Epic Cosplay

Favorite Types of Epic Cosplay

It’s summertime, kittens, and you know what that means: it’s the season of conventions!

I like to think this is the moment than many an anime nerd plans for the whole year. It’s where our clan meets up, exchanges funny shit, meets our Voice Actor Heroes, epic cosplay and gets sweet merch. 

But something I’m a big fan of around this time of year is the cosplay when people who are far better at sewing than I  get to show off some downright amazing work.

It’s cosplay season, so break out the camera and go on a (safe) hunt for your favorite characters walking around in the flesh.

Looking for the cool character costumes is my favorite part of any convention and I especially love it when I see the creators flex those creative muscles and come up with something truly glorious.

In short, my favorite types of creative cosplay come from outstanding details, commitment to the concept, and showing me something completely different.

By the way, It’s hard to find names behind these awesome costumes sometimes. So, if you know the artist who created them, feel free to let me know and I will credit them no prob.

The Gender Bender Mind Bender Epic Cosplay

The Gender Bender Mind Bender epic cosplay

Here’s a common rule of the internet for you: If the character exists, there is likely a version of it that’s had the gender switched. And I actually think it’s pretty cool.

Cosplayers are no strangers to being extra creative with their costumes, especially when they decide to tackle one of the opposite gender.

Since androgyny and cross-dressing are standard in Japan, it’s not uncommon for cosplayers to swap the gender of their favorite character and put a cool spin on it.

Most of the time, what you get is a lot of girls in skirt/sexy versions of the characters. But my personal favorites are those who try a more realistic approach.

Mainly, I like it when they commit to the idea of a gender switch of the character and actually dress them the way that character would.

Ex-Shadow cosplay

Still, I’m also not the kind of person to deny someone their cheesecake. Whether it’s a suddenly attractive female Ryuk on a table or a rough and gritty female Dante with their coat zipped up, I’m all for the Gender-bend costumes. Because either way, you’re gonna get someone’s attention.

All or Nothing, Baby

My second favorite could likely be called “extreme dedication” or “people with a lot of time and a lot of money.” But I prefer to think of it as “all or nothing,” where the most extreme, impractical, but beautiful pieces get put on display for everyone within walking distance.

Pictured above: Yaya Han as Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Pictured above: Yaya Han as Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

You see, Cosplay is not just a fun hobby for a few: it’s a profession, a business, and a passion. So, some people prepare these elaborate pieces of art precisely for these conventions, maybe even for contests or advertisements for their cosplay business.

Or they could be artists who see this as another form of creative expression, using the conventions as a way to show off their well-crafted creations. Either way, they go crazy with a costume that’s accurate down to the details, or so large and elaborate you wonder how they can walk.

Pictured above: Jeff Siegert as Raiden
Pictured above: Jeff Siegert as Raiden

These costumes are amazing, from their awesome detail down to their amazing makeup. It shows a care and dedication that an artist like me can appreciate – especially given my inability to sew a stitch.

“Well, That’s New.”

One thing I can guarantee for every convention is that one type of costume, or one particular costume, is usually going to dominate. I went to the same convention twice and saw two different costumes on repeat.

The first time I went, I saw an abundance of Adventure Time characters and Homestuck trolls roaming around. A few years later, I show up to the same hotel, same convention, and suddenly everyone wanted to join the Scout Regiment from Attack on Titan. 

So, when everyone is dressing up as the same thing, you’ll catch my eye much better when you show me a character or concept that others have/are doing in a way that’s completely new.

In other words, get creative and original with your fanfiction.

Pictured above: Trinity All-stars OC Scarecrow Cosplay
Pictured above: Trinity All-stars OC Scarecrow Cosplay

Give me a cool idea, mainly. Take a character into a creative concept I haven’t seen before, or make your own version of the costume that still rings true to the original design, and you are guaranteed to get my attention.

It shows a love of detail, a knowledge of the character in question, and an ability to explore the idea and make something cool. And, hey, it’s a pretty big guarantee to no one will copy your costume.


Bring It To a Close

Despite these being my favorite of the artform, I wanted to make it clear that I appreciate cosplay in all of its forms. It’s a lot of work to make quality costumes – hence why they tend to run so expensive – and all who participate deserve respect and admiration. So, if you’ve put all your hard work into a replica of Sora’s keyblade, then you go right ahead and show it off this summer.

*Words of otakudonblog A.C