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35+ Best BL Manhwa of All Time (Updated)

BL Manhwa/BL webtoons have been a prominent genre in the manhwa community for years. 

BL manhwa is loved by many people, just as we love reading romance and action.

If you haven’t yet read a single BL Manhwa/BL Webcomics, we recommend that you read one.

It will give you an enjoyable experience.

BL manhwa also shows you a whole new world.

How relationships can be different from what we used to know.

It also sends you a positive message, such as “Two people can be in love with each other even if they are of the same gender”

These relationships are supported by every platform, some even allowing for them to be built. 

Adoration is the purest form of love. 

You should also check out some cool BL manga while we are there. 

Let’s start with the list of top BL manhwa.

35. At the End of the Road


After a truck accident, Taemin wakes up in the body of Siwon, a school bully.

He is no longer a pushover and starts to stand up for himself, but then an old friend from his past named Woojin shows up.

Woojin can smell Tamin right away from Siwon.

What happened between these two in the past, and how will that affect their relationship in the future?

34. King’s Maker


Wolfgang Goldenleonard, the 4th Prince of the kingdom, comes back to the palace after hiding for years.

He doesn’t like anything about being a king, except for Shin Soohyuk, the King’s catamite, who is mysterious and loyal.

Soohyuk notices something different about the wild, messy, and stubborn young prince as he slowly opens up and learns how the palace works.

He might be the person Soohyuk’s been looking for… the one who can make people want to rebel.

33. Blood Link


What am I?

A human, a vampire, or a werewolf?

Hwa Gok goes about his daily life, not knowing that these predators are out there…

That is until Lee Bin bites him on the neck and sets off a chain of events that neither of them could have seen coming.

32. Warehouse

20999 1

In order to survive in this harsh, corrupt world, Dohyun grows thick skin. But the future looks bad, and he wakes up in the middle of nowhere in a warehouse.

The next thing he knows, a man with scars on his face is touching him and making him remember, but Dohyun can’t make out the faces of anyone in his memory.

When they try to figure out where love ends and obsession begins, they get a bitter taste in their mouths and don’t know if they will be saved or destroyed.

31. This Summer


Kim Jumi’s life is like that of any other teen getting ready for the SATs: she works all the time and doesn’t have any fun.

But one summer day, she sees something strange on the roof of her school… From then on, she keeps getting closer to two boys, which makes her relationship with them more complicated.

30. Heart Silent


The heart of a high school boy doesn’t beat until he meets the man who makes it beat.

That’s what I got when I search for this Bl Manhwa plot so … that’s that.

29. My Pet Bat

My Pet Bat 1

Min-kyum, a high school senior, is left to the defense of his own after his parents kicked Min-kyum out of their home. 

His new residence is an area that is shabby, and it is the scene of a series of strange assaults that resulted in victims suffering marks of bites on their necks as well as bleeding symptoms. 

After the move, Min-kyum goes out to eat dinner, then suddenly awakes at his home with odd markings across his neck. 

Min-kyum tries to brush the issue away but, Min-kyum’s deskmate from the school is like a familiar face…

This BL manhwa may seem like it is just another cute and fluffy option, but you are mistaken. 

It is filled with emotions and the characters are so charming. 

It has decent artwork. You don’t have to worry about the pace.

It may seem like an ordinary BL manhwa at first glance, but it becomes so much more. 

It is, therefore, one of the most popular BL webtoons/BL Comics.

28. Escape into Oblivion

Escape into Oblivion 1

Did you ever have an experience that you couldn’t forget?

Dropping a manhwa in the middle and at the end, you felt happy that you didn’t? 

This is the exact feeling you will feel while reading this tricky BL manhwa.

The story takes a strange turn for a while, but once it’s back on track, you will be full of joy. 

Woojin is sick of his existence and wants to escape it all. 

However, Hwon wants nothing more than Woojin, and after realizing this,

Woojin decides that he will push Hwon away from his life.

For that to happen, Woojin makes some absurd demands, but no matter what he does, Hwon keeps getting close to his life. 

This relationship could brighten or make his life even more miserable. 

