Black Female Anime Characters

30 Best Black Female Anime Characters

How many black female characters from anime can you name?

Most likely, not many.

There are a lot of female major characters in anime, but there aren’t as many black female characters who are well-known.

Most likely, it’s because Japan is a country with only one racial group.

We have covered black characters in anime in a different list but today we are going to cover black female anime characters only.

Even so, there have been a lot of black women with great character growth who deserve to be in the spotlight.

30. Sherry McDowell-Walken from GunGrave

30 Best Black Female Anime Characters

Sherry from GunGrave is last, but she is by no means last.

Sherry Walken, who was the daughter of the top killer Bear Walken, fell in love with and married Harry McDowell.

She didn’t know that her husband is so ambitious that he wants to betray and kill Big Daddy, the boss of the Millennion organized crime group.

This crime will have terrible effects on her whole family.

29. Karako Koshio from Deadman Wonderland

Karako Koshio from Deadman Wonderland

Karako, who goes by the name “Game Fowl,” is one of the people who got the mystery worm.

She told the world about the secrets of Deadman Wonderland jail, which led to the prison being shut down.

She showed that she was strong and tough the whole time, which I think makes her a great character.

28. Claudia LaSalle from Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Claudia LaSalle from Super Dimension Fortress Macross

In the 1982 anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Claudia LaSalle is an American officer who works on the bridge of the SDF-1 Macross, which is also the name of the ship.

Claudia is in charge of the space fortress’s weapons and direction.

This is a very important job.

Even though she works in technology, she is great at giving her best friend Misa tips about love.

27. Marbet Fingerhat from Victory Gundam

Marbet Fingerhat Victory Gundam

This black woman is a driver for the Victory Gundam unit’s mobile suit.

Together with Uso and Oliver, Marbet drives the Gundam.

She is disgusted by Oliver at first, but then she falls in love with him.

They marry and have a child together. Marbet is a very cool person who can handle a lot of pain.

She proved this when she hurt her leg in a battle, which almost ended her job as a pilot.

26. Dorothy from Great Pretender

Dorothy Great Pretender

Dorothy is a black girl whose hair was born black but was later dyed white-pink.

As a professional con artist, Dorothy is friendly and sure of herself.

I love how outgoing she is and how she doesn’t hold back from saying what she wants.

25. Sol Marron from Black Clover

Sol Marron from Black Clover

Sol was a child when the men who destroyed her town were about to attack.

If Charlotte hadn’t saved her, she would have died or been hurt much worse.

Sol hates men now because all of the men in her town just left her to die.

She looks up to Charlotte a lot and is always with her.

Some people say that this respect for Charlotte is really love for her.

Sol is a Blue Rose Knight and uses Earth Magic.

24. Choi Mochimazzi from Tamako Market

Choi Mochimazzi from Tamako Market

Choi, who is 15 years old and can tell the future, is Prince Mecha’s guide.

She has a crush on the prince, which is clear because she dreams about him.

I think a lot of people can understand how she shames herself when she makes a mistake.

I think that’s something a lot of us do.

23. Hiryute Sisters from Danmachi

Hiryute Sisters Danmachi

The Amazon Twins are Tione and Tiona.

They were both born in Telskyura, a country ruled by women and led by the goddess Kali.

Like all of the Amazons in Telskyura.

The twins are fierce black fighters who have been trained to fight to the death against other amazons and monsters since they were young.

22. April from Darker Than Black

April – Darker Than Black

April is an easy figure to remember because she has a superpower and can change the pressure in the air.

This means she can make it rain, speed up the wind, and do other things.

Yep, just like Storm from X-Men.

21. Atsuko Jackson from Michiko to Hatchin

Atsuko Jackson from Michiko to Hatchin

Atsuko used to live in the same home as Michiko Malandro.

Now she is a vigilante outlaw who used to be an Afro-Diamandran police officer.

Even though the two characters seem to have a score to settle, Atsuko seems to have mixed feelings about Michiko and is sometimes seen helping her out of a bad position.

20. Michiko Malandro from Michiko To Hatchin

Michiko Malandro from Michiko To Hatchin

Michiko is a badass biker girl who lives in a world where the cops are run by a gang.

She will do anything to win, and her drive is so strong that it can break the walls of a prison.

Michiko tends to do the same things over and over and gets angry fast.

She is violent and can be emotionally abusive, but she also has a soft side.

19. Hild from Oh My Goddess

Hild from Oh My Goddess

Hild is Urd’s hot mom, and Urd’s mom is also on this list. She is the Leader of Hell, which is a very important post.

So, she is the most powerful demon in the show.

Only her half-demon, half-goddess daughter is stronger.

Hild, the leader of the demons, has a tendency to be nice and then scary, which is cool.

She can be really chill, like her daughter, but if you cross her, the crazy girl claws come out.

18. Yao Ro Dushi from Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There!

Yao Ro Dushi from GATE

In anime, there are a lot of dark elves.

But it’s rare for an Elf woman to be black.

Yao Ro Dushi is 300 years old, but she doesn’t look her age at all.

She is good with a bow and can hit her target from 300 meters away.

She is also good with a sniper gun, which makes her a very dangerous person.

17. Miyuki Ayukawa from Basquash

Miyuki Ayukawa from Basquash

As you can probably tell by now, black girls are rare in anime.

This one actually has brains, too.

Also, I have to say that Miyuki is the only reason I’ve ever been interested in watching the anime, and I think it’s a shame that they kind of push her aside for Haruka.

Miyuki is a very important character, and as an engineer, she makes a big difference when it comes to making changes to the Mechs.

