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Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Latest Details

The Dragon Ball Super anime series could have been canceled in March of this year, right following the conclusion of the Universal Survival storyline in the 13th episode.

But Akira Toriyama’s ongoing manga series continues the anime tale with two new episodes that have been released to date to date.

The news of Toei Animation recently announced that a brand forthcoming Dragon Ball Super film is in the process the fans are wondering if the animated series will come back with fresh episodes.

The popular action manga is still alive due to the new chapters in Dragon Ball Super manga. If you’ve been following the series, you’re aware that a new season featuring new episodes is coming soon.

If you’ve been waiting for the new season from Dragon Ball Super This is everything you must know.

When will the next episode from Dragon Ball Super be made available?

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The Dragon Ball Super manga released new chapters every month following the anime’s 131 episode duration, the fans have been asking the date Toei Animation will produce new episodes for the highly-rated anime series. 

As of now, Toei hasn’t announced the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime. However, there are rumors that it could return in 2022, which is three years after Dragon Ball Super: Broly was released in Japan. We hope that Toei will announce an announcement before the middle of 2021.

On May 20, 2021, Toei Animation announced that the Dragon Ball Super feature film will be made available in 2022.

However, Toei Animation didn’t say that there will be new installments of the series will be released in the wake of the film.

On July 20, 2021, Toei Animation announced the title of their upcoming Dragon Ball Super feature film: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and released the first teaser that features Goku

It was revealed by the studio that it has confirmed the film will take place in the near future in just two years following the events of the Tournament of Power in the Dragon the Ball Super. But, Toei Animation didn’t clarify what the plot of the film relates to the present storyline of the manga series.

As Toei Animation announced that the new film will release in 2022. This means it’s very likely that the Season 2 of the series’ anime will be released following that. 

What if the conclusion of the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero result in the start of the second season? It’s not likely, as the two most recent arcs of the manga series happen prior to the events of the forthcoming film.

In Jump Festa 2021, Toei Animation hasn’t announced ideas for Dragon Ball Super Season 2. However, the feature-length film due out in the coming month’s Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero may offer new possibilities for the next episodes of the fan-favorite animated series.

Toei Animation seemingly confirms the existence of Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super

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The brand new official website for Dragon Ball Super also featured Toei animator Florence Jay Dominguito, who’s been working with Toei Animation Philippines since 2011, and was involved in a variety of Dragon Ball projects. 

At one point during the interview she was asked his expectations and hopes for his future plans for the Dragon Ball franchise and Florence said, “As a fan, I’m looking forward to new films and merchandise. 

I’m also very excited about the new series which will carry on the tradition of Dragon Ball Super.”

Based on this machine-translated assertion It’s not difficult to leap to the conclusion that Dominguito could be indirectly confirming Dragon Ball Super Season 2. There could be significant differences in the way that his statement was translated. 

According to the Japanese translator Ken Xyro this is the words of the animator “I’m also excited to see if there will be a new continuation of Dragon Ball Super TV anime.”

Ryo Horikawa who is the voice actor of Vegeta for The Japanese version has recently suggested that he’ll be back in the new series in Dragon Ball Super.

However, he did not reveal any details. In his tweet, Horikawa hinted that he’d left a meeting Toei Animation but didn’t explain the reason.

In the January 2022 edition of Weekly Dragon Ball News on the official Dragon Ball website the executive producer Akio Iyoku discussed the launch of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to hype up one of the most eagerly anticipated animated films in 2022. 

Iyoku also dropped a significant teaser that suggests the “chance” that “something other than the movie” could be coming out this year too. I’m currently working hard to get everything finished on the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, whose release date has been confirmed for April 22nd in Japan!

Iyoku declared. “I think the movie is just incredible, especially the animation”. [Series creator Akira Toriyama] is really pleased with it! It’s all-new animation. So, everyone please wait a little while longer until it’s finished.

In the end, he revealed the most exciting teaser “There’s also a chance that something other than the movie will be coming this year too, so let’s make this year another great year for Dragon Ball together!”

Warning Minor spoilers to Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga and Granolah the Survivor Saga ahead.

Who are the new villains to be in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes?