This is what you need to know. Amazing BL manhwa to get a unique experience.

27. Painter of the Night

Painter of the Night

Painter of the Night is the newest addition to the BL Manhwa or Gay Webtoons list. 

At the moment, it is one of the most loved webtoons and its beautiful art makes it more popular every day. 

It tells the story of a young artist and nobleman.

Na Kyum, a young painter with the ability to draw erotic images for men, is called Na kyum. 

After publishing a few books under a pseudonym he decides to stop such painting. 

Seungho, a young nobleman who loves Na Kyum’s paintings, now wants him to be his private artist.

But, their relationship with employers changes over time.

26. A Guy Like You

A Guy Like You 1

Yet another fantasy by BL Manhwa. It’s on the list, but with a great premise. This manhwa is a great story with some unforgettable moments.

As you read through each chapter, the story takes unexpected turns. If you are looking for a BL manhwa that will keep you entertained throughout every chapter, then you should go with it.

Kang JinhaIn the dream, it appears to constantly be Siwon. 

You can see that there is a reason. Jinha mentions one incident when Jinha visits him in the dream. It feels too real, even though it’s a dream.

He does, however, retain some memories of Jinha’s incident, and he slowly regains his memory.

How are they connected?

Find out more about this incredible BL manhwa. 

It is undoubtedly one of the most important. The best gay webtoons and BL webcomics.

25. Innocent Sin

Innocent Sin 1

A BL Manhwa in which the main couple is not gay is an innocent sin.

However, it still provides enough for boy love. The characters are well-written and presented. 

The story, artwork, and narration are all very compelling. 

This webcomic also contains heavy smooth, yaoi, and torture. This series is also a major source of romance, relationships, and the arts.

The story begins when Nayeon accidentally meets Noah on the last train. Nayeon seemed to be enjoying herself, considering that she was the only one. 

The train’s windows revealed a reflection of Noah, a mystery man. The man approached her and offered his business card. 

This man became her interest and she agreed to meet him again at Peach Puff. 

Peach Puff was a very strange place. She meets strangers who change her life.

24. Never Understand

Never Understand

If you like cute stories, Never Understand aka Out Of Control by BL Manhwa is a book you must read. 

Each of the main characters has its strengths and weaknesses, which we see as the story progresses. 

The webtoon’s art may seem a little messy at first, but it improves as the story progresses.

These two characters are associated with the school’s brand. They were given by their peers. 

This brand is the first Yuri. She is one of the most attractive faces at the school.

The second Jaerim is one of the ugliest ducklings at the school. 

They did eventually get together, but it was possible that they were not able to due to various circumstances. 

They may not know what is going on, but this is the basic plot of the comics. The author has beautifully described it.

23. Moritat


Moritat is a kind of BL Manhwa. You will find it confusing at first, but then you’ll be completely immersed. 

Jesse and Law Chester are the main characters of the story. It is based on Jesse’s life, and the first section of the comic is entirely from Jesse’s point of view.

He recounts in his POV that he woke up in the hospital without any memories of himself or other people. 

He was told at that time that he was now the sole heir to the Brown family’s wealth and that the terrorist killed his father. Law Chester, his lover, is the only one who is with Jesse.

Because of the trauma, Jesse sought refuge in the mountains in his mansion. He now lives under Chester’s command.

Jesse’s memory isn’t completely gone, however. Sometimes he remembers Law, the man he last saw and who left him to die in a snowy field. 

He still looks like the only one capable of answering the many questions Jesse has.

22. Let Dai

Let Dai 1

Let Dai, the oldest manhwa, is a story of tragedy mixed with forbidden love and inexplicable perfidiousness. 

The beautiful BL Manhwa will inspire you to love and hope, while also exposing you to the harsh realities of life. 

Although the story may seem a little too fast at the beginning, once you get through the first few chapters, you will begin to feel for the characters. 

Let Dai touches on homophobia, gang rape, and suicide.

Dai is a teenage boy whose existence proves that evil exists. He was the leader and savior of the Furies gang and lured anyone interested in him to experience brutality.

