Attack on Titan Chapter 137

Attack on Titan Chapter 137: Everything We Know

The entire world was watching Falco when he changed into a Titan. Winged Titan and rescued Mikasa, Levi, and the others from the Titan’s grasp at the end of chapter 136 from Attack on Titan, and here we are going to look at Attack on Titan Chapter 137.

Levi and his crew arranged to save Armin of the Titan which took him, while Mikasa demanded Annie’s help and the group divided to fight and rescue simultaneously.

In the meantime, Armin had found Mr. Zeke in the afterlife who welcomed him by asking whether Ymir is the person who ate Armin and if he was also consumed by Ymir?

The entire team struggled to remain afloat in the sea of Titans that were trying to destroy them and Mikasa who had still hoped to save Eren was able that he would join in in order to blast the neck of Eren’s Titan form.

What will happen to Armin and his companions?

About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga drawn and written by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha is the publisher of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The first issue of the manga went to serialization beginning on the 9th of September, 2009 and continues until today with 30 different tankobom formats.

Attack on Titan follows the human race that has settled inside three walls in order to protect themselves from the frightful titans which prey upon them.

Eren Yeager (born in 1932) is a child who believes that life in cages is like that of cattle. He hopes to escape the confines someday, as his heroes are his fellow members of the Survey Corps. But the rise of a dangerous Titan creates chaos.

Chapter 137 Discussions and Predictions

Attack on Titan Chapter 137

In the newly made available Chapter 136 of Attack on Titan called “Devote Your Hearts”, we witness Mikasa, Levi, and the others plotting a rescue as well as an attack mission with the assistance of Annie and Falco.

In the current chapter, people speculate that Armin experiencing a calm Zeke in the realm of the path could mean that he has been there for a long period of time.

The fans are also looking forward to an end to the story for Levi since he’s had to go through many challenging and dangerous circumstances.

Ymir could have some power to her name and we’ll just have to hope to see them implemented in the next chapters.

As we’ve seen that the series is in its final stretch and sacrifices are an ongoing theme. Ymir is in charge of the Ancient Titans who might want to take out Mikasa as well as the others who are trying to save Armin.

Many fans have been eagerly waiting to see the next episode which could focus on a taken Armin as well as what Levi and his crew deal with the entire population of Paradis and the Rumbling crisis.

Chapter 137 Release Date

Chapter 137 of the Attack on Titan manga has been published on Tuesday, February 09, 2021.

Is Attack on Titan on a Break Next Month?

Attack on Titan manga is published under Bessatsu Shonen Magazine by Kodansha and is a bi-monthly magazine.

Chapter 137 from Chapter 137 of the Attack on Titan manga will not be a pause the month of February. The chapter will continue in the Feb issue of the monthly Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

However, since the series is nearing the final chapter, the next may be released sooner. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Chapter 137 Leaks and Raw Scans

Gabi cuts off the Okapi Titan’s eye, while Mikasa takes it down and saves Armin. Levi is killed by Zeke as the screaming ceases, giving the chance to destroy Eren’s Forming Titan form.

Jean presses the detonator and blasts the head away, and Reiner prevents the head from joining the body. 

Zeke and Armin debate about the true meaning of freedom following Zeke shares with Armin “The tale of Titans” real existence.

Where to Read Attack on Titan

At present, there’s no method for you to access Attack on Titan manga online. But, this option isn’t as difficult as you might believe.

Kodansha USA announced that they will go digital with several popular titles, including Fairy Tail and Shingeki no Kyojin.

Recap of Chapter 136

Attack on Titan Chapter 136

The audience watches the scene as Falco transforms into a Winged Titan and rescues Mikasa and her team. Then, Levi plans to divide into two teams for the initial search and rescue operation.

Mikasa is worried and uncertain about the entire ‘killing Eren’ situation until Levi convinces her. The other characters tell Mikasa she’s wrong. The Eren she was familiar with is gone.

In the future, Levi plans to detonate the explosives that are wrapped around the Nape on Eren’s Titan shape.

After seeing everyone sacrifice their lives to accomplish the cause, Mikasa leaps onto Eren’s body and begins attacking the Titans, and clears the way towards the explosives. Annie transforms to the Titan form and battles other Titans.

Mikasa is also trying to stop Okapi from running towards explosives but has a difficult time stopping them from taking their Titan form.

In the meantime, Armin observes his unconscious body and tries to wake it up once it becomes apparent that he’s entered the realm of paths

He wishes to be back to his friends’ side and be a part of the fight against the Titans but is unable to get his body moving.

The world is visible, Armin quickly recognizes it and makes plans to escape as he observes an unflinching and calm Zeke building the Sandcastle.

He meets Zeke who asks if the Ymir’s house also.

Will Armin be alive? We’ll have to wait until the next chapter for the truth.