There are many things the Japanese get excited by like anime, mangas, sake and one of these things is Baseball!

The sport is very popular throughout the country, the most popular thing to watch being Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) which has two leagues, Central and Pacific.

Since the sport is so popular and the Japanese have always been one of the most creative populous in the world, they obviously integrate it with their literature and thus you get Baseball Anime.

We are going to explore eighteen of such inspired anime about Baseball in this article. Personally, I love sports anime, they always make me feel energetic and more motivated to do things I love doing.

Even though I don’t play a lot of sports, I feel like I’m right there while watching the anime.

Let’s hit a homerun!

18. Nine: Original Han

Let us kick off this list with a light-hearted baseball with a touch of love. Nine: Original-ban, is the adaptation of the manga called Nine, by Mitsuru Adachi, the famous sports mangaka.

Nine follows the story of Katsuya Niimi, a track runner who joins a high school with a below-average baseball team.

Nine: Original Han

After meeting Yuri, the daughter of the baseball coach, and listening to her story about how the baseball team may shut down, Katsuya and his friend Susuumu, a judo champion decide to join the team and make it to the top of the tournament.

The anime does justice to its characters, it develops their relationship very well and we get to see their chemistry and the action of baseball along with it.

17. Play Ball

Injuries in any sport are the worst, any player will want to recover in seconds if they could to join back their team and do what they love the best, play the game they love more than anything.

Play Ball tells us about a high school boy, Takao Taniguchi, who fractures his finger and is unable to play baseball.

It is a story about a young boy injured way too early in his journey, trying to search for what he had in something else but unable to forget the game he loved so much.

Play Ball

To all those who have played the game they loved a lot and got injured while playing, this anime will definitely get you emotional, it also might help you process your thoughts and it definitely will be relatable to you.

Watch to find how Takao deals with this situation. What will he do?

16. Kyojin no Hoshi

Kyojin no Hoshi is a great sports drama that everyone in the family can watch and enjoy. It is about a young man and a baseball pitcher in the Japanese Baseball League, Hyuma Hoshi who aims to become a popular and famous pitcher in the league.

Hyuma’s role model is his father, Ittetsu Hoshi, who also played in the league. He wants to become a star and make his father proud, who couldn’t make it in the league due to his injuries from World War II.

Kyojin no Hoshi

The anime is very inspirational. It is very realistic and down to Earth, it also talks about WWII, the horrors, and how everything was affected by the war, even baseball.

Watch it to find out how Hyuma overcomes his obstacles to make it to the top of the league.

15. Yakyuukyou no Uta

An anime ahead of its time and with perfect underlying beliefs and messages. The title of the anime literally translates to, “The Song of the Baseball Enthusiast” an amazing title for an amazing anime.

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The plot follows the story of Yuuki Mizuhara, a yakyuukyou who becomes the first-ever woman to play in the Japanese professional baseball league.

She gets into a team called the Tokyo Mets, a very famous and well-rounded team.

Yakyuukyou no Uta

The anime is inspiring to watch and more enjoyable than it would let you believe in the beginning just stick to it like glue.

14. Meimon! Daisan Yakyuubu

Who doesn’t like a good story about the underdogs and how they work hard to achieve something quite impossible to think of at the beginning? If you’re a fan of such stories then this anime is perfect for you.

The story takes place in Asunaro’s high school, which has not one, not two but three baseball teams. One of them being the best in town and the third being the worst of them all.

Asunaro belongs to the third team, which was soon to be closed down, but they fought their way to get a wager!

 Meimon! Daisan Yakyuubu

The wager being a match against the first team, if won they get to replace the first team and if beaten the team shuts down! With such high stakes, the anime sure is interesting all the time.

Watch the anime and find out if Asunaro and the third team wins or loses. How will they achieve this seemingly impossible task?

13. Miracle Giants Doumu-kun

This anime is about how the 10-year-old son of a famous deceased baseball player with an innate talent at baseball which he received from his father.

Miracle Giants Doumu-kun

The anime is perfectly titled, it is a miracle and definitely an amazing story. The protagonist, Dome Shinjo gets recruited by the Giants. Yomiuri Giants is a famous team and his father also used to play for the same team.

Personally, I not a fan of anime with the overpowered main characters but this anime is very wholesome and inspiring so I actually think it’s quite enjoyable.

12. Princess Nine

Princess Nine is an inspiring sports anime about how both genders are equal and the fact that girls can play baseball the same as boys can.

The Chairman of Kisuragi school also feels the same, that girls can compete on the same level as boys as equals and for this, he makes an all-girls baseball team with Ryo Hayakawa, the daughter of a baseball legend as the captain.

Princess Nine

The anime is very inspiring and motivational. When I think about how and when it was aired it would’ve been such an inspiration for all the girls who watched it on their TVs. Some of them might’ve even become sports legends when they grew up.

Watch to find out how the all-girls team competes with the other teams in the tournament and makes it to the top!

11. H2

H2 is an anime with a weird combination but I mean anime is known for combining the weirdest of things and coming up with the most creative premise in all literature.

The anime is about Hiro Kunimi and his two greatest passions, baseball, and porn. Hiro faces an elbow injury which leads him to quit baseball. After joining a high school with no baseball team, he switches to football but he still has that passion for baseball.


The anime is relatable for those who play sports and have unfortunately been injured while playing, watch this anime it will motivate you!

10. Azusa will Help

At number 10, we have another weird combination to be seen in anime this time it is robots and baseball. This weird combination leads to a comedic yet inspiring anime.

