Souma Yukihira’s inspirational journey reached its climax at the Fifth Plate of Food Wars. Souma took part in the largest Shokugeki competition, “BLUE.”

This competition was designed to help him defeat Asahi Saaiba. The fifth season has now ended for more than a year and fans are still missing the delicious delicacies. 

Souma will be returning to Food Wars Season 6 to compete in more contests. This is all you need to know.

Shokugeki no Souma is a Japanese anime TV series about food. It’s a remake of Yuto Takuda and Shun Seki’s manga series of the same name. 

Studio JC Staff animated each of the five episodes. The anime premiered on April 4, 2015. The anime was a huge success and received a renewed contract for the next season. 

After 24 episodes, the fifth and most recent episode of the series was completed on April 11, 2020.

Manga Compared to Anime

Food Wars is the only gourmet series that has managed to achieve even half the popularity. Its rise to fame began with its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine in 2012. 

The manga was 19 million copies strong by the time it was finished in 2019. This manga series was published by Yuto and Shun in 36 volumes.

 The five anime installments by JC Staff had different pacing. The first two seasons had thirteen books. The third season alone used twelve.

The fourth season saw a slowing in its pace as it used only five volumes. The final Shokugeki no Souma season, the fifth, used all six volumes from the previous seasons and left nothing for future installments. 

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Food Wars Season 6 is now unfinished. Two years ago, the original manga was discontinued. There is no chance that the original manga will be republished anytime soon.

Food Wars Season 6-Renewal Status

Food Wars is one of the most beloved anime TV series. It’s even listed in MAL’s top 100 most-watched series of all time. 

As Souma learned how to make the most of the foods he didn’t know, viewers were hooked from the first episode. 

This installment gained more fans with each installment. Shukugeki no Souma is ranked #51 in popularity with 1.3M members of its MAL group. 

The anime has received a positive critical response. MyAnimeList rates the first four seasons above eight, while the fifth is rated 7.33. This is still decent.

Food Wars Season 6 could have been renewed if the Fifth Plate had not exhausted the source material. The reason the sixth season has not been announced by the producers is a lack of content. 

They also provided a definitive ending for the fifth season. They won’t want to ruin the show by expanding its plot. This show has been “canceled” as of its current renewal status.

Is anime coming back?

Officials announced that the Food Wars’ fourth season was over and that the fifth season would conclude the series’ storyline. 

The fifth season was completed with all remaining source material. In the final episode, Erina defeated Souma in the finals of BLUE’s tournament. 

This show is not for Souma, as BLUE is the most important Shokugeki competition.

It is not a good idea to continue the series after a satisfying conclusion. Food Wars Season 6 will not be available to the public. 

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There is however a chance that Food Wars Season 6 might be remade by the producers due to its popularity.

What’s the show about?

Food Wars is about a teenager named Soma Yukihira. Soma wants to be a chef at his father’s restaurant, “Restaurant Yukihira.”

Soma tried to enroll at Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute to learn how to compete in Food Wars. 

Soma made many friends and enemies while he was at the academy. The series follows Soma’s journey starting in his first year.

Soma participated in the BLUE Shokegeki Championships, the largest Shokegeki competition in the world. In the semi-finals, he even beat Asahi Saaiba. 

He is the same man who defeated Souma’s dad. Souma reached the finals of BLUE but fell short against Erina Nagi.

Food Wars Season 6: Release Date

As previously stated, the probability of the sixth plate being released by Shokugeki no Souma is very low. 

Officially, the makers have announced that the series will cease to exist after its fifth season. 

The makers can’t produce the sixth installment, even though they would love to. There isn’t enough material. 

Food Wars Season 6 will not be on the screens. However, if officials decide to spin off the show in the coming months, it could be released sometime in 2024.