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Fujihiko Hosono Ends Buddy Dog Manga Final

This year’s 21st issue of Shogakukan’s Big Comic magazine published the final chapter of Fujihiko Hosono’s Buddy Dog Manga on Saturday. The manga’s 11th and final compiled book volume will ship on December 25.

Hosono launched the manga in Big Comic in 2017. Shogakukan published the manga’s 10th compiled book volume on September 30.

Fujihiko Hosono’s Buddy Dog manga was launched in Big Comic in 2017. The manga consists of 11 volumes in total. The story follows the daily life of a man named Aizawa, his family, and their robotic pet dog Robo Bud.

Hosono (Crusher Joe) launched the Sasuga no Sarutobi G manga in Monthly Hero’s in June 2017. The manga ended in September 2019.

Fujihiko Hosono Ends Buddy Dog Manga

The manga is a revival of Hosono’s Sasuga no Sarutobi manga, where the “G” stands for the manga’s “global” approach.

Hosono serialized the original Sasuga no Sarutobi manga from 1980 to 1984 in Shogakukan’s Zōkan Shonen Sunday magazine. 

Shogakukan published the seventh and final compiled volume in July 1984. The series inspired a 69-episode television anime beginning in 1982.

Fujihiko Hosono Ends Buddy Dog Manga

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Source: Big Comic issue 21