9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a legendary game that is a part of the wildly popular Orange Box series. It is a relentlessly fast-paced FPS that follows a similar style to titles like Unreal Tournament.

Even twelve years after its first release, it is still a well-liked PC game thanks to its fourteen game types (3 at launch, 11 later expanded).

Even as recently as December 2018, the game’s active player base reached a high record.

So what makes Team Fortress 2 so unique?

And why do players keep coming back to this game?

With that said, let’s get started with this rating of all the classes in the game and see how they compare.

9. Pyro

pyro banner 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

Ok, while the Pyro is unquestionably a fun class to play around with, its lack of a true capacity to influence a game’s outcome severely hinders it.

The pyro belongs to the offensive category, which means that its primary function is to repel the opponent and serve as the vanguard in most situations.

The pyro is undoubtedly less mobile than the soldier and scout, the other two players in the same field.

Additionally, and maybe more crucially, it is lacking in firepower.

It’s bad news if you find yourself near a pyro. But because the pyro is so sluggish and lethargic, it is quite likely to be eliminated before it can make a difference.

A pyro only really shines if you can outmaneuver the opposition due to their average health and damage output (except at close range), which can be challenging when you’re up against defensively-minded engineers or extremely mobile scouts.

8. Engineer

08 engineer tf2 class 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

It’s interesting to select the engineering class.

There are various ways to effectively employ this class because it can build turrets, teleporters, and ammo/health dispensers.

The biggest disadvantage is that the engineer’s poor health makes him more likely to get hurt when putting up buildings.

Additionally, you won’t be able to have an impact on the battle as a supportive class unless you’re willing to spend most of it out of the fray.

As an engineer, you probably won’t feel like you can immediately assist your teammates as much as a doctor can. Unless you have invested the necessary time in learning the subject and his skills.

As an engineer, you will be praying that your team can protect you and that your structures are not destroyed since, if not, it will be difficult for you to defend your decision. This is most definitely not a class for a beginner.

7. Spy

07 tf2 spy character 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

Like the engineer, the spy is a class that offers a completely original first-person shooter experience that isn’t dependent on conventional shooting techniques.

Utilizing your stealth skills, you must quietly sabotage the enemy with the spy, eliminating them one at a time while avoiding detection.

The problem with this strategy is that this class has much less health than the others, and once the spy is found out (which happens as soon as they strike), the enemy can do whatever they want to them.

You can succeed if you spend a lot of time learning about this secret class, staying out of sight, and only using force when you have to.

The issue is whether the spy’s method of slowly eliminating the resistance one by one is a successful strategy in the bigger picture.

6. Heavy

06 heavy class tf2 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

The heavy is undoubtedly an entertaining class when it comes to annihilating the opposition in massive numbers because it is the largest defensive class in the game (as its name suggests).

The heavy is characterized by his enormous health bar, his capacity to withstand a lot of damage, and his ability to deal out some of it in return.

The team will frequently rally behind this class as if it were a tank. If used correctly, the heavy can be like a terminator charging into opposing fire and coming out on top.

The heavy’s extremely slow movement is now a drawback, making him extremely susceptible to a sneaky spy from behind or perhaps a headshot from a pesky sniper.

Because of his slowness, he typically cannot retreat once he enters the field of battle.

This calls for many last-ditch battles unless you’re lucky enough to have a solid relationship with a medic.

5. Military

tf2 soldier 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

The soldier, who belongs to the offensive second class, frequently performs far better in battle than his pyro teammate.

The soldier is a little bit slower than some of the other classes, but he has a lot of firepowers and is the second-largest health bar in the game, just behind the heavy.

The soldier is a superb all-around class and a perfect pick for new players or even more experienced players who are familiar with how to play this game up till Tuesday.

The soldier may deal with numerous enemy players at once in an explosive manner by using a rocket launcher as his primary weapon.

This makes him a strong class to use in battle, especially when combined with his capacity to rocket jump extremely high into the air.

The soldier is a strong member of your team and will add another dimension to their strike (from above).

However, a soldier is effectively a “jack of all trades, master of none,” as the phrase goes.

4. Sniper

sniper 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

A sniper is a common pick in every game because of their enjoyable headshot-hunting gameplay and capacity to one-shot opponents.

It is quite satisfying to play with the sniper in TF2. So long as you know how to locate that elusive headshot and trail a swift target around the map.

The sniper is not solely restricted to his rifle thanks to his capacity to throw jarate (a glass bottle of the sniper’s pee) or pull out the lethal Kubrick sword for a close-quarters battle.

To get the most out of this class, you should stand back and eliminate the enemy heavy and medic units to render them helpless.

As with any game, the drawback of playing as the sniper is that you will remain motionless and if you’re not careful, highly vulnerable.

3. Medic

medic tf2 best classes in tf2 800x450 1 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

The medic is a vital class to have on any squad since they will ensure that you can keep the pressure on the opponent without having to repeatedly respawn in awkward places.

The doctor is a true team player, but if you want to join in on the action, you shouldn’t go for him right once.

Instead, if you want the chance to play as the most beneficial support class in the game and be the unsung hero, you should pick the medic.

It’s not particularly enjoyable to run around mending all of your friends before they drop to dangerously low health, and you don’t give it much thought until you need it.

The physician can maintain himself alive and in the fight on his own, which can undoubtedly change the course of the conflict.

Put another way: even though the medic class isn’t the most enjoyable to play, you will struggle to defeat a squad that does if you don’t have one on your side. This is the extent of their influence on gameplay.

2. Scout

scout 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

Here is a class that is simple to play but extremely challenging to master.

One of the most enjoyable and useful classes in the game is the scout. To fully utilize the scout’s powers, will undoubtedly take some practice, but it will be well worth it.

The scout is the fastest player in the game, darting across the battlefield to cause havoc and slip behind enemy lines before the latter even realize what hit them.

This fast-paced class has the advantage that most other players in the game will at some point be engaged in fighting or otherwise preoccupied (a la sniper).

This implies that you will have complete freedom to execute hit-and-run attacks in which you eliminate significant members of the other side.

The well-played scout is typically a tremendous asset to any team and may even be vital like the doctor, dodging gunfire and excelling in one-on-one battles.

1. Demoman

demoman tf2 9 Best Classes in Team Fortress 2

The Demoman might not be the best choice for first place, but some people think it’s a great class that can cause a lot of trouble for the enemy and does a lot of damage.

Others may find this to be a difficult-to-use class that isn’t as useful as, say, the scout.

The Demoman is a very powerful class that does a lot of damage and can seriously slow down the progress of the enemy.

His major weakness may be his reliance on friends when dealing with close-quarters combat.

You can take care of groups of players and build traps with sticky explosives if you have mastered the Demoman’s incredibly powerful grenade launcher.

Setting up a key choke point, this kind of strategy can have a big effect on a game.

Check out this video for some amazing advice on how to play the Demoman if you want additional advice.

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