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Best Maple Tree Spots in OSRS

Corsair Cove Resource Area is the only place where free players can cut maple trees, while members looking for suitable locations should visit either Seers’ Village or the Woodcutting Guild.

As mid-tier trees, maples require at least level 45 woodcutting proficiency with any type of axe in order to be felled.

Gielinor’s main resource is maple logs, which are widely used by players for inexpensive fletching and fire-making practice.

Although the trees themselves are outperformed in terms of XP per hour by willows and teaks, many players still favor them due to their higher afk-factor.

Top F2P Maple Tree Location

01 the corsair cave resource area osrs

The Corsair Cove Resource Area is the ideal place for a free player, yet it’s locked behind the hardest F2P mission, Dragon Slayer I.

Additionally, you must finish the much simpler “The Corsair Curse” quest if you want to store your logs rather than drop them (to make the bank appear).

Top P2P Maple Tree Location

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Although there are many options available to OSRS members, just a few of them are noteworthy.

The Woodcutting Guild, which requires 60% woodcutting and 60% Hosidius favor, is unquestionably the best place to go for all your maple-cutting requirements.

The unseen +7 boost to woodcutting that all players enjoy when inside the guild’s grounds more than makes up for the guild’s maple trees being a touch farther from the bank than some other locations.

Not to mention, if you’re using the Runelite client, you can still click to access the bank!

After that, aside from the required woodcutting level, there are four maple trees behind the Seers’ Village bank that require absolutely nothing.

Even though these trees are the closest to a bank, I still advise visiting the guild as soon as you can.

Tools for chopping

A lumberjack is obviously only as good as his equipment.

As you level up and unlock new axes, you should always attempt to grab the best tier that you can use.

One of the following should unquestionably be used after you reach the latter levels:

Unlocked at level 61 woodcutting is the dragon axe. 10% faster than its rune forerunner in terms of chop. Using a special attack, you can tangibly raise your woodcutting level by three.

The Infernal Axe has all the same characteristics as the Dragon Axe, but it has a one-in-three chance of instantaneously burning your logs, cutting your fire-making time in half.

Needs refilling after burning 5,000 logs.

The axe that currently holds the top spot among all other axes is the Crystal Axe. It is generally not advised to use it on lower-level trees because it needs crystal shards to recharge.

A 10% chance of avoiding a charge is provided by an elf signet.

And finally, increasing your woodcutting pleasure by 2.5% means wearing a complete four-piece lumberjack outfit!