Jaw Titan attacks Eren

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Ending, Explained!

The finale of “Attack on Titan Part 1” (Season 4 Episode 16) packs quite a punch. As the conflict between the two countries progresses, many loyalties change according to everyone’s convenience.

Yelena not only discusses Zeke’s plan to “save all the world,” but the Marleyan Warriors also make it to the island. If you want to know more about the episode’s ending, we are here to discuss many theories. 


Attack on Attack Season 4 Episode 16: Recap

A titan approaches Zeke in the aftermath of the explosion and pushes him into its stomach. Yelena makes use of the leveraging power provided by the spinal fluid to convince Commander Pyxis, the Paradis military, and others to “cooperate” with her.

The rest of the scouts are held in prison, believing Eren is completely confused. Yelena and her comrades approach Eren and their Scouts and Greiz refers to them as “that spawn-of-the devil whore” and she shoots him.

Yelena proceeds to tell the Scouts about Zeke’s euthanization plans. Eren approaches Gabi to ask for her assistance. Pieck managed to penetrate the Paradis military and found Eren.

She would like to be a part of Eren’s mission to crush Marley. This causes Gabi to lose her faith. Pieck offers Eren information about her comrades to prove her worth.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16: Will Eren be defeated?

eren faces reiner and marley army alone

Yelena and Zeke discuss Zeke’s plan in detail. However, Yelena is informed by the scouts that Paradis Island has been infiltrated. 

Eren takes Pieck up to the roof to expose the enemy. She seems to point to Eren when Porco transforms into a Jaw Titan and rises from the ground.

Eren is also forced to change. Gabi discovers that Pieck does not have a traitor’s heart, and the airships with Commander Magath onboard and Reiner approach their location.

The credits begin to roll at this point. It seems that the ending is a nod to an earlier scene in the season when Eren attacked Liberio.

The Scouts come to Eren’s aid, as do Eren, Reiner, and Zeke. It seemed like Eren had lost all hope, even in this scenario. 

He prevails. Marley is even able to be taken away by the War Hammer Titan.

If the previous example is a foreshadowing attempt, then it suffices to say Eren will not be on the losing side this time; there is no reason to underestimate him. However, that does not mean the Marleyan Warriors can be defeated so easily.

For Zeke and Eren’s wish to be fulfilled, they must come into contact. Their plan will only succeed if the Founding Titan, a titan of royal blood, touches each other. They could alter reality and attain a godlike status.

Reiner and his team must avoid this, and they will temporarily gain the upper hand. Eren doesn’t have the support of his dear friends this time.

We know from the manga that Eren is ultimately saved by Zeke, which leads to massive truth bombs exploding. 

It is only natural, given the fact that Zeke and Eren have been conspiring, that the soldiers from Paradis Island will eventually work with Marley to subdue their half-brothers.

This fact is also clearly revealed in the manga. At this moment in the anime, it is clear that Eren won’t win the upper hand soon. 

We can also expect Eren to perform a double-cross soon, which will determine if Zeke or Eren is victorious. 

Will the Eldians be killed? When will the rumbling begin? What are Eren’s ulterior motives for activating the Rumbling? It remains to be seen. Neither side will certainly quit without a fight.

What will Zeke do with the Spinal Fluid? What will happen to Paradis Island’s Military Force?

It is difficult to predict what the future holds for the characters. Marley had launched their attack, something Zeke and Eren didn’t anticipate.

The element of surprise, especially in war, cannot be diminished. Marley seems to be winning the battle, especially considering that Paradis Island’s residents are divided into two groups: those who support the military (Armin, Mikasa, and Jean) and those who support Eren (Floch).

Before they can think about taking on Marley, Paradis has to first win this internal battle. There is strength in numbers. 

It seems unlikely that many soldiers will ever be freed, especially with Yelena, the commander of most of Yelena’s military.

They are merely a bargaining chip. Zeke would not have made them inhale his spinal fluid if they weren’t. He will use his power to make them Pure Titans shortly.

This means that Paradis’ military strength will drop by more than half. Zeke will use almost all Paradis soldiers as part of his master plan, except for a few key players. 

It seems that Zeke will transform them into titans at the same time he activates the Rumbling.

In titan form, the soldiers will attack their comrades and create chaos, a scene that is very similar to the previous seasons of Attack on Titan.

What will happen to Falco?

falco aot

Eren uses Falco as a bargaining chip when Gabi asks for his help. 

Gabi’s entire belief system has been shaken by everything she has seen since arriving in Paradis. 

Because of the Marley system, Gabi has been treated with kindness and compassion by even those she considered “devils”. Falco, however, has been a constant throughout it all.

We see Falco in a hall alongside other captives, even though he has taken Zeke’s spinal fluid with him. Wine is a constant theme in the episode.

Let’s face it, it has given Zeke, and his allies, tremendous control over Paradis Island. Zeke will make use of his power in the future. Falco will also become a pure Titan against Zeke’s will. 

It is clear that he will one day inherit the larger titans, given his role in the anime’s fourth season.