“Cautious Hero” is an animated series that was inspired by an e-book series. 

The serialization was done on Kadokawa’s publishing site known as Kakuyomu. 

In the end, it was published under the Kadokawa Books imprint after Fujimi Shobo obtained the rights to this light novel. The animated was, however, was released in the year 2019.

The story centers around Ristarte she is a new goddess who is tasked with saving the Gaeabrande from the destruction of Gaeabrande. 

She must defeat her Demon Lord so she decided to summon the human version of the hero. 

To her surprise the hero she summoned was Seiya Ryuguin happens to be a cautious hero. 

Seiya Ryuguin is extremely cautious, and even Ristarte herself.

Everything you need to know about “Cautious Hero: Season 2”

Cautious Hero Season 2

Unfortunately, there’s no information on whether Cautious Hero is renewed or is in development. 

White Fox, the production studio which created Cautious Hero, remains silent on the subject. 

The reason for this could be that they got overwhelmed with other projects or perhaps they were just waiting to find the best moment to create the animated series.

Fans are encouraged to read manga or light novels to see what’s to come in the plot or can wait for the next season if there is one.

For the plot of the season to come, Season 1 revealed it was the case that Demon Lord of Gaeabrande was defeated by Seiya. 

He gave up his life but was resurrected to save the world by bringing back Ristarte. The revelation was that the two had been lovers in the past. 

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Their mission now will be to rescue Ixphoria.

However, this mission is likely to be quite challenging as Ristarte and Seiya did not manage to save the mission in the past, which led to it being placed in SS. 

Seiya was also changed in class, meaning Seiya will need to devise an alternative strategy with the new capabilities. 

The fans will need to keep an eye out for what happens to their favorite characters by watching for the announcement of the renewal or going through the light novel right now.