“D-Frag” is the kind of show that is brimming with cliches that never end, yet it makes you want to watch the 12 episodes. 

As with other comedy shows with a slapstick twist the show doesn’t have a narrative and instead is based on absurd situations. 

What makes its storyline is that it deals with three distinct themes, which include a school-club anime set-up similar to ‘ Haganai’ and a battle manga-based style such as ‘ Naruto’ and a high-school Rom-com setting such as ‘ Ouran High School Host Club’. 

It’s quite remarkable how it can combine the three themes and is capable of executing an appropriate blend of the three. 

There’s nothing particularly special about it however in this instance it’s the situational comedy that is satisfying. 

It’s a bit difficult to define why a show with no underlying story can be enjoyable to watch and, to simplify it we can say that it has lots of fun that it doesn’t need any story to be entertained.

The majority of anime series in the comedy genre don’t make an impression, except for certain shows such as ‘ Gintama’. 

The show ‘D-Frag’ sometimes does not manage to make an entertaining comedic arc, however, for the majority of the time, it is in the”strike zone. 

The comedy in anime is heavily based on absurd situations. At time’s end, it comes down to whether these absurd situations are enjoyable to you. 

“D-Frag” is not the kind of show that will get loud laughs from your entire time but it does have some “funny enough” gags that won’t make you regret watching it. 

While it isn’t a clearly defined plot, it does have an effective sequence that changes between one scene and another.

Do anime-based shows like these require extraordinary artistically designed images? I’m not sure. 

That’s why although I was aware of Brain’s Base Studio’s potential in anime like “Toradora!’, the lack of character animation in this show did not deceive me. 

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It’s decent enough to convey what it’s trying to communicate and the fun, goofy character designs are just right to show their distinct characters.

Overall, “D-Frag” is not the type of anime for someone looking for characters that develop intricate plot elements that are in an interesting story. 

It’s for people who would like to watch an animated comedy that’s fun and doesn’t try to force itself to be segmented in the same genre. 

This isn’t one of the typical fickle comedy shows in which humor becomes subjective. 

For a time, you can leave your normal sense and take in the show for what it offers. 

It’s got a brief time frame of only 12 episodes, which means that even if you do not have as much fun as many viewers, you won’t be wasting a lot of your precious time.

D-Frag! Season 2 release date When will it air?

D-Frag Season 2

The first season of “D-Frag!” began on January 7th, 2014, and ran through until March 25th, 2015. The season consists of 12 episodes. 

Season 2 is something fans of the show are eagerly anticipating and the good thing for them is that there’s plenty of original material that the anime has to explore. 

One thing that’s not in favor of the release of a brand new season is that the numbers of the first season weren’t very good and is likely the reason we haven’t heard anything about the new season. 

At present, the whole thing comes to the discretion of the creators as well as the Studio. 

It’s unlikely to be any news in 2019, as Brain’s Studio already has many projects in the pipeline for the coming year. 

However, we could get some good news regarding the upcoming season 2 of “D-Frag” release date before the close of 2020.

D-Frag! English Dub

In contrast to other genres such as Mecha or Shounen, the comedy genres heavily rely on dialogues to make funny situations that entertain viewers. 

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Although some of the earlier versions of the series might be funny it’s very difficult to get it wrong on the dubbing aspects of it, and this could cause the show to be ruined. 

This isn’t the case with “D-Frag’ which is available as an extremely good dub version of the show available on Funimation along with Amazon Prime.

D-Frag! Plot

Kenji Kazama, the head of the family of Kazama, comprises three wannabe criminals who want to run their own Fujou Academy someday. 

The day that begins the semester, the gang notices a fire in their Game Development Room and all three members are determined to put it out. 

However, their motives are not appreciated and instead of being grateful, they see the girls of the club begin beating the gang members. 

Two of Kenji’s friends are beaten out and he struggles to survive the assault. 

Kenji is ordered to sign up for his own Game Development Club.

When he joins the Club, he is to realize there are four females behind his forced enrollment — the club’s president, Chitose Karasuyama; a pretty girl named Sakura Mizukami, the young club advisor, Minami Oosawa; and the popular head for the college, Roka Shibasaki. 

In the beginning, he makes several attempts to get out of the club but after a while is when he realizes that being part of the Game Development Club is not at all bad. 

He eventually learns to be accustomed to the different participants of the Club and finds himself having a great time at all club activities.

D-Frag! Main Characters

Kenji Kazama

Kenji Kazama

Kenji Kazama happens to be a second-year student at Fujou High School. He is part of his group called the Kazama family.

And unlike other members of the gang, Kenji Kazama has no particular talents aside from his amazing hair. 

He is the leader of the group and hopes to take over the entire school at some point, however, then he is made to join his own Game Development Club of the school. 

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Although he’s a loud criminal who is shunned by the majority of students at this school, he shows a compassionate side to his character.

He is willing to assist anyone in need. 

He would like to be the best person at school but never quite achieves it since all the girls at the school are much more capable than him.

Sakura Mizukami

Sakura Mizukami

Sakura is a student in her first year at Kojou Academy. Kojou Academy is also an active participant in the Game Development Club. 

She considers Kenji her brother-in-law despite his refusal. Her main elemental type is water, and she can make use of water as a weapon in the battle. 

She always has the water bottle whenever she goes out and when fighting, she puts the water in her hands and uses it, or forces the water into her opponent’s throat. 

She has a slim, athletic build and messy hair that is pink and eyes that are purple. In general, she’s very casual and very skilled at almost all she does.

Chitose Karasuyama

Chitose Karasuyama

Chitose is a second-year student of the Academy and is the 15th President of the Student Council. 

She is Roka’s favorite friend, and everyone at the school bows to her, even the teachers. Along with Roka she also became a part of the Game Development Club. 

Her primary element can be described as Earth and her method of fighting involves hitting her adversaries with sand inside her hands.

She also throws dirt at her adversaries.

Roka Shibasaki

Roka Shibasaki

Roka is a second-year student in high school and is vice president for the school’s club. She has been a friend of Chitose since her childhood and is ready to take on any challenge for her. 

She is quite petite, yet she is among the most well-known individuals in the entire school. 

Her strength is dark and her method of fighting involves securing people’s faces in such a way that they are unable to see anything other than darkness.