Fallout 76 Makes More Controversial Scoreboard Changes in Season 17

There have been some additional modifications made by Bethesda to the Fallout 76 Scoreboard system. One of these modifications is a modification that has rendered certain rewards on the final page of the Scoreboard inaccessible to players.

Even though the changes were made without any fanfare, they were quickly picked up by the Fallout 76 fandom and have already drawn some harsh criticism from players.

In the sixteenth season of the live-service role-playing game, Duel with the Devil, which lasted from the end of March until June 12th, the old Scoreboard system was updated and redesigned.

The old linear Scoreboard was replaced with a battle pass-like system that spans multiple pages and gives players the ability to select which rewards they want to redeem.

This move was made possible by the move. For a variety of reasons, including the fact that it made the game significantly more difficult for players wanting to obtain all of the seasonal rewards, the Season 16 Scoreboard ultimately proved to be a contentious addition to Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Season 17 Scoreboard Has Fewer Repeatable Rewards

Despite the fact that it introduces a few notable changes that Bethesda appears to have made on the covert, the Fallout 76 Season 17 Scoreboard continues to adhere to the same design philosophy at its core.

The contents of its final page, which are, at first glance, comparable to those of its counterparts from Season 16, are primarily focused on providing utility rewards like Perk Coins and Lunchboxes.

This is one of the issues that requires additional attention. As was the case during the previous season, it has come to light that not all of these rewards can be claimed more than once.

A user on Reddit named tauhrashul was the first person to notice that the bundles that contain Perk Coins, Legendary Modules, and Legendary Cores can only be claimed once between them.

Many fans who have commented on the discovery of this change have criticised the fact that the game is being evasive about it.

This change could be attributed to Bethesda’s attempt to strike a balance between the seasonal reward system within Fallout 76.

The game presents them like it did in Season 16 rather than conveying the fact that not all final page rewards are repeatable.

It is only through reaching rank 150 that one can learn in a natural way which rewards are available in infinite quantities and which are not.

Fallout 76 Players Can Now Pay To Skip Scoreboard Grind Up To Rank 150

It is now possible to purchase up to 150 Fallout 76 S.C.O.R.E. ranks, which is the second change that the fandom has recently noticed on the Scoreboard related to Season 17.

The previous version of the Scoreboard only permitted users to purchase ranks up to a maximum of 100 stars.

It is now possible to pay to skip the entirety of the grind that occurs during Season 17 as a result of this modification.

It appears that not everyone is thrilled with the newly discovered addition of this option, despite the fact that some players have been requesting it since the former season.

Some players, on the other hand, are arguing that the change is additional evidence that demonstrates the predatory nature of the Battle Pass-like Scoreboard system, which they believe is only intended to increase the amount of money that is generated by the game.

As a point of reference, the cost of a S.C.O.R.E. rank skip is 150 Atoms per individual.

This means that Bethesda is now providing players with the opportunity to skip the entire grind of Season 17 for equivalent to $180.

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