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FFXIV: How to Hard Unlock The Navel?

You will be able to unlock The Navel (Hard) if you have reached level 50 and accomplished the MSQ “The Ultimate Weapon,” which concludes the material of the ARR.

Then, in order to unlock The Navel, you will need to make your way back to the Waking Sands and finish a couple more of the Primals there (Hard).

This is a short list for your reference, and it concludes with Titan:

  1. A Recurring Problem (Location – Minfilia, The Waking Sands X:6.9, Y:6.1)
  2. Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It (Location – Thancred, The Waking Sands X:6.1, Y:5.1)
  3. In for Garuda Awakening (Location – Papalymo, The Waking Sands X:6.1, Y:5.0)
  4. In a Titan Spot (Location – Y’shtola, The Waking Sands X:6.1, Y:5.1)

We are all familiar with the Primal Titan, also known as the huge boy that stomps around in Duty Roulette. If you’ve played the game, you’ve undoubtedly defeated him more than once.

Titan is frequently something of a stumbling block for newly formed organizations. At the early age of level 34, you haven’t really been introduced to a lot of intricate mechanics, and because of this, he can come as a bit of a surprise.

However, the battle will become much less difficult if you have already prevailed over him a few times.

Rest assured that taking on The Navel (Hard) is a good way to make the level 50 Trial more difficult.

When compared to other MMOs, one of the coolest things about Final Fantasy XIV is that Square Enix often completely changes how the fights work to make them harder.

It’s not just that the boss takes less damage and deals more. No, they change in pretty big ways that require new strategies while keeping the “theme” of the first fight. Even more so with these early Primal fights.

How To Unlock The Navel (Hard)

Before you can fight Titan again, you’ll need to meet a few requirements.

You need to be level 50 and have finished the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon” to get started.

This quest is the last thing you can do in A Realm Reborn.

Once you’ve reached those points, you can go back to The Waking Sands to get the quest “A Recurring Problem” from Minfilia (X:6.9, Y:6.1).

This is where it starts to feel like a mission.

You have to beat the other Primals on Hard before you can start the quest to unlock The Navel (Hard).

You’ll need to start with “Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It,” which you can get from Thancred in the Waking Sands. This is the first step in a chain of quests.

This will make the Bowl of Embers available (Hard).

If you beat Ifrit’s harder form, the quest will move on to “In for Garuda Awakening,” which you can get from Papalymo at The Waking Sands.

When you beat Garuda, you will finally be able to use “In a Titan Spot.” (I hope all these puns are making you laugh out loud.)

After you’ve done all of that, Y’shtola will finally let you into The Navel (Hard), but you’ll have to do a few fetch quests first.

Is The Navel (Hard) Pretty Difficult?

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I think that at some point in the past, yes.

Before any of the expansions came out, these were basically the endgame content for A Realm Reborn, so they had to be hard to keep players interested.

Now, it would take a lot of bad luck for a whole group to die even once in one of these dungeons.

To put it simply, most players now have too much gear and experience for these challenges.

Level sync can get everyone to about the same level, but it can’t do much more than that. If most of the party knows the encounters by heart, they’re easy.

It’s even possible for higher-level players to fight these bosses on their own, without help from anyone else.

I can beat Titan by myself in a few minutes, and I’m not even a very good player!

Is There An Even Harder Version Of The Navel?

Yes, naturally. If your Hard fight with Titan left you wanting more, you can unlock The Navel (Extreme).

This was added in patch 2.1 and requires a lot more teamwork and coordination to beat.

Your journey to The Navel (Extreme) starts with Urianger at The Waking Sands, just like it does when you unlock the first set of hard Primal fights.

You can only get these after you have finished The Navel (Hard) and turned in the quest.

After that, get the quest “Primal Nature” and do the next set of Extreme Trials to get back to The Navel.