Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Releases New Update for June 2024

The newest update for PlayStation 5’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is now available. Since its initial release on February 29, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has released three updates to enhance the game play experience.

Version 1.040, a whopping 6.199 gigabytes, is now available for players to download. That file size shouldn’t surprise players given how big Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is.

Initial download size for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is 145.6 gigabytes, which is a lot bigger than the 100 gigabytes for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

According to notes released by Square Enix, the latest patch for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth fixes a number of bugs that were stopping players from making progress and makes the game more stable and useful overall.

While doing certain missions, in certain conditions, or in certain battle situations, some players were unable to move forward in the game.

The latest update for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth fixes a bug that meant there was no information on the screen when you chose to play Stage 2 of the Gambit Gears mini-game on hard mode.

It also fixes a bug that allowed players to get photo frames before meeting other “relevant unlock conditions.” Additionally, the patch fixes a number of bugs that affect the display.

When the patch was announced on social media, one Twitter user asked if it “makes Chadley talk less.” Many are hoping for a PC release, while others are wondering when Final Fantasy 7 will talk about part three.

Square Enix is likely to release Final Fantasy and other games on multiple platforms soon because sales of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth fell short of expectations.

Square Enix needs the extra money, even though this could hurt its relationship with Sony since it has recently released a lot of PlayStation exclusives.

That’s less than what analysts were expecting—57 billion yen ($368 billion) in operating income for Square Enix this year. Square Enix promises to support PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PCs, but the company hasn’t said exactly what those platforms will be.

The third part of Final Fantasy 7 could be the game’s final PlayStation exclusive, or it could be the start of Square Enix’s multiplatform sales strategy.

Square Enix has a lot of time to plan its strategy if the third installment’s time line is similar to the early four-year gap between Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

If Square Enix repackages Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth like it did with Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, it’s also likely that players will receive another DLC in the Intergrade vein, which could help the game sell more.

The Japanese company’s decision to pivot makes sense and would benefit Square Enix and Final Fantasy fans who don’t own a PlayStation, as players are clamouring to play Square Enix games on multiple platforms.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Version 1.040 Update Patch Notes

  • Fixes to bugs that would very occasionally prevent game progress under specific conditions.
  • Fixes that allow the player to acquire photo frames if a bug occurs that would prevent their acquisition after fulfilling the relevant unlock conditions.
  • Fixes to bugs that are triggered under specific circumstances in battle.
  • Fixes to a bug where information was not shown on screen when selecting to play Stage 2 of the Gambit Gears mini game on Hard Mode.
  • Fixes to several display-related bugs.
  • Improvements to the overall game stability.

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