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The plot starts with the downfall of the Karugamo High School baseball team, when they start losing slowly the players quit the team, and then the students are left with fewer players than necessary to play the game.

Azusa will Help

That’s when Azusa comes into the picture! Harumaki decides to buy a robot to aid the team but instead of a baseball robot, he ends up buying a maid robot.

Watch how Azusa helps the baseball team as she goes up against other robots with powerful baseball skills.

9. Taisho Baseball Girls

Taisho Yakyuu Musume is yet another paradigm-shifting anime with quite the motivation. It combines the orthodox nature of the Taisho Era in Japanese history with the action of baseball.

The protagonist of the anime, Akiko Ogasawara was once told by a baseball player that women should stick to cooking and being housewives. Akiko being the spunky and confident woman she is decided to prove that stupid guy wrong.

Taisho Baseball Girls

She decided to make her own baseball team with her high school friends and prove that women can play baseball as well as any guy would and even better.

Watch this inspiring anime to find out about how the girls win over everyone that crosses their paths.

8. Ookiku Furikabutte

Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!) is an anime about Ren Misashi, the ace of his middle school baseball team but unfortunately never could win his team any games.

Ookiku Furikabutte

Disappointed and embarrassed, Ren decided to step away from baseball and chose a school in a different prefecture whereby pure accident he was dragged to be a part of the team again.

Watch the anime and follow Ren and his team’s journey to become the best team in their prefecture and across the city.

7. Little Busters!

A ragtag bunch of close friends who know each other very well and fight evil decide to remember their school lives and form a baseball team and call themselves the Little Busters.

This anime is has a good plot and oh god does it have some great characters. The character arcs in the anime are all about amazing shifts, character development. We get to know more and more about all the characters as the story progresses.

Little Busters!

Though this show is not profoundly about baseball it definitely is a major puzzle piece in the anime. The show is more of a slice of life drama rather than a straightforward sports anime but sports is a major part of the anime.

6. One Outs

If I had to describe this anime with one word it would be, “fierce”. The anime is about an athlete who goes by the name, Toua Tokuchi. Apart from being a good athlete, he is also a heavy gambler.

Toua plays lots of “One Out” games, which is basically a short form of baseball with just the striker and the pitcher. He is an excellent pitcher and has won loads of One Out games and because of his innate talent, he gets scouted by the manager of a baseball team.

One Outs

This anime is really interesting, it will keep you at the edge of your seat! Watch to find out how Toua will play in a professional baseball league with a contract that will literally blow your mind!

5. Major

Major is inspirational anime about a little boy, Gorou Honda, and his dream of being a professional baseball player. He dreams of being the best in the Japanese Little League.

He dreams of being like his role model, his father, Shigeharu Honda, an amazing baseball player. Although due to an elbow injury he has to step down from the mound and take up the baseball bat and become a striker.


The anime is inspirational and will make you feel motivated and energized up to do something, create something new. It has a great plot with the characters growing and maturing as the anime progresses.

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Watch to find out the amazing journey he takes through the tournament and how he overcomes the obstacles he faces.

4. Moshidora

Moshidora has an interesting premise and it is not a straightforward anime with the protagonist being the ace or one of the strikers.

Instead of being about playing the game, it is more about managing the game. The anime follows the story of Minami, the friend of the baseball team manager, Yuuki. Upon learning the fact that Yuuki is hospitalized, Minami decides to take up managing the baseball team.


Minami through her own mistake picks up a book about business management instead of baseball team management. Since she is unable to return the book, we see how she applies the concepts of business management to manage a baseball team.

Watch this anime guys! It is witty, intellectual and full of some good sports action.

3. Touch

Adachi Mitsuru strikes again. The master of sports mangas, this is just one of his brilliant pieces of sports manga out there.

Touch is about a group of three characters, Kazuya and Tatsuya Uesugi, the twin brothers, and their childhood girlfriend Minami. The story revolves around these three characters and baseball.


Kazuya is shown to be the charming guy, the ace of his school baseball team, and overall a kid with an amazing future and prospects, whereas Tatsuya is a slacker and a good for nothing even though he might be the most talented out of the two of them.

The story is a love triangle between the three characters and it is quite a romantic story to watch with Tatsuya realizing that he can give anything to his little brother except Minami.

2. Cross Game

Guess who strikes again. Yes, you’re right it is Adachi again with yet another amazing sports drama this time he has definitely outdone himself. Cross Game is probably Adachi’s best ever manga, it is the best art he ever created.

Cross Game is about Kou Kitamura the son of a family that runs a sporting goods store and good friends with the four daughters of the owner of Tsukishima Batting Center.

Cross Game

Kou is an amazing batter but other than swinging his bat he pretty much doesn’t understand any other aspect of the game, no strategies and tactics, nothing.

The story has some unexpected twists and some amazing plot points. It is definitely a must-watch for all sports and baseball fans.

1. Ace of the Diamond

Ace of the Diamond is a masterpiece created by Yuuji Terajima know best for this and this anime only. I have no doubt it deserves to be the number one of all the baseball anime and manga ever created.

Diamond no Ace follows the story of Eijun Sawamura an excellent pitcher and the ace of his middle school baseball team.

Ace of the Diamond

We follow Sawamura from middle school till the time he makes it big in the baseball scene, competing in the Koushien Championships.

The anime has a great protagonist and amazing supporting characters to support the simple yet rewarding plot of the anime.

It is a must watch from this list! Well, that’s why it is number one.