Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Release Date

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Release Date

Don’t toy with me. It’s possibly the final of the series. 

The anime has gained so much fame that people are excited at the thought of the next tale that follows Nagatoro and her senpai. Also, will there be a 13th episode or season 2 shortly? 

Let’s see what happens.

If you’re among the wandering crowd, be sure to read the whole article. You’ll learn about episode 13 from season 2.

About Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro

Dont Toy with Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 4 Release Date

The story follows the lives of two artists, Naoto Hachioji and Hayase Nagatoro (his younger student). Naoto is a shy individual. He’s a lazy closet pervert who isn’t likely to meet with people. 

However, Nagatoro is quite the opposite person. She is a friend. She is a swimmer and does many other physical pursuits. 

Occasionally, they get together inside the galleries. Nagatoro likes the manga that he wrote. 

She will always refer to him by the name “Senpai”, which means “senior”. 

Then, Nagatoro always goes after him every time he leaves. As the story develops, the two main characters get closer to each other.

With each episode, the story gets more intriguing and attractive to the viewers. Many people are still interested in watching the second season and further episodes of this show.

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Ending

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro

Nagatoro confronted her president at the arts society where Naoto Senpai, her partner, works. It was because the president wanted to close the club. 

Nagatoro and her friends are planning an exhibit for the school after seeing the president’s beautiful art. 

They each have their unique charm. Nagatoro, along with her pals, introduces Toro Cat, which represents Nagatoro herself. 

In addition, Nagatoro’s artwork by Naoto is incredibly good. People love it. However, due to the lack of nudity, the president’s artwork has been taken away. 

In the following days, Naoto and Nagatoro got on board with the school’s commitment to let the president display her artwork in her gallery for art.

As the story progresses, Naoto and Nagatoro get closer (out of jealousy, though). The episode concludes with Nagatoro offering Naoto an affectionate kiss on the cheek to thank him for his work.

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Release Date

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Following this sweet ending, many are wanting to know when there will be an Episode 13 on the show or not. In case you are wondering, it is not going to be episode 13. 

We could instead see season 2 of the show, which will be available in January 2023. 

If you have read the manga, the story is in progress, and there is lots of room to expand the story.

How to Watch Don’t Toy Me Miss Nagatoro Anime For Free

Don’t Make Me Feel Bullied The Miss Nagatoro anime is available on Crunchyroll for no cost. 

Crunchyroll is accessible in a majority of the world’s countries. 

You can find the locations where it is available via their official website. In addition to Crunchyroll, there’s also Aniplus which offers Nagatoro anime.

Final Words

The story is moving forward, but this is not the end of the story. 

As I said, there is still the potential to develop more stories. The anime is already a hit, so there is a high possibility of a second season being on the way.