12 Strongest Classroom of the Elite Characters

Classroom of the Elite is one of the top high-school anime series settings that has captivated lots of viewers with its amazing protagonist, Ayanokojie Kiyotaka.

Classroom of the Elite is the original light novel created by Syougo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose.

The series began in the year 2015. Because of its success, Classroom of the Elite was adapted into anime, primarily to help promote the novel’s lightness as well as draw the attention of many readers, which was an enormous success.

The story is centered around a famous school where the structures differ significantly from those of normal schools. 

Classes are divided into four categories: A, B, C, D, and A, with C being the lowest ranking. 

To allow students or even the class to be ranked higher, the class must be superior to all of its classmates through various tests that don’t rely heavily on intellect alone as much as physical ability. 

Everyone is not judged based on intellect alone, but also their physical strength.

12. Miyabi Nagumo

Miyabi Nagumo

Miyabi Nagumo is currently the Student Council President after Manabu Horikita graduated, making him his successor.

Compared to Manabu, Nagumo is completely different from him because he has used his position to eliminate students who were not competent within his sphere of responsibility. 

Contrary to other classes with excellent instructors, Nagumo is the leader of not only one class, but the entire 3rd-year curriculum, making him extremely powerful.

Like Ryuen, Nagumo dishonestly played his strategies, regardless of the consequences that he took. He chose to become president of the Student Council President to alter the system that Manabu created in the schools. 

Nagumo really respects Manabu, which is why he would like to take down Manabu and prove that he’s superior to Manabu. Nagumo considered Manabu as his adversary. However, Manabu wasn’t interested in him.

Horikita Manabu was the only one he recognized for their skills, which was Ayanokojie, which made Nagumo pay attention to his hatred of him after Horikita Manabu graduated.

11. Katsuragi Kohei

Katsuragi Kohei

Katsuragi Kohei is one of the supporting characters. He is a member of Class-A, which is the top rank of the classes. He is a clever and sharp person who could be regarded as the second smartest person in Class-A.

In the Uninhabited Island Exam (Volume 3), Katsuragi was the leader of Class A for an amazing plan that was able to beat all classes.

However, the plan was thwarted by Ayanokojie without his knowledge. 

Ayanokojie acknowledged that Katsuragi is an intelligent person when compared with a typical student and that he wasn’t reckless enough to commit acts that could have hurt his classmates.

Many people wonder what the reason is why Katsuragi looks so old, despite being a student at a high school. 

The story goes that Katsuragi suffered from a particular condition back then that affected his body, and one of the results was his hair falling out. 

However, Katsuragi wasn’t ashamed of the loss, and he had lots of admiration and respect for him because of his intelligence.

No matter if she’s in Class-A, Katsuragi has trouble leading the class, even though Sakayanagi, one of the students in Class A, would like to be the leader, thinking that Katsuragi isn’t equipped to be able to succeed. 

Due to this, the majority of Class-A was on Katsuragi’s side, and also, the other half was on Sakayanagi’s, leaving Class-A divided.

10. Ken Sudo

Ken Sudo 12 Strongest Classroom of the Elite Characters

Ken Sudo, one of the students in Class D, the worst group, was one of the students who was frightened the most because of his explosive personality. Not only that, but Sudo was also among the least in general aspects of the class.

Sudo frequently fought with everybody and with students in different classes, which made him a target for the majority of his peers. 

Sudo is proficient in the game of basketball. It is the reason why he has an athletic body. 

For a specific reason, Sudo is slowly becoming more and more proficient not only in school but also as a person who is quite different from the person he was at the time.

In contrast to anyone else who is proficient in fighting arts, Sudo does not rely on any experience he acquired from the numerous street fights that he’s had in the knowledge that he once was an unruly person.

9. Kiryuin Fuuka

Kiryuin Fuuka 12 Strongest Classroom of the Elite Characters

Kiryuin Fuuka is one of the supporting characters in the show. She is an entire year older than Ayanokojie, which makes her the older of the two. Kiryuin was a member of 3rd Year Class B.

