With the season finale just around the corner, we just can’t get enough of Demon Slayer cosplay ! Among all the spectacular fan art that you guys have been passionately sharing with the world – one makeup artist has been on fleek with her captivating Demon Slayer cosplay inspired Looks.

Serving looks brighter than Zenitsu’s First Style: Thunderclap and Flash – Los Angeles based makeup artist Dominique Rogers has taken fan art to the next level.

Spurred by some iconic moments from the smash hit anime, Dominique managed to recreate the beauty and action of Demon Slayer cosplay. We were so impressed, we just had to ask her a couple questions about her art.

demon slayer cosplay Inspired Looks


What made you decide to start this series of Demon Slayer makeup looks?

I decided to start my Demon Slayer cosplay Makeup looks after seeing Tanjiro’s Water Breathing technique for the first time. I have never seen animation look so smooth like that before. It reminded me of the Great Wave off Kanagawa and I was immediately inspired, thus my first look being dedicated to Tanjiro.

Which look so far has been your favourite?

The Hinokami look is my favourite. I really loved that not only beautiful visually but emotionally because we got a glimpse of Tanjiro’s father and the bond between him and Nezuko. That’s why it’s my favourite. I didn’t just paint it. I felt it.

You have managed to capture the beauty and action from the show on your face, was it challenging to get the shapes right?

I think I almost cried for all of them because it was so difficult ha! The Zenitsu look was the most challenging for sure. The shapes aren’t really the hardest. It’s the blending and shading that gets to me. I’m self-taught so that part takes the longest because I’m learning as I go.

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Do you plan on creating looks from any other anime series?

Yes! I definitely have a few in mind. Fire Force definitely has my attention and I would like to expand on the My Hero Academia looks. Definitely Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

How long does each look take?

Each look takes about 2-4 hours. Nezuko took about 5 1/2 because I was fighting a cold and I’ve never drawn a hand before.

demon slayer cosplay Inspired Looks

Outside of makeup, do you practice any other forms of art?

Outside of makeup, I paint sometimes or simply colour in your average colouring book. Sometimes I sketch and doodle but makeup is really my main form of art.

Who is your favourite character in Demon Slayer, and why?

Although I truly adore Tanjiro and Zenitsu, Inosuke is definitely my favourite so far. He’s wild and hilarious and I think he is the character I most relate to. He’s so unlike the others and seems “mean” but I’m confident he is the most kind out of the 3.

demon slayer cosplay Inspired Looks

What would you say to someone who hasn’t seen Demon Slayer to encourage them to watch it?

I would say “If you want to watch an anime that is inspiring, emotional and filled with action, watch Demon Slayer. It is not a story about killing what is evil. It’s about setting free what is good.”

Which look can we look forward to seeing next?

I’m not sure who yet but I’m definitely going for Fire Force next.


Thank you so much, Dominique, for chatting with us! We can’t wait to see what you have in store next! If you wanted to see more of her work you can find her on Instagram and Twitter!

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We love seeing fans share their passion for anime in fun new ways and we welcome you to tag us in your wonderful creations!