Dororo Season 2

Dororo Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Characters

Dorora anime is for when you are into samurai, but you can enjoy it thoroughly when you are not into it also because whenever you watch the series, there is always a constant smirk on your face because every part and every transition of the anime is pretty well.

And as we all know that the first impression might not only the last impression, but at some point, and it was shocking to see about the love that most of the fans are holding it on.

So, fans are still expecting the second season after acknowledging the first season, although the manga is very old and has been written by the same author who wrote ‘Astro Boy’ the first anime show that ever known to the world. Although we can’t compare it with modern anime because the way it was put is very easy to follow.

Apart from that, the anime follows a lot of action scenes with violence in it and also holds darkness, brutality after all that it was considered an R-rated show but fans adore it a lot and still expecting another season on their screen.

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

Dororo Season 2

Dororo’s first season was aired on January 9, 2019, and ended on June 24, 2019, consisting of a 24-episode total. The possibility of a second season completely depends on the fact whether the production wanted or there is any need for that.

So, with our best prediction, we can guess that the release date could be estimated sometime in 2021.

As for now there is no confirmation and we don’t have any official announcement yet from other and MAPPA studios regarding the show so, let our hope alive and wait for the second season.

Where You Can Watch Dororo Season Dub

With the sad part, the show doesn’t have any dub version because it hasn’t been long since the anime was released so unfortunately, this is a little disappointing, but anyone who wants to watch it will have to go for a subtitled version that is available on Amazon Prime.

Dororo Season Plot

The plot of the story is pretty clear both the characters are on the same boat where they are abandoned by the world in the past, now fight towards making a better place by destroying all the demon on their journey.

The story starts with a character called Daigo Kagemitsu who is a very greedy samurai who will do anything willingly to save his land from dying. He goes so far after dealing with demons and when they hear him praying, they all give all power to him, but everything you get, you have to pay the price for it and his price was his first who is born with no body part but somehow survive.

And later in the series, he met a medicine man who decides to save him because he was abandoned by his dad who throws him at a nearby river. The medicine man decided to save Hyakkimaru by giving him prosthetic limbs and weapons so that he can stand up for himself in this brutal world.

And later when he is growing, he became much stronger to face the demon and to collect all his belonging from them and in his journey, he met Dororo and instantly become his befriends in the show.

While the journey was a bundle of dark adventures where both of them fight together and stick together.

Dororo Season Main Characters

Let’s explore the main characters of Dororo…


Dororo 1

Dororo is the jolly character of the show who comes into the little later. He is young and orphaned and to survive, he steals a thing from people. Later in the show, Dororo is rescued by Hyakkimaru from the attack of a demon and this is when he decides to join him on his adventure.

With the fun fact, Dororo was actually born as a girl, but because of his upbringing, he always remembers himself as a boy, and in the show, he always shows up as a boy and always wears clothes like a boy.

After being rescued by Hyakkimaruhe get attached to him and refuses to leave him and contrary Hyakkimaru also always sticks by his side.



Hyakkimaru is a ronin samurai in the show who kills demon to collect all his belonging from them in the series it was shown that he is disabled who went on a journey to search for all the body part that was taken by the demon from him as a sacrifice for his own father’s actions.

Although in his journey he killed his father after he finds out the truth and promises his mother that he will seek revenge for all the pain his father has caused her.

Despite his expressionless personality and his disability, he fights fearlessly against demons to get back his belonging who ruined his life.

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