Dragon Quest 3

Dragon Quest 3 Remake Release Date

The fans are thrilled about the brand new Dragon Quest 3 remake that was released at the time of the 35th-anniversary celebrations for the series. 

The players have been anticipating this new game for many years. Many are hoping this game will be more enjoyable than the original. 

Square Enix did a 35th-anniversary stream, where they announced the remake of the series, and also the 12th installment of the game series, Flames of the Fate, was made public. In addition, Square Enix also announced the release of a DQ Treasures spin-off. 

Based on Erik the Gangster from DQXI, Of all the games revealed, we’ll examine the highly anticipated Dragon Quest 3 remake release date.

After the announcement of Dragon Quest, the three players are eager to find out what details they can learn.

While we have learned that designers are currently working on the game and even released the game’s gameplay in a short video, it’s insufficient to meet the demands of gamers who want to know more about the game’s remake. 

We’re still trying to fill the gaps regarding what will be the launch date and what platforms the game will launch. 

What we do know is that the game’s developers have connections with Nintendo. The game comes with special expansion packs specifically designed for Japanese players of the series. 

Additionally, it will also include the offline edition of Dragon Quest X that will also be made available. However, we aren’t sure if the expansion pack or offline edition will be available to all the other players around the world.

Release Date for the Dragon Quest 3 Remake

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It was released in 1988 and Dragon Quest 3 was a massive success from the start and broke records all over the world. 

The game sold more than 1 million copies on the first day it was released! In its initial week of release, it had an astounding 3 million sales! 

The game’s sales amounted to $313 million. That corresponds to current inflation rates. Even though Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest 3 will be released, we do not know anything about the date of release for the title. 

We might have to wait a while longer to find out more about the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake Release Date. 

What we can do at present is wait until the game’s launch. What’s most interesting is that it’s going to be available worldwide. 

We’re not sure if it will be released on time for various platforms or the entire world.

The gameplay of the Dragon Quest 3 HD 2-D remake was impressive during the 35th-anniversary stream.

As the developers have revealed how the game will appear, we can anticipate an imminent launch should things go well. 

When creating this HD version of 2D games, the creators employ high-quality graphics that are incorporated into 2D animations for a more immersive experience. 

In the new version of this game, each of the layouts and locations from the original game will be present in the new version. 

The new skin will consist of textures and colors that will be added to the remake, which will be above the original game. 

The trailer for the game’s short version gives a glimpse of what fans can expect.

As we’ve observed, it’s evident that the game has been given a complete visual overhaul with the help of HD two-dimensional rendering.  Also see: 21 Best Anime About Games You’ll Love

The original locations and layouts are identical, but new skins of textures and colors have been added to make the original game into one that holds its own against modern 2D adventure games. 

Perceptive gamers will see glimpses of creatures, travelers, and the hero of the game that have all seen their styles changed to make way for the latest version.

The first time it was released on the market was in 1988. Dragon Quest 3 set records in video games around the world, selling over 1 million copies on the first day it was available. 

Within the first week of release, the game raked in more than 3 million in sales, which amounted to $313 million adjusted to reflect current inflation.

If you look at the numbers from a few decades ago, it looks like the new version of the game that is a cult favorite will get the same reaction from both old and new fans.

Platforms on which the Game will be Available


For those wondering whether the Dragon Quest 3 remake will be available on PS4 or Nintendo Switch, we still do not know. 

The release date is the same as that of the game, which is unknown. We won’t be able to tell if the game will be released to older consoles following its launch. 

At present, we’re being told about a Nintendo Switch Pro that will be an update to Nintendo’s original Switch.

We’ve seen PlayStation 5 as the follow-up to the wildly popular PlayStation 4.

We can be sure of is that Dragon Quest 3 will be available for the new generation console following its launch. 

Because the game isn’t as demanding as the current games, we can remain optimistic for that Dragon Quest 3 remake released for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. 

It’s nevertheless interesting to consider that the game’s creator, Square Enix, has ties with Nintendo and PlayStation 4, so we can think that the game could be made available on Nintendo Switch and the upcoming Switch Pro. 

It would be fantastic to see Square Enix make the game available for Windows because many would like to play the video game on their PC.