Classroom of The Elite is although one of my favorites and the reason was the title of the anime the most preferable thing to say as we all get to know about the story through its title and that’s the best thing for the experience. The classroom is the great anime with all the engaging thing likes characters, story, etc.

The Japanese light novel series by Shunsaku Tomose which was later adopted in anime and that too in the genre which include psychological thriller anime. And later for the manga, the illustrations were given by Yuyu Ichino.

After being adopted as anime the television series was premiered from 12 July 2017 to 27 September 2017 by the studio Lerche. And after that, the novel was also concluded and ends after two years in 2019.

And without second season we can’t be assured to characterize the character and never be able to know more about Ayanokouji than who he is and what’s with him? And more about another character who manages to rise to class A.

Classroom of The Elite Season 2 Release Date?

With a big problem that Classroom of the Elite season 2 has any chance on the screen and there is no other announcement being made by their representative studio yet in 2021. As I spent a lot of time surfing about any new but gets nothing.

Going into detail the anime covers the first three manga books to make the first season and, on that part, right now there is 13 more volume that is left behind so why hasn’t there any other sequel of the anime.

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Now let talk about another possible thing that may not be included are less sale rate for manga but the healthy sale of the light novel may be the possible reason for a sequel.

Despite all the facts let’s not lose hope as there are much more anime out there that released after so many years after being released their season first and that sequel worth waiting although so maybe the Classroom of the Elite may turn into that category as well.

So even though we do not have any official date for the release of the second season, so as per the prediction according to the source material we can say that the release of season second would happen sometime around 2020 or 2021.

Classroom of The Elite Season 2 Plot

The anime follows the story of a group of high school students, where these students are the best in the country. The Japanese government established the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced School where the student developed themself to protect the country in the future.

The series revolves around Kiyota Ayanokouji, he is a quiet boy and would rather keep his distance from others. The school has a different level and he studies in Class D where all the low student studies

Classroom of the Elite Season 2

However after he befriends Suzune and Kikyo his life change drastically and being together all the time with the help of other students from class D, and he and stands against others to gain a position.

Although the story of the series is like a normal high school student life where they feel depressed, anxiety and all other things that happen with a student at this point.

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Every character in the series have something different from other while some student shows the dark quality but on the other hand, few are very energetic and sparkling character throughout the series, which make the series and the character more impressive and relatable.

What Would Be The Story of Second Season?

Now let talk about the changes and the possibilities of the season second if the second season will be going to start so what will be the story.

And as I told above the first season was the combination of three volumes from the manga so there is a major possibility that the second season of the story starts from the fourth volume.

With lots of twists and turns that are fulfilled the damn curiosity of the second season. The next season will also include all of the main characters.

However, for the sequel, it makes be possible that the student will fight in groups, where the student was divided into 12 groups according to their zodiac signs.

With more difficulties, this challenge will not be about survival but will test their brains as each group will have to figure out who the VIP is in the other groups.     

However, the competition between classes was hindered by the test and so the second season will be full of interesting storylines and dramas which make you amazed as well as happy.