Gabi and Falco

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11 Ending, Explained!

The last few weeks of season 4 of Attack on Titan have been more focused on the past events and how they have impacted the lives of all the characters. 

However, Episode 11 abandons this approach and sheds light on the future and how the conflict between Marley and Paradis Island might look. 

Let’s dive into the details of this episode without further delay.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11: Review

angry gabi

Gabi pretends she is in pain and escapes from prison with Falco after attacking a guard. She is determined to find Zeke to question him about Marley’s betrayal and the people of Marley, even if it means she dies.

Falco, always the pragmatist, takes Gabi’s armband off because it is useless on Paradis Island. 

She claims that she is an Eldian and not like the “Island Devils” and that the armband is evidence of this. Kaya, a little girl, appears and takes the two of them back to Sasha’s home.

The Kiyomi, the port’s first Iceburst Stone-powered boat, reveals it to the public. Hange is confronted by members of the media and the general public about Eren’s confinement.

Then, she discovers that three recruits, Louise, Win, and Holger, as well as Floch, were responsible for the leakage of this information and orders them to appear in court. Yelena is also being investigated by Commander Pyxis.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11: Gabi and Sasha

gabi falco and kaya

Falco suggested that they should lay low at the farm and that the Marleyan Warriors would eventually fetch them.

Kaya tells Gabi that Sasha’s parents’ farm has been orphaned by the events of 4 years ago. Marleyan propaganda and attempts to attack Kaya. Falco stops her.

Kaya takes them to her abandoned village, where she tells them about her mother who was weak and was killed by a titan. Kaya also tells them how Sasha saved her.

Gabi tells Kaya that her mother was murdered because of the sins committed by Kaya’s ancestors, who also caused similar destruction. Kaya claims that her mother didn’t kill anyone, so there’s no reason she would be forced to give her life.

Falco informs Kaya that the death was a collateral injury in the Marleyan operation.

One thing is clear in the dynamic between Kaya and Falco: Falco is the cool-headed guy, while Gabi has the fighting spirit. 

It doesn’t really matter what Gabi does. Sasha’s actions and influence seem to have a significant impact on Gabi’s path.

Sasha’s death is almost irrelevant; her actions are what keep her legacy alive.

When you consider that Gabi fired the bullet that killed Paradis soldier, subtle ironies are apparent. However, Kaya is also the one who found Falco and Gabi in the woods.

Kaya, who has herself been saved once by Sasha and is eager to emulate her idol, is very welcoming towards Marleyans. 

Kaya can also break down Marleyan propaganda pieces, which is contrary to Gabi’s beliefs.

This makes Gabi question the authenticity of the information she grew up with. Gabi could also argue that if Sasha hadn’t done the same thing 4 years ago, Gabi wouldn’t be questioning her beliefs today.

They are linked and scenes in which Sasha’s past actions can influence characters are very cathartic.

When will Marley launch its attack?

The post-credit scene features Commander Magath and Marleyan Warriors discussing Zeke’s treachery and the future. 

They state that they will attack Paradis Island within six months with a global alliance. Colt then brings up Gabi, Falco, and the need for the rescue of the two most skilled Warrior Candidates. 

Reiner states that they must immediately attack Zeke because Zeke won’t be expecting it and that a surprise attack would catch him off guard. 

Waiting for the alliance will give Zeke enough time to plan his strategy. The Marleyan Warriors will launch a surprise attack. 

This is understandable, as it will not allow the Paradis Island units to launch the Rumbling.

The Rumbling is supposed to give them self-defense with thousands of Colossal TitansEven though Paradis’ military is stronger and more technologically sophisticated than ever before, they might not be able to organize themselves for a surprise attack.

This is especially true since they are suspicious of Zeke and his followers and are trying to make sure that the Marleyans back home don’t do anything conspicuous. 

Reiner and his associates could win the war on the island if they attack it now.