Dark Souls Manga Gets Release Date

The upcoming release date for the English version of Dark Souls Redemption, an upcoming manga series set in the world of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls series, is August.

Since the legendary first movie came out in 2011, the series has been adapted into many different types of media.

Dark Souls Redemption, a comic book written by Julien Blondel, tells a unique, never-before-seen story that takes place in the world of FromSoftware’s famous RPGs.

The first volume of the manga, which is classified as a shnen, or work of media aimed at young men, will be released on June 6 by the French publisher Mana Books.

Blondel’s 216-page spin-off will also be released in an official English version a few months later, which is great news for Dark Souls fans who don’t speak French.

The American publisher Yen Press just recently said that the Dark Souls Redemption manga will be translated into English on August 27.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indigo, Kinokuniya, and the Crunchyroll Store will all sell the $15 paperback.

Not much is known about Dark Souls Redemption, but the manga’s page on the Yen Press website has a summary and several tags, such as “Dark” and “Horror.”

The Dark Souls games have a lot of sad and heartbreaking stories, despite not being classified as horror games.

Dark Souls Redemption Manga English Release Date

  • August 27, 2024

Another manga based on a FromSoftware property is currently being released in English by Yen Press.

In Nikiichi Tobita’s Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree, the main character, Aseo, travels through The Lands Between and encounters many of the game’s well-known characters, including Alexander, Melina, and Ranni.

The surprisingly funny manga Elden Ring has sold over 16.6 million copies around the world. On October 15, the fourth volume will be released in English.

Over the years, Dark Souls has been turned into other kinds of media. Along with the release of Dark Souls 3, a comic book based on the property was published in 2016.

A licenced board game based on FromSoftware’s popular series reached its funding goals in just a few minutes after it went live.

It has also been said that Netflix will make an anime based on the original Dark Souls, which is thought to be one of the hardest RPGs ever made, but the project has not been officially announced yet.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of FromSoftware and the creator of the Dark Souls series, claimed in a previous interview that the third game in the series would probably be the last one.

In the past few years, the Japanese Studio has focused on making new games, like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Elden Ring, and Armoured Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. The only DLC for Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree, is set to release on June 21.

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