Although she isn’t in the Class A level, Kiryuin Fuuka is undeniably an extraordinary student, both in physical and intellectual abilities, which makes her an outstanding student in comparison to all other students. 

Kiryuin Fuuka is introduced in the Y2V2 novel light novel when Ayanokojie unexpectedly comes across her. In her special exam that Y2V3 had, Kiryuin Fuuka was one of the students who had to take the test examination by herself due to her choice to have the option of taking an entire group or taking the exam solely.

In a display of her ability, Kiryuin Fuuka and Ayanokojie came together in a bizarre way to take on the person who wanted to kill Ayanokojie. 

Kiryuin Fuuka isn’t concerned about individuals, but Ayanokojie attracted her attention, and she was determined to assist Ayanokojie.

8. Ryuen Kakeru

Ryuen Kakeru

Ryuen Kakeru is among those students considered the most frightening in the entire series because of their actions towards numerous students, particularly his adversaries.

He is the head of Class C, who leads the class with fear and dictatorship. As a result, nobody can defy him knowing that Ryuen isn’t afraid to hurt anyone in his path. 

Ryuen is well-known for his many dirty strategies, but he’s able to masterfully execute his plans. 

Despite his brutal tactics, Ryuen Kakeru is one of the most intelligent students in the class, and he is aware that even Sakayanagi, who is the head of Class A, is skeptical of Ryuen’s capabilities.

Ryuen was raised as a criminal, particularly as a student, making Ryuen skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and he has been through street fights numerous times.

7. Horikita Manabu

Horikita Manabu

Horikita Manabu, former Student Council President, is definitely a smart student, whether it’s in the realm of intellect or physical strength. 

Manabu was among the very first students to realize how amazing Ayanokojie was when he realized the extent to which Ayanokojie got 50 points over 100 on all his entrance examinations deliberately.

Horikita Manabu is knowledgeable regarding martial arts, which makes Manabu a tough opponent in hand-to-hand combat. 

Ryuen Manabu, one of the school’s most feared students, was once in the process of attacking Manabu in a sudden attack to test his capabilities, but he failed when he was able to evade his attackers effortlessly. 

One of the most intelligent students at school, and currently the Student Council President of the school, following Manabu Miyabi, Nagumo is undoubtedly admired, despite his competitive and complicated behavior. 

He is also among the few characters to be recognized by Ayanokojie due to his own capabilities and has also worked with him on several occasions in the background.

6. Albert Yamada

Albert Yamada

Albert Yamada was one of the Class C members, which is regarded as the most terrifying class in the series.

He has the largest physique in the entire school and is quite different from the average student. 

If someone doesn’t have a clue about who he is or what he is, he could be identified as being part of the military or something similar due to his well-built appearance. 

Despite his size, Albert Yamada doesn’t want to engage in a battle with anyone, but for some reason, he is determined to obey Ryuen’s instructions for his class to be classified as Class A.

In the following chapters, Ayanokojie and Albert become close friends despite the events of the 7th volume of this light book, in which a secret battle between Classes C and D takes place.

5. Ichika Amasawa

Ichika Amasawa

Ichika Amasawa was among the students who recently transferred to Advanced Nurturing High School. However, despite that, she believes she is one of the most intelligent and is also among the physically strongest in hand-to-hand combat.

In the class, she is certainly an accomplished student, but her capabilities are different from the ones she demonstrated to her teachers at school. Like Ayanokojie, she must cover up her true potential for a particular reason. 

In the particular exam which began with the V3Y2 series, Ichika fought Horikita and Ibuki Mio physically. However, they were utterly defeated by her on their own.

In this sense, Ichika can be described as the feminine counterpart of Ayanokojie in the sense that they both grew up in the same place and have the same education, yet they have different goals. Ichika was awed by Ayanokojie’s character and her ability to keep him safe no matter the price.