16. Rei Houourmaru from Kill La Kill

Rei Houourmaru from Kill La Kill4

Rei was born in a town in Africa that was in the middle of a civil war.

He worked his way up to become Ragyo’s right hand at Revocs Corporation.

Actually, she would have died when she was young if Ragyo hadn’t saved her.

That’s probably why Rei loves and sticks by him so much.

15. Nadia from Nadia: The Secret Of The Blue Water

Nadia from Nadia The Secret Of The Blue Water

Nadia is an Atlantean young girl.

I know there has been some discussion about whether or not she is from the Mediterranean, but from what I can tell, they made Nadia a black woman.

She has darker brown and red hair than most of the people around her, if that proves anything.

She is someone who cares about other people and sometimes puts their needs ahead of her own.

14. Mila Rose from Bleach

Mila Rose prof

Franceska Mila Rose is a good swordswoman, but on the battlefield she can be cruel.

I love how she looks like a black Amazon, with long brown hair and a wild spirit.

Even though she’s a supporting character, I think she’s a great addition to the show because she’s always her own person.

13. Urd from Oh My Goddess


Since Urd is a mix of Goddess and Demon, she actually looks like she is half white and half black.

I love Urd not only because she is a hero and sometimes an anti-hero, but also because she has a lot of depth.

She is only a second-class goddess, but she is the one who carries the anime. She’s sure of herself, complicated, and smart, which are all things I look for in a character.

Actually, I have to give credit to the people who made Oh My Goddess because even the small female characters have real personalities.

12. Canary from Hunter x Hunter

Canary from Hunter x Hunter

Canary is a cool character.

She is a guardian who is cruel but has a good heart.

Even though she’s not a very important character, she gets the badass moment of beating up a whole group of attackers by herself.

She doesn’t have over-the-top traits that make her look like a stereotype of a black person, like some anime tends to do.

11. Carole Stanley from Carole Tuesday

Carole Stanley from Carole Tuesday

Carole is a gem.

She is very independent and has a lot of musical ability, which is what drives her to become a musician.

In this way, black women artists like Beyoncé and Aretha Franklin are an inspiration to her.

She is really nice, funny, and easy to get along with as a person.

10. Caldina from Magic Knight Rayearth

Caldina from Magic Knight Rayearth

Caldina is a woman with many skills.

She can dance and kill people.

She is a very good magician and illusionist, and she is also very good at card games and other games of chance.

Caldina is one of my goddesses because she has a beautiful body that she rarely covers up.

She is from Chizeta, a small town in the country where many black people live.

9. S.A.M. from Cannon Busters


“S.A.M. – Special Associate Model” is a high-tech robot that looks like a black woman and was made to be friendly.

S.A.M. wants to be friends with everyone and everything around her because that’s how she was made.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some shocks up her sleeve for anyone who tries to hurt her.

She is a Cannon Buster, which says everything about her.

8. Gidget from Eureka Seven

Gidget from Eureka Seven

Even though Gidget doesn’t have as much screen time as some of the other characters in Eureka Seven, she makes the funny parts of the anime better by telling the crew about tactics or talking to Eureka about their relationship.

She also has a good sense of style, which I like.

She has by far the best clothes in this anime, which is mostly about the military and robots.

7. Sister Krone from The Promised Neverland

Sister Krone from The Promised Neverland

Sister Krone looks like a black lady because she has afro hair and full lips.

In fact, I think she has some black stereotypes that are a little too strong.

I know it’s hard to draw people who are “definitely black,” but still!

Krone may be a very cunning person who only fights for her own goals, but it’s hard to blame her for wanting to become a Mama to live the best life she could in her bad situation.

6. Hilda from Eureka Seven

Hilda – Eureka Seven

Hilda is a great model of an African-American woman.

She is a calm, wise, and self-reliant Terminus type R808 captain.

Hilda can be quite bossy, and if something bothers her, she is not afraid to say so.

I think this makes her a great character because she is not afraid to stand out.

I love how she says, “Nobody can make me feel stupid.”

5. Mira Naigus from Soul Eater

Mira Naigus from Soul Eater

Mira’s character is all about mummies, which is kind of strange.

She is a Demon Weapon, which means that she can change into a weapon whenever she wants to.

In her case, she looks like a battle knife.

Mira is so sharp that it would be easy to cut through a person’s skin with it.

4. Iris from Pokemon

Iris from Pokemon

Some fans hated Iris because she always talked about Ash Ketchum and put him down.

She wasn’t a Pokémon Master herself, and she was afraid of Pokémon that were made of ice.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have fans. I like her character, for example.

3. Coffee from Cowboy Bebop

Coffee from Cowboy Bebop

Coffee is a strong bounty hunter, just like a lot of the other people in Cowboy Bebop.

But the little time she had on screen showed how special her character was, and she made a mark that will last.

What else can you say about a woman who likes to use a grenade launcher as her tool of choice?

We hope to see her again in the future.

2. Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach

Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach

Yoruichi only fights with her hands, and she likes to drink milk, which makes sense since she can change into a cat form.

Some people think Yoruichi is Japanese or a mix of Japanese and something else, but as far as I can tell, she is black.

I don’t really like some of the way she acts, though.

For instance, she knows that Ichigo doesn’t want her to flirt with him, but she does it anyway. That’s not “playful” or “teasing”—No, means No.

1. Casca from Berserk

Casca from Berserk 1

Casca seems to be a good example of a strong black female character because she is a recognized leader and a strong warrior.

She joined the military band when she was young and worked her way up to become the second-in-command. Casca is a full-arc person, which is a rare thing to find.

She was hurt by violence several times over the course of her life. Because of this, her mind was broken, and she became a woman who couldn’t talk and needed care around the clock.