game.

Depending on the decisions the player made while playing the game, there are different endings to this one.

Besides that, the game has many quests, and each one is hard and presents new challenges.

The player must finish the previous quest before they can move on to the next one and make progress in the game.

Heavy Rain has beautiful visuals, great mechanics, and an exciting story for the player to follow.

6. American McGee’s Alice

American McGees Alice 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

The paid action-adventure, role-playing, and magical video game American McGee’s Alice was made by Rogue Entertainment.

The player in this game must play the role of a female character whose parents died in a firehouse.

The player must exact revenge from the enemies for their parents’ death.

The player can solve multiple difficult puzzles in addition to exacting revenge on enemies.

The player can go to different places, like labs, dungeons, and labyrinths, because this is an open-world game.

In order to defeat enemies and win the game, the player is given multiple superpowers by the game.

The player of American McGee’s Alice can also choose from almost ten different weapons to use against enemies.

5. Nightmare Creatures 2

37338 Nightmare Creatures II NTSC U 1492372580 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

The horror and survival video game Nightmare Creatures 2 costs money and was made by Kalisto Environment.

A wide variety of enemies and monsters must be defeated by the player in this game.

A character named Herbert Wallace who escaped from Crowley’s genetics hospital is at the centre of the game.

The player can play this game by themselves because it has a single-player mode.

Open-world games let the player move around and explore the world without any restrictions.

In addition, this game gives the player a lot of different weapons to use against monsters and enemies.

Smooth controls, intriguing visuals, and excellent graphics for the player are all features of Nightmare Creatures 2.

4. Shadow Man

Shadow Man 2 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

Paid action-adventure, horror, third-person view, and single-player video game Shadow Man was made by Acclaim Studio.

Our game’s story comes from the Shadow Man comic book series. This game takes place in the real year 1988, and the player takes on the role of a character named Jack.

The player’s job in this game is to get resources, complete game objectives, and make it to the end path.

In addition, Shadow Man has multiple missions, and each one is difficult and full of obstacles. It’s an open-world game where the player can look around from a third-person point of view.

3. Nancy Drew

nancy drew 5918 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

Nancy Drew is a series of games that offers different Action-Adventure and Point-and-Click adventures starring the Nancy Drew character.

One of the longest-running series of mysteries, the series has more than a dozen games and is sure to keep you entertained and sucked into the great stories.

Nancy Drew offers Interactive and Visual Novel style aesthetics and can be played on a variety of gaming platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo, and smart phones.

You can use Nancy Drew to solve crimes and mysteries, talk to NPCs, and collect items. Being a video game series, Nancy Drew offers some of the most amazing video games in the industry, and some of them are big hits, like Nancy Drew Adventures, Nancy Drew Dossier, and Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries, etc.

Nancy Drew offers a variety of settings, stories, characters, and game play experiences throughout the series.

The whole series of Nancy Drew is a masterpiece because of its fantastic story-driven game play.

2. Yesterday

yesterday 32326 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

The single-player adventure, puzzle, point-and-click, and adventure video game Yesterday was made by Pendulo Studios and released by Focus Home Interactive.

The story of the game centres on the disappearance of beggars one at a time in the made-up city of New York.

There wasn’t much coverage of these events by the police or the media, and no one knows where the bagger goes.

In the beginning, the disappearance of beggars is looked into by Henry White, a young, wealthy man who runs a charity, and Cooper, Henry’s friend.

You can select one of the two playable characters to begin the game. You are taken on an epic adventure in the game where you must use the point-and-click method to solve numerous mysteries and determine the cause of the beggars’ disappearance.

As you play, the game gets harder. Explore each level to earn experience and unlock additional content.

1. Identity V

identity v 81927 1 15 Games Like Wolf Among Us

The action, survival, and single-player video game Identity V was made by NetEase Games for mobile devices and takes place in a stimulating world.

The game has a new mode called Duo Hunters, in which the game play has been improved at the manor. During the game play, two hunters will have a hard time eliminating eight survivors in the crazy environment.

Survivors and hunters can contact the manor’s owner using the telephone booths that have been added to the maps and use certain points to buy items.

Hunters can only carry one item with them, while survivors can carry up to two items, allowing players to select which items to use in battles against hunters.

The mix of unique skills and items will produce an exciting outcome. Namely Moon River Park, Duo Hunters, Telephone Booths, New Maps, New Package, New Hunter, and more are some of the most important parts of Identity V.

For those who love playing Survival games, Identity V offers a challenging game.

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