When Jaehee, a two-socked schoolboy, rescues a girl who was being robbed by the Furies gang, everything changes. Things change and Jaehee begins to gravitate toward the evil gang leader. 

Dai also forms a strong bond with Jaehee, which causes further complications.

21. Life Outside the Circle

Life Outside the Circle

Two men living in the Finnish countryside are the subject of this documentary. Although there were many hardships and crises, the couple never had to face them. 

It was kept simple and heartwarming. The webtoon’s art style features a mix of bright and natural pastel colors. This webtoon shows how homophobic people can be in today’s society. 

This webtoon beautifully portrays love and commitment to family. The story centers around Juha, a bisexual father, and Sami, his lover.

This webtoon shows what it’s like to be gay and a single father in small, conservative villages. It was very realistic to see the part about coming out and opening up. 

The story also focuses on the positive relationships that most BL manhwa fails to display. There were some loopholes. 

One was the disappearance of characters that could play a crucial role. For a sweet and romantic love story, gay webtoons are a must-read.

20. My Dictator Boyfriend

My Dictator Boyfriend

This webtoon, which addresses gay pride at its core, is a comic gene. Immanuel, the new leader, is a dictator in the true sense of his country. 

His dad passed the responsibilities to him and he doesn’t seem to have high expectations. 

After some twisted events, Immanuel is swayed to choose Jean Jacques as his bodyguard. 

This comic is about the lives of gay men in a fictional world where cheese and ham are the main topics of conflict. 

Jean Jacques and Immanuel are simple men down to their core. It won’t be long before they get together. This plot is even more intriguing.

Although it may seem like it lacks references at the beginning, the comic will pick up after five chapters. Although it doesn’t have serious vibes, the comic can convey a well-planned plot.

It can even make you feel good once in a while. It is subtle and well-done. This webtoon will be very satisfying if you use too much mustard on every dish. 

There is no scene, as it does not contain any. 

You might feel that the author loves to doodle, even though the chapters are not in order. This gay webtoon has short chapters but big characters and deserves to be checked.

19. Totally Captivated

Totally Captivated

You might need to be prepared before you start reading this BL manga. It will break your heart… It might be a little strange if you don’t like unusual plots. 

If you enjoy the premise, you will not be able to drop this incredible manhwa.

It has been an equal share of hilarious moments. The artwork is quite good for a BL Manhwa, and the characters are captivating, as the title implies. 

This book is for those who are looking for a BL Manhwa that has a different premise than their usual.

This is the story of Ewan Jung which tells us about how he got his redemption.

Ewon Jung and Jiho Shin were long-term lovers, but Ewon cheated on them. Jiho makes Mookyul Eun work for him. Eun, a mafia boss, loves Ewon but he must endure it.

He might not be able to live with Jiho again. This intriguing manhwa will make your time worth it.

18. The Croaking

The Croaking

Imagine a world full of bird people. This is exactly what The Croaking offers you. 

Contrary to gay and BL manhwa webtoons that only focus on the romance between the main couple, this webtoon also has a solid plotline. 

Icarus, thank you for this webtoon. (You’ll see what I did: Refer to the webtoon). There are no loopholes in the world. It is the perfect setting for the story. 

The story is still in its build-up stage, but this webtoon has a remarkable ability to control the audience. 

Scra is a crow that just joined The Roost military academy. He deals with many secrets and it’s unlike anything else in the world.

The chapters begin with Scra and Ky, a pair of ospreys who bond in a heartwarming way. It all vanished when Scra stopped visiting. The Roost facility is where Ky and Scra become roommates. 

It is not as peaceful as it seems and it takes patience to see Scra avoid Ky with all his might. Scra, Ky, and Ree must come together to discover the secrets of their world. 

This gay comic is a great choice if you’re looking for a story that has a strong plot and characters you can relate to. 

You might be disappointed if you’re looking for action with the characters. 

But, hey! It’s a good distraction from every day in every case.

17. Check, please!

Check, please !

It’s a cute story about Eric Bittle (also known as Bitty), who moves from his southern home to attend college in the northern part of the country. 

He is a member of the ice hockey team. He is skilled at ice skating but lacks the skills to play hockey. 

