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22 Best Yuri Manhwa/Lesbian Comics Of All Time

Are you a fan? Yuri is an animated or illustrated romance between two girls. The world of manhwa is a great place to start if you’re new to the genre, or if you have read everything you can find about it. 

There aren’t nearly as many manga yuri manhwas out there (yet!) There are still quite a few out there. It doesn’t matter if you prefer manhwa or yuri; it’s an exciting new world!

How do you know which Yuri Manhwa is the best? We have compiled a list of the top 10 Yuri Manhwa that we believe are worth your time. This manga may contain adult content, so be aware.

However, that’s why it’s yuri, not shojo. You’ve found the right place if that’s what you’re looking for. We searched hard to find the best yuri manhwa and found them.

The following manhwa contains adult content, as stated previously. It is recommended that readers exercise discretion.

22. Fluttering Feelings

Fluttering Feelings

Kim No-Rae, an awkward and carefree student at college, is late to class on the first day and runs clandestinely into Baek Seol A, a mature and beautiful woman. 

Although it’s a brief meeting, it sets hearts aflutter.

21. Transfer Student

Transfer Student manhwa

Minsu and Nare have a strong, seemingly unbreakable friendship. 

Nare is now completely taken by the new student, and Minsu isn’t sure how to react.

20. The Love Doctor

The Love Doctor

Jung Erae has been so ignorant about relationships that she’s driven all the men away. 

Jung Erae asks Cha Yoon, a love doctor, for help. 

Although this doctor appears to be able to help her, she is also experiencing new feelings.

19. It would be great if you didn’t exist

It would be great if you didn’t exist

Guk-Hwa met Jang-Mi when they were fighting for the same boy. 

Jang-Mi embraced Guk-Hwa and then stormed off. Both of them still think about each other several days later.

18. Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

We all know what angels and devils should be like. 

Hiskaya is not angelic, even though she is an angel. 

Her biggest flaw is her friendship with the devils.

Haki, the daughter of Satan, is kind, gentle, and loves flowers.

17. Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell

Mai Sohn was approached by a publisher to create a webcomic on relationships. 

Her girlfriend also left her abruptly, making it difficult to write about relationships. 

Although she finds new inspiration quickly, it causes problems with her weird, homophobic neighbour.

16. Birdcage Girl

Birdcage Girl

The students at Yeonkwang Arts High School are divided into two groups. 

Talented students receive benefits and prestige, while others are left to struggle in the hope of achieving their goals. 

Chung-Eun, one of these talented students, has fallen for Yumi, a less talented girl. 

Chung-eun may be blinded by Yumi’s charms, but Yumi has her plans.

15. Blooming Sequence

Blooming Sequence 15

One night, Seowoo’s president is standing outside a bar while it rains. 

A little girl stumbles out of the rain and nearly falls into her arms. 

The girl begins to sing “Dancing in the Rain.”

Although it was a brief encounter, Seowoo felt like they had just had a movie-like get-together when the girl came to her film club.

14. Between The Seasons of Summer and Autumn

Between The Seasons of Summer and Autumn

Their mothers, who had been friends for many years, became close to them when they were seven.

So did their daughters. Ga-ul and Yuh-reum fell in love during this meeting. 

Both are now athletes and attend the same high school ten years later.

13. Youth Chain

Youth Chain

Like many of her classmates, Jia is in love with Yoona. 

Although she can’t control her emotions, she learns that Yoona may not be what she thinks.

12. Partition


Lee Yu-na, who is now in her adult years, has been able to secure an entry-level office job. 

She isn’t the only one new to the office. 

Han Yu-na, meanwhile, is new to the development group. 

They meet one night, late at night.

11. White Angels Do Not Have Wings

White Angels Do Not Have Wings

It is hoped that their school days will be peaceful. 

Ayeon is bullied at her Catholic school every day. 

Yeonhwa is a brave woman who stands up against bullies one day. 

Ayeon may be thankful, but this girl seems to have more in her heart than good intentions.

10. My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend

My Girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriend

My girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is not your average Yuri Manhwa story. One of the characters is a boy. 

Two girls begin a new relationship, and one of their ex-boyfriends starts to disrupt their time together. 

Although the new girlfriend isn’t one to look into the past of her partner’s relationships, she cannot help but be curious. 

Who is this guy? What’s up with her ex-boyfriend? He won’t leave them alone. and he is so friendly! She wants to know the details!

My girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is in a love triangle with Yurik Manhwa. This storey is not only about the girls but also features a boy. 

If you’re okay with a boy having s*x, as long as it’s between two girls, then My Girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is for you! You’ll find it entertaining and funny, with good s*x scenes and a storey you can relate to. 

Past relationships and their effects on the present will be fascinating to you, and you may even find yourself surprised.

9. Everyday Lily

Everyday Lily

Every day Lily is the storey of two college girls who fall in love. Both are lesbians. However, one is more realistic and worldly than the others. 

The other is closer to her and has only experienced 2D art, not real life. They form a new, adult relationship when the first one meets the second.

Everyday Lily can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s romantic and lighthearted, with a hint of humour, and full of first experiences. 

The romance itself is sweet and will give any romantic a taste of the typical romance story. It’s also touching to see a first relationship unfold through the eyes and experiences of the characters. 

There’s also s*x. And it’s done well. Everyday Lily is the best choice if you’re looking for a yuri manhwa in a first relationship. You’ll also find it has a lot of cute artwork.

If you are familiar with Japanese manga, it will be an easy transition to the world of manhwa. 

Every day, Lily doesn’t have any actual nudity, s*x, or s*xual content. Keep that in mind if you decide to change your mind.

8. Lilith


Lilith is a manhwa that reveals the secrets of the s*x lives of a select group of women. Jaehee, the protagonist, is a wealthy high school teacher

She is respected and hardworking. Jaehee, however, enjoys receiving serious BDSM behind closed doors. This is especially true when she is interacting with her childhood friend, Huilin. 

Their lives and relationships change when Sulhwa, a new female named Sulhwa, begins to teach at Jaehee’s school. What will they do about these feelings?

Lilith is an original yuri manhwa because it brings fun BDSM to the yuri manhwa community, which can sometimes be difficult. Lilith is a wonderful yuri manhwa for lovers of love triangles and bondage. 

This storey is already interesting because it explores the secret lives of these women, but when you add their complicated and surprising relationship with one another, it becomes a compelling storey people will want to read. 

Lilith has some great yuri scenes, especially if your preference is whips or bondage.

7. Just Right There!

Just Right There!

It’s just right there! The storey begins with Min Do Yeon’s heteros*xual relationship with her boyfriend. 

Things aren’t going as planned, and Yeon breaks up with him via a heartbreaking text message. Yeon is devastated and seeks comfort from Bo Kyung, her best friend. 

Kyung offers to take Yeon out for drinks to keep her from getting overwhelmed by all the events. She doesn’t tell Yeon that the bar where they go is only for girls. 

Yeon is then in the arms of her best friend and kisses someone unexpectedly. Her life is forever changed.

It’s just right there! This is an awakening storey in which the protagonist is unaware that she is interested and smitten with girls until she kisses her best friend. 

It’s a love storey about two friends who take their friendship to the next level. It’s just right there! 

This is also a storey about a breakup and comfort, and Yeon experiences many first s*xual experiences as she sleeps with another woman for the first time.

She tries to forget the painful breakup. It’s just right! This is the perfect yuri manhwa for any yuri lover. It has a simple plot and great s*x scenes that will satisfy all your needs.

6. The Third Party

The Third Party

The unique setting in which the third party takes place is at a broadcasting centre. The business is owned by all the top women. The heiress of the company is also rich and beautiful. 

Next is a news anchor who is ambitious and hardworking as she strives to advance her career. The third woman is a backstage producer. But there’s more to this person than meets the eye. 

The three women are entangled in a love triangle that is full of secrets and ambitions, money, power, and other perks.

The Third Party is a great drama. The storey is captivating and will keep your attention as it unfolds before you. The Third Party is a fantastic yuri manhwa, full of intrigue, drama, and great s*x scenes. 

We can’t think of another Yuri storey set at a broadcasting centre. This is a refreshing setting that can breathe new life into a plot that might not have been there before.

5. Elixir


The beginning of Elixir opens with what appears to be a love storey between Siyeon and Eunha in high school. It turns out, however, that Siyeon had used a love potion to make Eunha feel better. 

Eunha is devastated to discover the truth about Siyeon’s feelings for her. They parted ways and never expected to meet again ten years later. Siyeon proposes to Eunha, but they meet again ten years later. 

