DMZ Nowhere to Hide: Upload Legion Deal Intel

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has just launched its second season, featuring an exciting new map on Ashika Island.

Players can now dive into a range of thrilling new missions in the DMZ. ‘Nowhere to Hide’ is a mission that poses a challenge for players as they need to find and upload Legion Deal Intel from three different buildings on Al Mazrah and Ashika.

It’s definitely one of the more difficult missions to complete. Upon successfully finishing this mission, players will receive the Sleet skin as a token of appreciation.

If you’re interested in adding this arctic camouflaged skin to your wardrobe, here’s what you need to do to complete ‘Nowhere to Hide’ in Warzone 2 DMZ.

How Can I Upload Legion Deal Intel?

1 Legion Deal DMZ Nowhere to Hide: Upload Legion Deal Intel

You’ll be glad to know that there are three radio towers that you can upload to Legion Deal Intel.

However, I must mention that these towers are located in different areas across the game’s two currently available maps. Here are the radio towers:

  • Welcome to the Zaya Observatory radio tower located in Al Mazrah!
  • Residential radio tower (Ashika Island)
  • Ashika Island’s Oganikku radio tower

It is important to successfully transfer the intel between the two maps, so your survival skills will be put to the test.

Sure, you’ll need to find the legion deal intel first. If you’re having trouble locating it, take a look below:

Do You Happen To Know Where One Can Find Information About Legion Deals?

AI opponents in the different strongholds in Al Mazrah drop the legion deal intel.

Of course, you’ll need to acquire a stronghold key and successfully navigate the challenges within the stronghold.

But once you have the necessary information, you can begin your mission.

Location Of The Zaya Observatory Radio Tower

zay Legion Deal DMZ Nowhere to Hide: Upload Legion Deal Intel

The radio tower you’re looking for is located north of the Zaya Observatory point of interest. It’s the most convenient one for the Nowhere to Hide mission.

It’s located on the northwestern side, but you can’t miss it because of its impressive height.

To upload the Legion Deal intel, simply make your way to the radio tower.

Once you’re there, you’ll see an interact option that will allow you to upload the intel. By utilizing this upload action, you’ll be able to complete it swiftly.

However, it’s important to be cautious, as this specific area is teeming with formidable AI enemies.

Location Of The Residential Radio Tower

res Legion Deal DMZ Nowhere to Hide: Upload Legion Deal Intel

When you make your way to Ashika Island, you’ll find the Residential radio tower on the northeast side of the map within the Residential point of interest.

Located just behind the gas station to the east of the POI, it’s conveniently close if you’ve spawned nearby.

It’s important to successfully extract the legion deal intel from Al Mazrah in order to upload it here.

Fortunately, even if things don’t go as planned, your progress won’t be lost. Instead, you can simply return to Al Mazrah to retrieve the intel once more.

Location Of The Oganikku Radio Tower

onginku Legion Deal DMZ Nowhere to Hide: Upload Legion Deal Intel

You’ll find the last radio tower you need for the Nowhere to Hide mission in the northwest of the Oganikku Farms point of interest on Ashika Island.

Located in the top right corner of the area, it stands out and is easily visible from a distance.

Simply upload the intel you have and the mission will be fully complete.

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