Black Bullet

Black Bullet Season 2: Release Date

Burakku Buretto is also known as “Black Bullet”, and is a sci-fi series that combines action and science-fiction was released in 2014.

The show, which aired for only three months and was a 13 episode series, had a large fanbase and was a commercial hit.

The anime series adapted the first 4 novels.

There was enough material to make a second episode. 

The show’s fans have been waiting since 2014 for the 2nd season’s announcement.

What is the chance of Black Bullet season 2 being filmed?

black bullet anime

There is no official release date for Black Bullet Season 2 because a second season was never confirmed, canceled, or announced

Season 2 was supposed to be available to the public by July 2020. However, it never happened.

There is nothing to be sad about, even though circumstances within Covid-19 may have caused a delay.

The first season was also very profitable. It received a 6.9 IMDB rating, which shows that the show was loved by a larger audience.

A high IMDB rating, higher requests, and high profit encourage production teams to create new work.

This is a possible factor that could lead to season 2.

It is also uncertain because there has been no announcement after six years of delay. There is no way to be certain.

Black Bullet Season 2: Release date – under-declaration

Season 2 was supposed to be released in July 2020.

However, the pandemic could have been a reason for the delay.

The trailer and story of the movie are still unknown.

Fans are disappointed that the officials remain reserved and, at times, closemouthed about the release date. 

There is still hope that the team can create another stunning season in early 2022 (expected).

Black Bullet season 2 trailer out!

The team has yet to announce the release. 

We can’t deny that the creator hasn’t made any cancellation announcements.

There is a 50-50% chance of either. The trailer is still far off. 

Once it airs online, we will inform you about it.

Watch the english dubbed Black Bullet episodes!

This has been a huge success for kinema citri and has attracted a large audience.

Many people might not feel comfortable speaking Japanese

It is therefore also available on Crunchyroll.

The expected plot for Black Bullet season 2!

black bullet

The story of the black gunner is very relatable to our story of pandemics and our circumstances.

The anime takes place in the future when humanity is attacked by the horrible virus Gastrea. 

The story’s main theme is to save Tokyo from a deadly virus.

Season 2 will continue the story and Rentaro will likely play a major role. 

Many fans believe that covid-19 may be the next chapter in the story.

Many fans want to see Rantaro fight and plan to escape the prison. 

Rantaro is currently being held for false murder charges. 

But, his enemies will continue to stand in his way.

Black Bullet Season 2: expected cast members

The show features many characters who play important roles. 

These are the characters without whom the story would not be complete:



Rentaro, the show’s main character, is expected to continue the role in the next season.

He is also a promoter of civil services and has the motive to save Tokyo from a pernicious disease. 

He also helps the cursed kids.

His character is brave and bold, but he is also caring and smart. 

Fans are eager to see season 2.

Enju Aihara

enju aihara 1

Rentaro helped Enju Aihara, a cursed child, to become an initiator of civil services. 

Later, Enju is seen being fascinated by Rentaro.

It would be amazing to see them in season 2.

Kisara Tendo

kisara tendo anime

Kisara, President of Tendo Civil Security, is also an expert in martial art and a childhood friend to Rentaro.


tina black bullet

Tina, a member of civil Security, is attracted to Rentaro.

She always tries and gets his attention.

Season 2 will have the cold war between Tina, Enju, and Enju adding sugar to the story about the black bullet.

Fans also hope to see new characters and their roles during the next season.


The production studio behind the action anime series is well-known for failing to make the second season of many of its shows.

Fall 2014 saw the release of a special Black Bullet: Tenchuu Girl, which gave hope to the fans that the next season was not far off.

I. Animation Quality

The artwork is good for an action sequence and is fairly standard. 

The setting fits the series well and is very fitting.

II. Shiden Kanzaki’s Health

Shiden Kanzaki, the author of the Light Novel Black Bullet’ is currently at work on the eighth volume.

He has taken several breaks over the years because it was mentally draining to work for the past few years. 

His physical health is good.

III. Kanzaki is on hiatus

His simple dream turned into an unreal nightmare when he received a lot of negative feedback from the community after the anime was aired.

He used to love writing; it was a passion that he felt when they read the LNs.

But now, it feels like a chore and he almost loses the will to continue the series.

Let’s get on to production updates and a few rumors about the author.

Production Update

Black Bullet S2 has not been announced.


Shidenkanzaki is well-known for taking frequent hiatuses due to the immense pressure that was placed upon him after the anime aired. 

It has been six years since the last volume of his LN was published. In April 2014, the seventh volume of the LN was published.

Rumours abound that Kanzaki may have dropped the LN to work as a restaurant proprietor. 

Instead, he has adapted to a normal lifestyle.

In March 2015, he stated in a tweet that he was cooling down. 

His tweets don’t seem encouraging. They appear lifeless and unmotivated.

Expected storyline for Season 2

black bullet season2 1

A childhood friend of Rentaro reappears suddenly, and before the protagonist can process any information, he is in prison for a false killing. 

He has a plan to escape but his enemies keep trying to stop him.

Rentaro remains a fugitive to the law. Police Superintendent Hitsuma is persistently following him.

The governors from the five major areas of Japan met together for a summit to discuss the serious dangers they faced.

Then, the news broke that Tokyo had the Legacy of Seven Stars.

This led the other regions to wage war against Tokyo. 

In the chaos, Seitenshi disappeared. The new season is packed with action and thrills

Final Words

This is the last we know about Black Bullet’s second part. 

We hope you receive a satisfactory answer and can answer all of your questions.

To all of you who love me, I am announcing that your patience will bring about yet another season of the black bull. 

Keep reading and keep loving. 

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