Eunha is open to the idea and wants to start over. She rebuilds her trust in the other woman. But then, more magic begins to interfere with their lives.

“Elixir, a yuri-manhwa with fantasy twists, is called “Elixir”. The storey takes place in a modern setting with magic added. This storey is also about a romance between two people in their 20s.

This can be refreshing for those who have only experienced high school love stories. 

The Elixir is about building trust and creating a genuine love story, rather than one that is forced. You can also expect some fantastic s*x scenes!

4. Moonlight Garden

The Moonlight Garden

Moonlight Garden is about flower maidens who live in a magical environment. Their fate is to work in a brothel.

However, their love is sought after by all because they are believed to be able to do anything s*xually. 

Dohwa is not yet living her dream of escaping the brothel. She enjoys creating potions in the hope that they will help her escape. 

She discovers that Lady Hyewon is the mastermind behind the stealing of her ingredients.

Moonlight Garden is the ideal yuri manhwa to satisfy fantasy lovers. All the leading ladies are flower maidens who live in magical places and can let your imagination fly with their abilities. 

Moonlight Garden offers a lot of group Yuri s*x, with multiple girls at once. It makes use of the magical brothel setting to its fullest. This manhwa is full of beautiful art and s*x.

It also has an interesting back storey that you will discover as you read it.

3. What Does the Fox Say?

 What Does the Fox Say

What Does the Fox Say? This is a complex storey about three women and their relationship. Sumin is the protagonist, who is also the leader of a mobile gaming company. 

Sumin’s ex, Seju, owns the company. Sumin always returns to Seju no matter what other partners she has. Seju is happy with this and is determined to keep Sumin for her ends. 

Things get more complicated when Seongji, a beautiful new employee, joins the team. She captivates Sumin completely. 

Seju isn’t happy about this and refuses to let Sumin go to Seongji, despite their complicated love triangle.

What Does the Fox Say? This storey is about jealousy and what three girls will do to get together with the person they love. 

Although the storey is complex, it’s well-written and delivered to keep readers on the edge of their seats, wondering what happens next. 

What Does the Fox Say to You? This book is perfect for Yuri Manhwa lovers looking for a romantic storey that’s not just a lighthearted, fluffy love story. 

The storey is darker than the others, but it’s still believable. It doesn’t skimp on men and keeps the storey moving.

2. Lily Adore

Lily Adore

Lily Love tells the storey of two young women, Donut and Mew. They meet through chance, but maybe fate is at work. 

The beginning of a chance meeting quickly turns into a genuine relationship full of intimacy and romance, first dates, and lasting memories. 

Despite being from very different backgrounds, Donut and Mew make their relationship work, no matter what happens.

Lily’s Love is a lovely story. It’s a romantic Yuri Manhwa. This book is a must-read for hopeless romantics. 

Lily Love is a storey about two young women who overcome obstacles and do not allow stigma, distance, or social positions to keep them apart. It feels very intimate, with beautiful illustrations.

The s*x scenes feel more like reading a book than a manhwa stuffed full of s*x. Any Yuriko Manhwa fan should not miss Lily Love.

1. Pulse


Pulse tells the storey of Mel, a young woman. As a well-respected heart surgeon, she has had a very successful career and is often busy. 

Although she does occasionally have s*x, it is not in a relationship. Mel views s*x as a fun way to escape the stresses of her job and never sees it as a source of feelings of attraction. 

Mel meets someone special, and this all changes when she starts to question how she has always seen s*x.

Pulse is a yuri-manhwa that focuses on how two people can transform each other in a relationship. Both women were not expecting to be together when they first started dating.

However, their expectations changed when they realised that feelings could develop. This is a great love storey about being in a fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

It tells the storey through the two young women. You will find plenty of hot, steamy, romantic, and intense s*x to satisfy your yuri needs.

Last Thoughts

You should read Manhwa if you’ve never done so but still enjoy Yuri. 

Although they are very similar to manga, they bring new perspectives and stories to the yuri world. 

Although there are many to choose from, we recommend starting with our top 22 Yuri Manhwa. 

We hope you enjoyed these books and that you have found some more. 

Enjoy reading!

Were you unable to find your favourite Yurimanhwa on our list? 

Which of these books have you read?

Do you want to explore the worlds of manhwa and yuri? 

Are you able to offer any tips or advice for those new to either world? 

We would love to have your feedback!