4. Takuya Yagami

Takuya Yagami

When Ichika represents the feminine counterpart that is Ayanokojie, Takuya Yagami also symbolizes Ayanokojie as a student, knowing that he also came from the same place at the time and had the same curriculum as they were outside the campus. 

Although he appears innocent, there are some dangerous goals within him which he is determined to accomplish, which is to eliminate Ayanokojie from Advanced Nurturing High School.

Yagami doesn’t just have an incredible intellect, which lets him influence individuals around him, but is also a skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat.

It’s much like Ayanokojie. In contrast to other students, Yagami only enrolled in the same school as Ayanokojie to eliminate his identity and get back to the place he was. 

At present, he’s completely different from Ichika, who is determined to protect Ayanokojie, but Yagami would like to get rid of Yagami.

3. Kazuomi Hosen

Kazuomi Hosen

If Ryuen Kakeru has been dubbed the screamer among 2nd-year students, Kazuomi Hosen is the most frightening student for newly transferred students, also known as 1st graders. 

In comparison to the average student, Kazuomi Hosen possesses such a huge physique and staggering power, to the point that even Ryuen acknowledges that he is unable to defeat himself.

Ryuen and Hosen were already acquainted by chance before their enrollment in Advanced Nurturing High School, being aware that they were both victims of street battles while they were on campus. 

Hosen is the head of the Year 1 Class D, but he is a leader who operates under tyranny and oppression, which is similar to Ryuen’s method of controlling the class.

Hosen had the misfortune of defeating Sudou when they fought each other together with Horikita and Ayanokojie. What makes him a cruel student is that he does not choose his victims, regardless of whether you’re a girl or innocent, as long as you don’t interfere with his plans. 

Ryuen was aware of Housen’s strength and had to utilize two of his classmates who possessed physical strength to stop him and bring him down.

2. Koenji Rokusuke

Koenji Rokusuke

Koenji Rokusuke is considered to be one of the characters that are most mysterious in the entire series. It is part of the class D. Koenji is the character who is closest to Ayanokojie, not only because of his intelligence but also because of his amazing physical abilities.

Even though he is an excellent pupil, Koenji doesn’t truly contribute to the class. Similar to Ayanokojie, Koenji Rokusuke, despite his abilities overall, was able to aid students only when it was needed to act in a way that could lead to expulsion.

What will be the ramifications of his actions? Koenji Rokusuke is among the very few students recognized by Ayanokojie due to their skills.

At the special exam for the V3Y2 exam, Koenji was one of the few students to take the Uninhabited Island Exam on his own, without even contacting anyone. 

With a compelling reason to take part in the special exam, Koenji took the top spot in the 2-week exam despite the 3rd year students who tried to block his path. Demonstrating his strength, Koenji is confident enough to take on anyone in their school, if it’s required for him to bring the school down.

1. Ayanokojie Kiyotaka

Ayanokojie Kiyotaka

Ayanokojie Kiyotaka, the principal character in the show and also one of the students from class D, Despite his incredible abilities, which are different from normal humans, Ayanokojie prefers to hide the fact from everyone so that he can enjoy a tranquil college life, which he couldn’t have in the past.

He is the most intelligent student in the entire school, and yet not only is he mentally sharp, but he is unquestionably physically strong as well. 

In contrast to other students, Ayanokojie doesn’t have a hefty physique when compared with Albert or Koenji, and Koenji, which is the reason that no one would be hesitant to pretend to be strong physically. 

Ayanokojie beat a lot of students on his own, particularly during Volume 7 in the novel’s light when he was able to confront Ryuen as well as his three classmates to do him harm, but the reverse was the case.

What can make Ayanokojie dangerous in hand-to-hand combat isn’t only his extraordinary physical strength; it’s also due to his knowledge gained in the field of combat since he was small. 

Due to that, it’s not difficult to conclude that Ayanokojie truly is the most impressive piece of art within the White Room, where he was created.

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