18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

There are more than 10,000 different Yu-Gi-Oh cards as of this writing.

From older decks that would set two cards and end the turn to newer decks that can play most of their extra deck cards in a single turn, there really is a deck for everyone.

But the most important thing is that any deck you play with is fun.

I mean, what’s the point of playing a game if it’s not fun?

So, if you want to try out some new Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks ideas, keep scrolling!

This list includes decks from the GOAT format all the way up to modern decks, so no matter what kind of Yu-Gi-Oh you like, you’re sure to find something here for you.

18. Magnet Warrior

Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks

Imperion Magnum, shown here, is one of the most powerful boss monsters in the game. Each turn, it can cancel out the effects of one card.

The Magna warriors can search for the materials you need to add to your hand, making it very easy to summon.

Spells and traps help bring the Magna and Magnet warriors onto the field, where they can be used for XYZ summons.

Magnet Warrior decks are still good for casual play even though they have been out for 5 years. They can even win a game against competitive decks.

17. Toon

ToonBarrelDragon.png 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

It would be very expensive to build this deck in real life, so it’s best to use it on simulators like YgoPro.

Over the years, there has been a lot of help for toons. Different versions of Dark Magician, Ancient Gear Golem, and Black Luster Soldier have been released.

They can easily crowd the field and attack directly, doing a lot of damage over time. Spells and traps help keep them on the field and stop your opponent from firing back.

But they’re not really that good of a deck because they don’t have much in the way of defence.

A weakness like this gives your opponent a lot of ways to get around you, which makes duels fun for everyone.

16. Reverse Burn

GiftCard TAEV EN C UE.png 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

If you use Bad Reaction to Simochi, any life points your opponent gains will instead hurt them. If you get that trap and the three Gift Cards (shown), you’ve already won.

The burn engine isn’t a full deck, so you have plenty of room for either more traditional burn cards or stall cards.

Both players are less interested in the game when there are stall cards, so I always recommend full burn.

It’s fun for your opponent because there aren’t many things that can stop them from getting to the finish line first.

They need to kill you before you slowly drain all of their life points until they have none left.

15. Superheavy Samurai

Yu Gi Oh 967 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

I love novelty decks like Superheavy Samurai.

These powerful synchro decks attack while defending. However, you cannot have any spells or traps in your graveyard or your monster effects will be nullified.

This complicates deck construction.

Building a deck usually involves assembling the core deck, adding a few powerful spells and traps, and finishing.

Superheavy Samurai requires a creative build.

You’ll still need cards to remove spells, traps, and monster effects, and disrupt your opponent’s battle phase but without any spells/traps.

If you want a fresh, challenging deck, check these guys out.

14. Noble Knights

Yu Gi Oh 33 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

I love English folklore decks as an Englishman.

This deck does the Knights of the Round Table story justice.

This deck powers up “King” XYZ monsters with Noble Arms equip spells.

Each Noble Arms spell powers up your creatures like you wouldn’t believe.

If you like slower gameplay, this deck is amazing.

Though slower than most combination decks, it’s still powerful.

13. Earthbound Immortals

Yu Gi Oh 88 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Yu-Gi-Oh God cards are the best!

These are the evil gods.

Earthbound Immortals are level-10 monsters with strong effects.

Additionally, every Earthbound Immortal can directly attack your opponent regardless of monsters. This is severe damage at ~3000 attack each!

You have to tribute summon these dudes, but field-spell cards like Mausoleum of the Emperor or monsters like Double Coston make it easy.

Defeating your opponent in 2/3 turns is amusing.

If you’re curious, try these folks.

12. Performapals

Yu Gi Oh 333 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Performapals were one of my first decks when I returned to Yu-Gi-Oh, and they were great.

Their pendulum summon deck boosts monster attack numbers.

Performapal Partnaga strengthens monsters for each Performapal card you control in the pendulum zone.

Performapal Whipsnake can change your opponent’s assault and defense.

This deck has approximately 100 cards and several strategies. Powerful fusion monsters, tribute summonable monsters, and more… You can play Performapals however you want.

Performapals are good for beginners who have never seen a pendulum summon.

11. Ojama Beatdown

Yu Gi Oh565 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Ojamas is one of the silliest decks, both visually and mechanically.

While basing a deck around 3 normal monsters with 0 attack may sound risky, they have some insanely powerful spells that activate when they’re all on the field.

Their field spell alters the attack and defense of all monsters and lets you special summon Ojama monsters from your graveyard by discarding Ojamas.

Ojamas can damage!

Ojama Delta Hurricane shines in this deck.

Ojama Green, Yellow, and Black can destroy any card your opponent possesses!

This creates hilariously stupid OTK decks.

10. Megalith

Yu Gi Oh 5 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

I never liked ritual decks before playing this one.

I loathed running numerous searchers to get the deck working and waiting for the ritual monster and ritual spell was annoying.

Megaliths transformed everything.

Megaliths require no ritual. Discarding Megalith monsters and applying Ophiel and Och’s monster effects can ritually summon your monsters!

This deck allows wild ritual monster combos.

Megalith Och lets you quickly summon any ritual monster during either player’s main phase.

You can drop a Magician of Black Chaos MAX on your opponent during their turn!

This strong ritual monster prevents your opponent from activating any monster effects during their turn, effectively ending their plays.

