Does Kakashi have a kid?

Do you know if Kakashi Hatake has one child? and am I the only one interested in this.

Hey everyone, I have been thinking about writing about this, but I’m not finding the time to complete it.

As we began the brand new series Boruto Naruto Next Generations, we observed that almost everyone was already settled with the exception of Kakashi, Guy, and maybe some others.

However, Kakashi not getting settled is a real bugger for me particularly after I saw the latest generation of Konoha Ninjas. I felt that it was not fair to not have a replica ninja around.

I mean, he’s such an amazing ninja, and everybody is a little bit curious about him. What does that mean? that he didn’t find happiness? you are aware of what I am talking about.

I understand that having a spouse and children isn’t a guarantee that you’re happy. It’s just that I feel there’s an individual for everyone. So why didn’t Kakashi discover his or find the one the other people?

Let’s take a look at the possible reasons Kakashi may not have wanted to get settled.

The Real Reason Why Kakashi Isn’t Married ?

Hanare Kakashi Naruto Cropped Does Kakashi have a kid?

To find out the answer, let’s go through an instant refresher of his background;

  • He was raised as an orphan after his father committed suicide, following orders, and getting a slap of discrimination for it. This caused a lot of trouble for Kakashi and caused him to believe that instructions given to a ninja must always be unambiguous.
  • He was forced to bear the weight and guilt of his dear friend Obito and teammate Rin passing away and he was convinced that it was his fault and because of his flaws.
  • In the wake of his sensei’s passing (Minato)
  • He wasn’t able to stop Sasuke to a straight, narrow route as he became the Sensei of the team 7
    • He could never read the entire series of novels that he loved due to the passing that of the writer (Jiraya)

Kakashi’s life has been extremely difficult It’s an emotionally draining one that could cause a lot of us to be unfocused.

It’s not difficult to imagine that, at some point, the person would be scared of love or subconsciously avoid doing things that are loved. The belief that everything he appears to love disappears or is gone.

It was even reported that Kishimoto declared that the reality was that he wasn’t able to make Kakashi discover the girl of his dreams simply because he kept his face constantly completely covered.

Perhaps Kakashi was not interested in establishing the family since it could have made him weaker in front of his adversaries, as there would have been something more to lose, or more important in those death or life scenarios of being a Ninja.

or Could Kakashi Hatake be playing with us all through the years? I’m not sure when I watch this particular episode from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and watching this kid.

They don’t share the same surname, and yes there is a possibility that he’s a fanboy of the famous 6th Hokage.

It is also possible that Kakashi’s son is the one, Naruto’s parentage was kept from him due to all the enemies of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and his wife Kushina Uzumaki, due to the bloodline.

I’m sure the 6th Hokage will not be unprepared for “enemies who would try to get to him through his loved ones.”

Perhaps hiding out as the 6th Hokage fan is the best way to go. Perhaps I’m over the idea that he had lovers, let’s investigate the possibility of that.

Kakashi Hatake’s lover?

The list begins with women Kakashi might have fathered a child with;

Rin Nohara

Rin Nohara Does Kakashi have a kid?

It’s not a valid claim because it was a one-sided love. 

Kakashi hasn’t shown any interest in her, other than fulfilling the commitment he made with Obito which he did not succeed in keeping, by the way.


Kakashi Kiss 1 Does Kakashi have a kid?

Okay, Kahyo there are some who might not be aware that she’s from the spin-off novel It takes place shortly after Sasuke’s departure to the Hidden Leaf. Part of Naruto Hiden (a.k.a. Naruto Secret Chronicles) is a light novel that examines the lives of various characters following the ending of the first manga. 

The story reveals the process by which Kakashi is transformed into the 6th Hokage.

Kakashi appeared to be falling to her. She is a ninja who is in a Kage ability level, that uses Ice Release Justu. One on one with Raikage Ay, she won the training battle.

They get together at a time in which she’s joined the group who follow Madera’s methods and are seeking to destroy the system.

In the end, she’s being sentenced to life as the warden in the blood prison and there is no chance of it happening.

It’s implied that something was happening between them, I’m referring to the last section of the novel,

“Spring time is around the corner”

that is Japan is usually a symbol of love blossoming

If logic and logic do not agree, she also says that her role as warden of the blood prison keeps her extremely busy.

However, Kakashi literally pursues Naruto through Konoha to disqualify him from propagating rumors of him being head-over-heels with Kahyo And although those may be the acts of an innocent or guilty man, the letter he writes to her is pretty innocent.

Does she say she’s content now which could be due to love?

Who knows.


Hanare Does Kakashi have a kid?

What should I do? Hanare and Kakashi for me, this is the most likely ones with who he might have had an infant.

Hanare is an otaku as well as an espionage operative from Jomae Village. When she was a child, Hanare was said to be lonely because she was never a part of her family or even seen her village. 

I believe they have had a connection on an emotional level more than the other women we have listed.

Both clearly had feelings for each other, and I could tell that the copy-ninja on our show was love with. There’s a scene in the opening of episode 191 where there is a girl who appears as Hanare and he calls her name.

He appeared to be very sad and seemed to be missing her. This is from a man who keeps his emotions as hidden as he can so that he doesn’t show any emotions, I believed he must be loving her.

Perhaps the only thing Kakashi is interested in are:

His Dogs

They have been around for a long time and are among the greatest buddies.

His Mask

So, in any case, we can dream and hope that perhaps love has conquered one of the coolest Ninjas in the Narutoverse.

That’s all I have to offer you. If there is any other theory you might have or thoughts, share them in the comment section. 

Thanks for sticking around until the end of the article and for reading my thoughts and for my regular readers, thank you for your help. For the next time, keep trying to be happy.

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