The story is filled with heartwarming themes, but the plot stays focused on the important things. The protagonist is not gay when the story begins. 

He is charming and relatable, but so much more. From Ransom to Shitty, the names are hilarious and outlandish. You will love the character development that is sprinkled throughout.

It is very cute, and you can also find a hard copy of the gay webtoon. It discusses heterosexual relationships, even though it is gay comics-approved. 

This webtoon, unlike other gay webtoons, focuses on more than romance. Although the story tends toward the west, I promise it will be just as enjoyable for you. 

This is a refreshing departure from the usual gay comics we find. Although it was not exactly BL manhwa, it deserves every second!

16. December Rain

December Rain

Suchae leaves the army to enjoy a more relaxed life. He decides to go on a solo trip around the country. He meets Gusam, a mysterious stranger whom he randomly stumbled upon. 

Suchae, a solo traveler, finds the courage to talk to Gusam and they embark on a journey together. The story also includes the mysterious past of Gusam. 

If you’re looking for a light BL story to read, this story will lead to many themes. It also includes themes of abuse and injustice.

Even with these themes, and some slow pacing towards the desired ‘happily ever thereafter, this story will keep you riveted. 

It’s a little harder to wait because you can see their chemistry early before the actual story begins. This story is full of heartbreaking moments, so make sure you are ready to go.

15. It’s Not Love

It’s Not Love

Comedy moments in a light-heated BL manhwa. The show begins with Ganghyuk Choi, Joowon Kim, and their one-night stand. 

Both decide to keep the physical aspect of their relationship purely physical, as they have no feelings for each other. But, what good is the spice if it’s not flavored with emotions?

They develop feelings for one another, but neither wants to admit it. This leads to many laughs. Both partners find it difficult to accept their feelings as they grow deeper. 

This story is about a 30-year-old man who falls for his first love. With a simple, clean, and elegant art style, the gradual process of resolving their feelings is illustrated. 

This gay webtoon can be a great choice for those who don’t want to dive into the darker side of BL manhwa yet.

14. Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer

This webtoon focuses on the more pure aspects of gay comics and webtoons. The art style is simple and descriptive with minimal background dominance. 

It depicts the sea world, where all varieties of fish people have prophecies to help them succeed in some way. 

The Beacon, Kappa is a fish with shining skin, which is central to all of the prophecies. All prophecies tie him. Kappa has worked hard to fulfill all prophecies since his birth.

He is taken prisoner in the shark’s dungeon. They are told by their prophecy to kill kappa to escape the curse that causes frequent causalities. 

The shark prince’s name is Siren (Yep!) An ironic name! To fulfill the prophecy, Siren must kill Kappa. The Siren is captivated by his beauty the moment he sees him. He must find other ways to save the kappa. 

It is beautiful, with conspiracy from other clans and soft blushes all through. For anyone new to gay comics and webtoons, this story will make a wonderful first read.

13. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter 1

Does the word “?” even exist? 

This manhwa is too beautiful to be described in words. It’s unlikely, even though the story is simple, that the characters will make you fall in love.

Unlike other BL manhwas, this BL manhwa was able to clearly explain the relationships.

You’ll regret not having more chapters… We recommend that you read this incredible BL manhwa at least once.

Haebom and Taesung were close friends as children, but they became distant over time. 

Their families, who were alive at the time, suffered the tragic result of their separation.

For 10 years, you can stay under the same roof.

However, when they become high school classmates, things get more complicated. 

Although the plot seems simple, it will be very intimidating while you are reading it. 

This BL manhwa should be read sooner than later.

12. H&H Roman Company

H&H Roman Company

Are you a fan of fantasy manhwa?

What if you could find the “right one”?

Boys love boys there a ‘concept in it? 

This is the perfect place to be if you love BL manhwa in a fantasy setting.

It’s more of a character-driven manhwaIt is more story-driven, so you may have to be patient with it. 

It is, however, a very good story. Good BL manhwa to begin with. This one is a must-have!

The story takes place in a world that is dominated by the need to worship God, which has declined significantly. 

This causes angels to experience unemployment. The solution is here: God creates a company that can help angels to be more productive.

