Disney Dreamlight Valley Releases Mulan Update

It has been officially announced that the Lucky Dragon update for Disney Dreamlight Valley has been released. This update includes the addition of Mulan and Mushu as new non-playable characters in the Valley.

For the past few weeks, Disney Dreamlight Valley has been teasing the September 26 update, which will not only invite players to experience a new Realm, but will also implement improvements to the decorating system, kick off a new in-game event inspired by the theatrical release of Inside Out 2, and bring about the new Majesty and Magnolias Star Path with exclusive rewards, including hairstyles and outfits. All of these features will be included in the update.

With activities that awarded players with exclusive event recipes and furniture themed after Disney Parks, the Dreamlight Parks Fest was the final major event in the Disney Dreamlight Valley universe.

It took place from May 15 to June 5 and lasted for a total of five days. In order to craft event-specific items like Popcorn Buckets, players were tasked with collecting Buttons, which would then be used up in the crafting process.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has also introduced a colourful collection of goodies that are fashioned after Pride flags. These goodies include Balloon Arches, Balloon Bouquets, Ear Headbands, and Popcorn Buckets. This collection was introduced in honour of Pride Month. “

A new Realm door has been opened as part of the Lucky Dragon update, which was released on June 26. Now, players have the opportunity to take part in Mushu’s training camp in order to reawaken Mulan.

When Mulan is finally awakened, she will put the player through a series of tests on the training grounds to determine their strength and endurance.

Players have the option of inviting Mulan and Mushu into the Valley after building them a home in order to begin the completion of their companion quests.

Mushu will require assistance in establishing his Dragon Temple, and Mulan will be working to establish her Tea Stall, which will provide players with the opportunity to acquire new ingredients for their recipes.

Players can unlock a variety of Mulan-inspired items, such as decorations, clothing, and sophisticated hairstyles, as part of the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path.

The Lucky Dragon update introduces new items to the Premium Shop, including the Island Getaway House Bundle, in addition to introducing a new Realm and introducing new friends.

With Disney’s Lilo and Stitch-inspired decorations, players have the ability to turn their Valley into a tropical paradise.

Alternatively, they can take Stitch to the beach with him in his brand-new Sun and Surf getup, which is inspired by Parks and Recreation.

The 26th of June also marks the beginning of Memory Mania, an in-game event that was inspired by Internal Out 2.

It is possible for players to search the Valley in order to acquire Core Memory Shards by collecting Riley’s hockey equipment, trophies, and birthday cakes.

Acquiring a sufficient number of shards to finish the Core Memories will allow you to unlock new animal companions that are based on emotions.

Players are being asked by Remy to deliver daily orders for food to the residents of Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is in addition to the exciting new content that will be added to the game with the Lucky Dragon skin update.

As a reward for successfully completing these tasks, Remy will provide them with Wrought Iron. This material can be utilised to create new pieces of wrought iron furniture that can be used to construct an outdoor dining area at Chez Remy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mulan Update Patch Notes

  • Decorate more easily with the ability to add duplicates of items you’ve stocked up on and swap out path and fencing with the click of a button!
  • You’ll now find a toggle while in Camera Mode that will make Touch of Magic furniture items invisible, allowing for more flexibility when decorating your Valley and preparing your DreamSnaps submissions.
  • Inventory full while visiting friends? Goofy’s Stall is now open for business while participating in Valley Visits, allowing you to sell items.
  • The more the merrier! Your Animal Companions will now appear while participating in Valley Visits.

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