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If you’ve kept track of the Dragon Ball Super manga series, you have a clue that the storyline that follows this Universal Survival story includes an arc in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner series.

Which transports Z-fighters into space and then back to Earth and introduces a gruesome goat-looking wizard known as Moro who was created by currently working Dragon Ball Super artist Toyotarou.

Just a few years prior to the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super: Broly Saga and the time of the demise that was done to Kid Buu by Goku and the Grand Supreme Kai’s seal of Moro’s magic was broken which allowed him to escape out of the prison of the Galactic Patrol. 

New episodes in Dragon Ball Super will most likely be based on the saga that was just completed in the manga in 2020.

There are also a lot of other prisoners who managed to escape the galactic patrol’s jail and the upcoming episodes are likely to feature Z-fighters fighting them on the planet Earth.

Naturally, following Moro Dragon Ball Super will return with a new series. Dragon Ball Super will include Granolah. However, more information on that is provided below.

What’s the current story of the Dragon Ball Super manga right now?

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After the end of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner storyline which ended in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, it is now time to move on. Dragon Ball Super manga continues with a new storyline called Granolah: The Survivor Saga.

This story introduces Granolah as the sole survivor of the Cerealian race, which was destroyed through the Saiyan army. The story continues in the manga and new chapters are published each month.

In August 2021 Dragon Ball Super’s writer and artist Toyatarou spoke about the story behind Granolah’s character design in the course of an interview. He revealed that he invented the character as well as Akira Toriyama approved it.

You can access the most up-to-date chapters of Viz for no cost.

What’s in the newest section of Dragon Ball Super manga?

Warn: There are spoilers for Dragon Super Chapters 80 of Dragon.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is entitled Gas vs. Granolah, Part 2 This movie follows this power-enhancing Gas fighting Granolah in the world of Cereal. 

Gas unleashes his berserk-like form following Elec assists him in releasing his power, which has been locked for a long time. 

The flashback tells what happened during the battle between Gas and Goku’s father Bardock forty years ago.

Will Goku let loose his Super Instinct form once more?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Goku unleashes his entire Ultra Instinct form in The Tournament of Power Saga while fighting the formidable Jiren.

However, by the conclusion of the series, it was apparent that he’d lost the ability to go to Ultra Instinct. This formidable form was triggered due to extreme stress during his fight against Jiren.

If you’ve ever read the Galactic Patrol Prisoner series, you’ll be aware the Ultra Instinct appearance is coming back but can he fully master it to the point where the ability to unleash it at will? 

You’ll have to go through the manga to discover.

What do you think of Vegeta? Is he going to get a new form?

While the manga doesn’t depict Vegeta acquiring the Ultra Instinct form. He still receives intense training from the Yardrat who are the same people that instructed Goku Instant Transmission. 

Also, he learns a new technique, called The Forced Spirit Fission, and employs it in his battle against Moro. Vegeta was also training with Beerus and it seems like he’s going down his God of Destruction path to increase his strength as Goku is following the path of the angel. 

In chapter 74 Vegeta revealed his brand-new Ultra Ego form, but it appears that he’s not achieved mastery of the new form, and ended up losing to Granolah.

In December 2021, the Dragon Ball Super manga artist was interviewed published by Dragon Ball’s official Dragon Ball website in which he discussed the history behind Ultra Ego, and how the new look was inspired by ‘Beerus, the God of Destruction.’

How can I stream Dragon Ball Super?

The entire series from Dragon Ball Super is streaming through Crunchyroll and Funimation In the event that Toei Animation releases a new season, the two major streaming platforms will likely launch the show.

Do you think that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 occur after Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie?

Toei Animation has already confirmed that their upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will premiere in Japanese theaters in 2022 and will likely release within North America and other regions in the coming year. 

If Toei confirms that they will release the second season of Dragon Ball Super is likely, it will be set following the events in the film as Super Hero was already confirmed to occur in the time before that of the Peaceful World Saga, which is the conclusion to the story in the saga of Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Super was canceled in the US because of controversy!

The show was canceled in September of 2021. Cartoon Network removed Dragon Ball Super from airing in Buenos Aires and much of Argentina because of an alleged gender-based harassment scandal which was caused by how Master Roshi behaved in one of the episodes of the Tournament of Power.

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