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Cat Planet Cuties Season 2: Renewal Status!

Fans have been waiting more than a decade for Asobi ni Iku Ya to return, and it’s now been over ten years since the last episode. 

A particular audience loved the show, and they were fans of the ecchi-harem genre. Except for the fanatics of the popular genre, the show was viewed by everyone as average. 

Yet many people still want to see more episodes. Will anime ever return? This is all you need to know.

Cat Planet Cuties (aka Asobi ni Iku Yo) is a Japanese ecchi harem rom-com anime series. This anime is a remake of the Okina Kamino light novel series. 

To produce this anime, Anime International Company adopted the LN story. Its debut episode was viewed by viewers on July 10, 2010. 

It aired twelve episodes and ended on September 25, 2010.

Renewal Status

In the last ten years, the producers have not spoken about the second season. 

Fans have been waiting to see what the future holds for Asobi ni Iku Yo. Most viewers are now losing hope, as ten years seems like a long time. 

The sequel to Cat Planet Cuties has not been announced even after all this time.

Is there enough source material?

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In 2003, the LN series started serialization. The series ended in 2015 with 20 volumes. Twelve episodes were included in the first season. 

It only covered the first few volumes of its source material. Many volumes of LN are still available to be made into anime. 

The studio has plenty of material left to make Cat Planet Cuties Season 2. They may even be able to make more than one season from the rest of the content.

Will the anime return?

Everyone had mixed reactions to the anime series. It also received mixed reviews. The LN series ended in 2015, too. 

The series’ popularity has declined significantly over the past ten years. 

It is unlikely that Cat Planet Cuties Season 2 ever happens. 

It is possible, however, that the series might be relaunched by fans. Netflix and other streaming services are investing heavily in anime shows. 

There is also the possibility that they may pick up the LN series for a reboot.