Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Explained

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Explained

Everything indeed seems to be getting heated during the “Attack of Titan”, but that would be an exaggeration. 

For a long time, many viewers have wondered what the Levi squad is. Episode 6 provides some clues. 

The narrative doesn’t just include rapid-paced action scenes and a lot of action, but we also discover what we think the War Hammer Titan is. 

The episode is a thrilling one. If you have questions that remain unanswered, we may be able to solve them for you. There will be spoilers ahead.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Recap Details Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 1

Before his major address (seen in the last show), Willy hugged his family members and kids goodbye. 

The conversation he had with Commander Magath, which is presented as an opportunity to reflect, makes it evident that the head of the Tybur family was aware that his life was in danger before he stepped on the stage. 

Willy, on the other hand, knew that without him, as well as the innocent Eldian civilians who died, Marley would not receive universal sympathy. Today, Eren ends up eating Willy and believes that he’s the War Hammer Titan.

In fact, it is Willy’s younger sister who is the one to inherit the titan, and she instantly transforms. When the Attack Titan and the War Hammer Titan combat each other, Magath prepares the military forces, too. 

Because of the War Hammer Titan’s unique abilities, she can make weapons at will, and thus she can create spikes from the titan’s hardening powers, which impels the Attack Titan.

As Falco remains missing, Pieck, along with Porco, gets saved from the Panzer Unit. Eren appears to be losing the battle, as they are surrounded by Marleyan forces who also employ anti-titan weapons against Eren. 

As Eren’s War Hammer Titan prepares to strike the ultimate strike, Mikasa shows up and explodes a couple of thunder spears into the titan’s nape. Eren’s other companions also join the battle.

When they summon the reserve troops to the frontline, Magath states that they have to make sure there is a chance that the War Hammer Titan can eat the Attack Titan, as that is the only way to stop the war. 

In the battle, Eren and Mikasa note that the titan of the enemy remains in place after several ambushes. 

Eren then devises plans to eat his War Hammer Titan, whereas, on the other side of town, Gabi would like to join the battle, particularly after Udo’s murder and Zofia’s.

Is Falco in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6?

Is Falco in Attack on Titan S

Mikasa continues to attack his War Hammer Titan, and while he is at it, Eren notes that, unlike many titans, the enemy titan’s body was constructed by its feet. 

Eren deduces that the user is not lying in the nape of the neck, but rather beneath the stage.

Eren continues to follow and cuts the cable connecting the Tybur offspring to her titan. 

But before he could devour her, she is attacked by the Jaw Titan, who takes him on.

However, due to the efforts of Levi and his sword skills, Eren is saved. 

In the end, Levi cleverly cuts the muscle inside his jaw and renders the Jaw Titan’s capabilities ineffective. 

At the end of the day, Porco finds himself cornered by Eren’s gang, which includes some of his fellow members from the Levi group. 

While it appears that Porco has been rescued for a moment, we believe that there’s a chance for Porco. 

We initially thought that Falco may have gone to seek help.

However, that would not be logical since the Marleyan warriors know exactly which area is the most active. Where is Falco?

The presence of Falco throughout the show is not confirmed. 

He was inside his basement with Eren and Reiner when we last saw him.

In reality, that basement is where Eren changes into a giant and begins the attack. 

Because the anime is based on the manga very closely, it’s reasonable to believe that Reiner has also been transformed into a titan to defend Falco and is contemplating the terrible war-related horrors once more. 

Based on this theory, it’s possible Falco is also in the same location and is watching the entire fight between the War Hammer Titan and the Attack Titan occur.

While we’re not going to reveal any spoilers, we can tell you that, in the comic, Reiner has been injured and can’t be able to recover. 

Therefore, it is likely that when the events of Episode 6 unfold, Falco is trying to find someone to assist Reiner and himself. 

However, the pace of season 4 is distinct, and we will only learn more during the next episodes.

Does War Hammer Titan Provide Clues About Annie’s Predicament?

War Hammer Titan

In season 1, we watch Annie become crystallized in an extremely tough substance. 

It’s like Annie has been trapped since, and the titan armor is very similar to that of the War Hammer Titan, which is also enclosed in

Even though Annie is currently living in Paradis and we’re not aware of much about her future, it appears that this is a clear attempt to foretell. 

In the first episode, the father of Annie says to Reiner’s mom that Annie is coming back as she said she would return.

While the armor is effective in securing those inside it from harm to their bodies, we don’t know the way it works or exactly what it is constructed of. 

However, one cannot help but think that this War Hammer Titan’s power could have implications for that of the Female Titan as well. 

In the end, both titans are given to women, and it’s possible to say that this ability to crystallize is only available to the female titans. 

It is also possible to assume that both titans will be consumed at the hands of Eren and his comrades at some point in the show. 

Since season 4 is expected to be about tying up lots of loose ends, this is one possibility that will be explored soon.