The company God created shines and leads to good things in both heaven and hell. 

It turns out, that the company saved two childhood friends from being unemployed and also united them.

11. Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking

This is the true thing that every manhwa lover should read. How do I explain all this?

It is highly recommended.

You’ll be glued to the edge of your seat with intense manhwa. Despite some gore scenes, it is a fascinating story with great characters.

It becomes unbearable how fast it moves and it makes you feel anxious.

We had to give it to the author, for creating such a great story. It is so intense. We recommend that you read this intense BL manhwa right away.

Yoon Bum an awkward, bony man, is suffering from mental illness.

He also has a crush on Oh Sangwoo. He is initially hesitant but soon begins to follow him. Soon, he becomes obsessed and breaks into Sangwoo’s house.

He soon discovers that he should not have done it and the consequences.

He hasn’t seen any horrors like his worst nightmares… It turns out, Sangwoo is a serial killer. It’s not as simple as just breaking into his house to get out.

10. The Baker On the First Floor

The Baker On the First Floor

Sun Hwa, a BL comic author and a hikikomori (an individual who avoids social contact), is Sun Hwa. 

Sun Hwa, who is constantly hungry for food, walks out of his apartment one day and bumps into a stranger.

The stranger learns that he creates comics. Sun Hwa later discovers that the stranger is Moon Gong Ha, a baker who lives down the hall. 

Due to numerous leading incidents, they both get drunk and have sex.

Gong Ha later moves in with Sun Hwa because of certain reasons. Gong Ha’s story is revealed simultaneously and the plot becomes more complex. 

With the use of side characters, some secrets are slowly revealed. Sometimes the story can give you a lot of emotions. The gay manhwa deals with some deep themes.

One can read it knowing that it will only be one time in a lifetime.

9. Out of Control

Out of Control 1

This series is for you if you are looking for a manhwa that will make your heart hurt for days and not let go. 

This series is fascinating in the way it makes you fall in love with the characters. You would love to be in this type of relationship.

It can be quite amazing in some scenes. It hits you emotionally with the rest. You will find many romantic scenes, as well as beautiful moments.

Art is perfect. Do not hesitate to take a look at this BL manhwa.

This story is about one of the most handsome boys at school. Top in grades, sports, looks. They either fall in love with beautiful people or rich people, but this manhwa is so pure.

He falls in love and is devoted to the school’s most ugly guy. But, can they maintain their relationship despite all the difficulties they face? 

They can, because their relationship has already spiraled out of control. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful BL manhwa/BL Webtoons ever.

8. Make Me Bark

Make Me Bark

This book is about a master-servant who plots absurd and funny things. It is a must-read. 

Sungjoon lives in an unassuming place that burned one day. That’s when the plot begins. He’s homeless and has difficulty paying the bills.

He realizes that he is a part-timer, and has little time to do everything. Lee Hyo-in, a wealthy boy from school, is searching for a dog. 

Sungjoon, being Sungjoon, takes up the chance to survive. It is then that everything changes. 

It’s hilarious to see Sungjoon go through all these ups and downs when he just wants to get away. 

Slowly, feelings start to develop and things become romantic. This webtoon is a sweet and cute gay comic.

7. To Take an Enemy’s Heart

To Take an Enemy’s Heart

You probably never thought of such a wonderful BL manhwa. The historical genre is the main base that takes you on an epic love story between a cruel ruler and a slave who is in love.

Even more importantly, the characters feel close when you get to know them… We recommend that you read this BL manhwa, which has many wonderful aspects that should be taken into consideration.

Young people are the protagonists of this story. Kassan after his clan is killed, Kassan becomes a slave to Master Igen. 

Kassan falls in love with Igen, even though he is brutal and won’t hesitate to kill anyone.

He soon discovers that Igen was the one who killed their clan. His brother survived the massacre, and he plots revenge against Igen. 

Will he give up on his love? Will he forsake his revenge?? It’s one of the most popular BL webtoons and BL manhwas out there.

