Battlefield 2042 Update Adds Voice Chat Moderation

Additionally, Battlefield 2042 will be introducing a new voice chat moderation tool, which will improve both player behaviour and communication within the game.

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter video game that was developed by DICE and released by Electronic Arts in the year 2021.

The game has attracted a significant amount of criticism from players from the very beginning due to the fact that it contains a large number of bugs.

Several updates and patches have been made available by the developers in order to address these concerns and improve the overall quality of the game.

The most recent update implements chat moderation, which ensures that players adhere to the rules of fair play that have been established by Electronic Arts.

The most recent update for Battlefield 2042, version 7.2.1, was released not too long ago as part of the developer’s ongoing efforts.

everal minor issues were fixed in this update, which addressed the concerns raised by players. In addition to other issues that allowed players to use game functions that were previously disabled, the bug that caused the character Mackay to wander out of bounds on the Redacted map has been fixed today.

To enhance the overall experience, the developers also addressed issues with scope attachments and weapon cosmetics.

During the most recent period, the primary focus has been on enhancing communication systems in order to guarantee that players do not spread negativity by using language that is offensive or abusive.

The new chat moderation feature, which was announced through the Battlefield Comms Twitter account, gives players the ability to report other players for using abusive, offensive, or harmful language in voice chats.

This helps to reinforce positive behaviour within the community. The Positive Play Charter of the game can be violated by a player or a teammate, which is when this feature becomes applicable.

The game Battlefield 2042 had previously experienced difficulties with players engaging in harmful behaviour, and the purpose of this tool is to address these issues in a more efficient manner.

Despite the fact that voice chat is not required in Battlefield 2042, the moderation system is required.

This ensures that every report is taken seriously and given careful consideration by the support teams of Electronic Arts.

Battlefield 2042 Announces Its Chat Moderation System

Players can report issues directly from the Squad and Players list in the pause menu. The reporting process is fairly straightforward.

Through the active moderation of voice communications, Electronic Arts’ objective is to foster a sense of teamwork and uphold the game’s essential principles.

Voice chat was first introduced in 2022 with the release of update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042. This update also included a number of other quality-of-life enhancements, some of which included changes to vehicle balance and a reworked behaviour for weapon attachment.

The game was still subject to criticism for its extensive maps and its Specialist system, despite the positive steps that were taken.

The general manager of the franchise explained that it is time to put more focus on future titles in the series, which is why EA announced earlier that Season 7 will be the final one for Battlefield 2042.

These announcements were made. Additional content, such as a new map, themed events, and other content, is going to be released by the developers as Season 7 progresses along.

The developers will continue to support the game with in-game challenges, events, and minor updates after Season 7, even though they will stop releasing major updates going forward.

While DICE is shifting its attention to the next installment of the Battlefield franchise, it is abundantly clear that the lessons learned from Battlefield 2042 must be incorporated into the development of the game.

If players want to experience a wide variety of gameplay styles, they should not be required to wait for updates after the game has been released.

The importance of having a wide variety of content available at launch is one of the most important takeaways.

Another step towards creating a healthier online environment for Battlefield 2042 players is the implementation of the new voice chat reporting tool.

Although it could have been introduced in earlier updates, this tool is now being implemented.

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