I recommend this deck for ritual summoning beginners.

This deck is great even without an Impcantation engine, but I play it with one to speed things up.

9. Deskbots

Yu Gi Oh 4 3 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Deskbots, an OTK deck that uses pendulum summoning, create monsters with absurd attack stats.

Deskbots only attack 500 times.

For each Deskbot you control on the field, they all get stronger.

Deskbot 009, the deck’s boss, has attack equal to all Deskbot monsters on the field!

Each Deskbot monster boosts its attack, so a single card can have 8000+ attack.

8. Lightsworn

Yu Gi Oh 3 2 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

These cards have been played since Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

No wonder.

Milling your deck, sending the top few cards to the graveyard, makes them powerful.

While removing half your deck may seem counterintuitive, Lightsworns have many graveyard effects.

Some graveyard cards benefit.

Judgment Dragon stands out in this deck.

You can free-special summon a Judgment Dragon from your hand if you have 4 or more Lightsworn monsters in your graveyard with different names.

Judgment Dragon has a 3000 attack and a 1000-life-point effect that destroys all other cards.

This renders your opponent vulnerable and ensures your win.

7. Phantasm Spiral

Yu Gi Oh 2 1 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Modern Yu-Gi-Oh rarely uses normal monsters.

Except for Phantasm Spiral.

This deck summons many normal monsters, equips them with powerful spells, and sets up many flood gates.

You’ll lock down your opponent if they’re running typical monster beatdown.

This is perfect for control deck fans.

6. D/D/D

Yu Gi Oh 1 1 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Different Dimension Demons (D/D/D) use every summoning mechanic (except Ritual, annoyingly enough).

This implies you’ve found a deck with many strategies.

The extra deck has synchro, fusion, XYZ, and link monsters, while the main deck summons huge monsters via pendulum summoning.

This deck’s best cards stand out.

D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kaliyuga, a rank 8 XYZ monster, can wipe out all spells and traps.

D/D/D Abyss King Gilgamesh, one of the best Link monsters ever, allows you set up your pendulum scales with two D/D monsters from your deck.

5. Blue-Eyes

Yu Gi Oh 4 1 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

It’s no wonder that Yu-Gi-most Oh’s nostalgic and powerful card is still powerful today.

The deck now uses synchro and fusion summoning.

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is the bigger brother of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, the finest fusion monster ever produced.

Neo possesses the same 4500 attack as Blue-Eyes Ultimate, but with an effect:

This card can attack three times every turn by sending “Blue-Eyes” fusion monsters from your deck to the graveyard!

That wins games!

4. Blackwing

Yu Gi Oh 3 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Blackwings ruled the 5Ds Yu-Gi-Oh metagame.

They summon a lot of synchro monsters every turn and are quite consistent.

“Damage Step?” should terrify Blackwings opponents.

Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow, the deck’s strongest card, lets you discard any Blackwing monster to raise its attack by 1400 during the damage phase, making it nearly unbeatable.

They’re still fun in current Yu-Gi-Oh. Since 5Ds, they’ve had lots of support!

Blackwings captures the synchro-era wonder best.

3. Salamangreat

Yu Gi Oh 2 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Link summoning can be confusing.

Link creatures feature arrows that link to monster zones, allowing a new style of play.

Salamangreat is perfect for learning Link summoning.

Their fire-attribute Cyberse-type deck has a significant gimmick: link monsters summoned using themselves are stronger.

Salamangreat field spells allow this!

See their largest boss monster: Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix, a link 4 monster, can destroy every card your opponent owns when summoned with another.

This deck makes Link summoning entertaining with its power.

It’s powerful enough to start competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!

For starters, we’ve included some of this deck’s best cards.

2. Frog Monarch

Yu Gi Oh 1 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Frogs were always potent archetypes.

Frog Monarch ruled the metagame in 2010.

Treeborn Frog’s unusual summoning ability made tribute summoning Monarch cards easier.

This deck is weaker currently (with Treeborn Frog being smacked by the ban list). They’re still fun today.

Since 2010, frog support has grown!

Ronintoadin, a samurai frog, may summon itself from the graveyard by banishing another.

Who could forget the unstoppable rank 2 XYZ monster Toadally Awesome?!

Whether you want to relive the glory days of Yu-Gi-Oh or try something new at locals this week, Frog Monarch is worth revisiting.

1. Shaddolls

Yu Gi Oh 18 Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Decks of All Time

Shaddolls have been great since 2014. This deck is fun to play casually or competitively.

They employ archetypes to fusion summon monsters from their extra deck by fusing one “Shaddoll” monster with an attribute-specific monster.

This deck features two powerful fusion monsters.

El Shaddoll Construct, a formidable fusion monster, was banned for a while! This card sends a Shaddoll monster from your deck to the graveyard and instantly destroys any special summoned monster when it battles.

El Shaddoll Winda, a formidable floodgate, stops any player from special summoning twice every turn.

Flip effects, a long-forgotten Yu-Gi-Oh mechanic, make the main deck monsters entertaining to use!

Shaddolls has many powerful flip effects, even though they activate slowly.

This deck is great fun.

It’s not a linear deck with one combination path. You can make many monsters work for you.

This deck provides board wipes.

This deck also negates monster effects.

Shaddolls have everything to win.

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