Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Fans Should Keep An Eye on June 9

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf now has an Xbox Store page, which shows that the full reveal of the game will happen in the summer of 2024. Almost ten years have passed since Dragon Age: Inquisition came out.

It added to the world of Thedas and created a main enemy that goes beyond the Blight. It took a more open world approach and mixed the action of the previous game with the tactical combat of Dragon Age: Origins, for better or worse. However, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is likely to be very different from both of them.

Gameplay leaks for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf show that the combat will be more action-based, and that party members will have the same role as squad mates in the Mass Effect games.

Dragon Age fans are very upset about this decision, but the change in direction might be good. Baldur’s Gate 3 used the isometric style of older role-playing games, so BioWare’s modern strengths would work well with a fantasy version of Mass Effect’s sharp, fun combat.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has been delayed and kept secret, though, and the community is getting tired of it.

A lot of people are still cautiously optimistic about the project, but BioWare’s failures with Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda have made them doubt the company.

Also, BioWare’s team will soon have a chance to talk more about their plans for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

The Dragon Age: Dreadwolf page on the Xbox Store is now live, and it says that a full reveal will happen in the summer of 2024. All of this happening at the same time makes one strong point clear.

Why Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Could Be At Summer Game Fest 2024

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has been rumoured to be available at Summer Game Fest 2024, which will take place on June 9.

Given that the Xbox Store page went live suspiciously close to the Summer Game Fest and confirmed that the game would be released in the summer of 2024, it seems likely that the rumour is grounded in fact.

As for marketing, a deep dive at the Summer Game Fest makes the most sense now that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s release window has been narrowed down to Q1 2025.

Although not much is known about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s main character, the Xbox Store page describes them as a leader who builds a brave fellowship.

This suggests that they may not be in charge of a large organisation like the Inquisitor, but rather will connect with a smaller group like in Origins.

Soon, players will learn more about Dreadwolf, which is set in the Tevinter Imperium and the countries that border it.

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