6. Blood Bank

Blood Bank manhwa

If you are into vampires, yaoi, and BD$M concepts, don’t forget to check out this manhwa. It is a fascinating concept, as it involves some domination, and the art is very impressive. 

You are wrong if you think there are only a few gay scenes between two people.

As you progress into the middle chapters, it becomes more complex and gives you detailed scenes. 

Blood Bank is the best choice if you are looking for a romance between a vampire and a human. It is one of the most prestigious BL manhwas.

The Blood Bank Sets in a world where vampires rule over humans. However, these superhuman creatures are not the only ones that want to be ruled over by humans. 

“One” becomes a blood banker, where they sell blood to vampires.

Shell is the son of an overlord, who is the owner of the bank that “One” works in. 

This is an example of making the relationship between Shell and a banker one of the stunning BL manhwas. 

Once you’re done, it will make you want more.

5. Window to Window

Window to Window

This is a sweet story about Ginu and Yubin. They were childhood friends and live in separate buildings, but they share apartments that have windows so they can communicate. 

This manhwa’s name is derived from its key feature and essence. Yubin has been in love with Ginu for a long time, but Ginu seems to be unaware of all this. 

It’s a great cliche comedy idea of being flustered without knowing why. One day, Ginu spots Yubin through his window doing something that is not as innocent as the shell. 

Ginu becomes curious, and the story continues. This BL Manhwa is a nice addition to the BL manhwa webtoons on the list.

4. False Memories

False Memories

False Memories is a short, sweet story about a second chance at first love.

Back in high school, unlikely buddies Nakano and Tsuda shared a passionate moment that neither of them quite knew how to handle.

As a result, Nakano deliberately distanced himself from his friend and despite Tsuda’s attempts, they haven’t seen each other in ten years.

That’s about to change when the companies the two work for start a joint project, throwing them together.

Can Nakano and Tsuda reconcile what happened all those years ago with what they still feel for each other?

3. Wolf in The House

Wolf in The House 1

How better to overcome the sadness of a 10-year relationship than having a pet friend? 

Although it sounds great, Minsuk, the main character of this story, finds that it is a bit too much. 

Minsuk ends the pain and suffering he had been experiencing in his 10-year-old relationship. 

Bexan, a Siberian Husky, is accepted by Minsuk as his pet friend. Bexan, however, is not your average dog. 

Bexan transforms into a human every night. Minsuk learns about Bexan’s true identity and is drawn to him casually. 

This story goes beyond the usual plot themes that BL manhwa or gay webtoons promise. This BL manhwa is full of humor, plot, and characters.

2. Love is an illusion.

Love is an illusion.

“Love is an illusion” is a manhwa that is a love-hate relationship with stunning art and captivating characters. 

While there may be some disappointing scenes in the manhwa, there are many sweet moments.

It has a good premise, characters, and art. There is one thing that must be improvised and it is the presentation of this concept. It is, therefore, one of the greatest BL manhwas ever.

Hyesung Kim thought he was an Alpha since childhood, but when he enters heat for the first time, he discovers that he is an Omega. 

He also meets a well-known singer named Dojin Park Anonymous Alpha who hates Omegas.

He is attracted to people despite his natural nature. Hyesung decides to defend him. 

Although Hyesung tries unsuccessfully to deny Hyesung’s attention, their mutual hunger draws them together. 

Their physical union causes them to witness a life-changing moment, which keeps their relationship in turmoil.

1. BJ Alex

BJ Alex 1

It is #1 for many reasons. Some of these reasons may not be favorable to you, but they are based on reviews from the audience.

This manhwa is full of cute moments and steamy moments. Both the main characters, Manhwa, can be sculpted into perfection. 

It has, in my opinion, a very unique style when considering the clothing and bodies of the characters.

Dong-gyun has a bad habit of locking himself in his bedroom at 10 each night. He loves to watch television.

Alex hosts a live cam show. Alex is a broadcast jockey and does some pretty bizarre things live on camera.

Dong-gyun admires Alex’s charm, but also the things he does for viewers to share his sexual experience.

Only one nightlong-Hyun passes out after he gets too drunk at the school’s event. He wakes up. He finds himself in bed beside Alex. Could he have been lucky?

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