Call of Duty: MW3 Season 4 Adding New DNA Bomb Killstreak

Season 4 content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was just released, and one of the most exciting additions is the new DNA Bomb killstreak, which sounds a lot like the MGB but isn’t quite as good.

On May 29, when the Season 4 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 comes out, the killstreak will unlock.

On May 29, MW3 will also get a lot of other new features, such as new maps, modes, and gear. Launching with Paris and Tokyo, MW3’s new Season 4 maps, Incline and Das Gross will be added in a mid-season update.

Demolition and Hyper Cranked will be added to MW3 as new modes at the start of Season 4, and Havoc and Headshots Only will be added later. Although Sledgehammer Games has a lot more planned for Season 4 than just maps and modes.

This season’s new DNA Bomb makes a “tremendous explosion” that kills all enemy players but doesn’t end the match like the MGB does.

The number of consecutive eliminations needed to get a DNA Bomb has not been confirmed by Sledgehammer yet, but it looks like the streak will be a level lower than the 30 eliminations needed for the game-ending MGB.

Sledgehammer hasn’t fully shown what the new streak looks like in-game, but they did share a screenshot of a green explosion in the sky, which makes it look like the DNA Bomb might have a more sci-fi design than the MGB. Others will join the DNA Bomb as new kill streaks in Season 4.

MW3 Gets Four New Killstreaks in Season 4

  • I.M.S. (seven kills)
  • Loitering Munition (8 kills)
  • Missile Drone (11 kills)
  • DNA Bomb (unknown)

The I.M.S. (seven kills), Loitering Munition (8 kills), and Missile Drone (11 kills) are added to Modern Warfare 3’s kill streaks in Season 4.

The I.M.S. works like a Cluster Mine and uses smart bombs, the Loitering Munition is an unmanned drone that fires rockets, and the Missile Drone is a craft that can be controlled and fires guided missiles.

The Mission Control Vest, which makes it easier to get a kill streak, is another addition to Modern Warfare 3’s vests in Season 4.

When MW3’s new kill streaks go live on May 29, this Vest might be very useful. The last new item introduced with Season 4 is the Compression Plate Perk, which improves health regeneration.

Season 4 has finally added new content to MW3’s Zombies mode, but it won’t be available at launch. Following a mid-season update, Zombies players will be able to access “Unstable Rifts,” which are difficult areas that offer valuable rewards.

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