Zeke and Eren

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 Ending, Explained

Season 4 of “Attack on Titan” has been focused on Eren’s rebellion.

But Zeke is now the focus. 

The Jaeger half-brothers conspire to get the power of the Founding Titan

In Episode 15, however, we learn all about the events that made Zeke the man that he is today. 

We also need to talk about the explosive end. 

Let’s get to the point, shall we? 

Spoilers ahead.

Review of Attack on Season 4 Episode 15

young zeke

Episode 15 sees Eren finally approaching his friends to discuss the current situation. Eren acts freely and asserts that Yelena did not manipulate him. 

He feels that Armin is being controlled, however, by his memories of Bertolt or Mikasa and her “instinctive desire” to protect her Ackerman “host”. 

After a physical altercation, Eren takes Armin, Mikasa, and Gabi hostage, and asks Zeke for Zeke’s address.

The group prepares for Shiganshina District. Thanks to the wine, Zeke transforms Levi’s comrades into Pure Titans. This puts Levi in an awkward spot. 

Zeke attempts to escape captivity, but Levi, the powerful Marleyan War Chief, slays his men and chases him. 

Zeke does not become the Beast Titan, and Levi binds him with a thunder sword. Flashbacks are a great way to learn more about Zeke’s past.

We finally get to know what makes Zeke tick, from his childhood as an Eldian in Marley and on through his years as a Warrior Candidate. 

Grisha is not the father figure in Zeke’s life, since the latter has been so preoccupied with the Restorationist movement. 

A young Zeke meets Tom Ksaver, the Beast Titan, and they play a game. The former then heads home to find that Grisha’s plan heavily relies on his abilities as a Warrior Candidate.

This further puts undue pressure on Zeke.

Grisha becomes more disillusioned with Zeke and Ksaver assumes the role of father figure for Grisha. 

Ksaver tells Zeke the truth about his parents’ alleged sexual activities, and Zeke agrees to tell them. As we all know, the rest is history. 

A grown-up Zeke is still playing catch with Ksaver after this incident. Ksaver is about to end his tenure as Beast Titan.

Ksaver tells the researcher that 600 years ago, Earth was ravaged by a pandemic. 

It disappeared mysteriously from the Eldian Empire, prompting the researcher to suspect that the King altered the bodies of the people with the power of the Founding Titan. 

Ksaver, an Eldian, also revealed his emotional baggage. His Marleyan wife discovered his true identity and cut her throat.

She then committed suicide. Their child was also subjected to the same fate. Ksaver weeps and wishes he had never been born.

Zeke’s personal experiences and the above-mentioned facts make the Warrior Candidate certain that euthanization will solve the problems of Eldians. 

Ksaver tells Zeke then that the combination of the Founding Titan and a titan of royal blood could break the King’s vow. 

We see that Zeke went on to inherit the Beast Titan. He also discovered that Eren, his half-brother, was the Founding Titan’s owner and that Grisha survived Zeke’s ratting him out.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14: Are Zeke and Levi Dead?

zeke and levi

Zeke approached Eren in Marleyan Hospital and, after a short conversation, Eren said that he was open to the idea. 

Now, Levi is transporting Zeke to Paradis so that he may be eaten by someone from Paradis. However, Zeke detonates his thunder spear, causing a huge explosion. 

Naturally, one has to wonder if Levi and Zeke will survive. They were right at the epicenter of the blast. 

Although it would be tempting to think that Zeke or Levi may have died along with their rivalry, it seems unlikely.

They are both key players in “Attack of Titan,” and it is almost a disservice to remove them. We should also refer to the manga eponymous for more concrete answers. 

It seems impossible that Levi or Zeke could have survived the blast. But, neither Zeke nor Levi has lost their luck. 

Zeke is saved by a titan who “keeps him” in its stomach. Zeke does not sustain any physical injuries. However, Ymir heals him.

Levi, however, does not witness any such divine intervention. However, his good friends are always there for him! In the aftermath of the blast, Levi is also in a very poor state. 

Hange, however, comes across Levi’s battered body and informs the Jaegerists about his death. But this is a trick. 

Zeke makes it back to his home unharmed, and Hange uses this distraction to escape Eren’s mad followers with Levi.

We know Zeke is fine, but Levi’s fate is uncertain. Considering the manga’s content and the fact that the showdown between these rivals has yet to be seen, it appears as though Levi won’t die just yet. 

Zeke still has some business to do with him, and he needs to unlock the power of the Founding Titan together with Eren.