Arifureta Season 2: Release Date

Arifureta Season 2: Release Date And Updates

From Commonplace to the World’s Strongest. 

The show is based on an internet-based novel that was illustrated and written by Ryo Shirakome. 

With such strong roots, Arifureta is likely to become an iconic Isekai anime series.

About Arifureta: From Commonplace to the World’s Strongest…

Arifureta: The Journey from Commonplace to the World’s Strongest light novel written by Ryo Shirakoma The first time it was published was on November 13, 2013, in the form of a novel, and it became an edition as a light novel later in the year 2015. There are manga adaptations. Season one of the anime debuted in July of 2019.

Hajime Nagumo, a normal Otaku, is frequently bullied by his fellow students. He would like his irritable classmates to be taken to another realm. He had no idea that his dream was going to come true and that the students would be summoned with the others.

To be successful in the new world, he must take on every challenge that confronts him. However, an unexpected event could make him a person that is feared by many.

In contrast to most anime where the main character is OP right from the beginning, Arifureta’s story is unique because its main antagonist, “Hajime,” has to suffer for a long time to acquire his abilities. 

This original storyline in the genre of Isekai has inspired fans to fall completely in love with it!

The series received lots of admiration and love from all over the world in the first season and was criticized for its poor production. 

However, the fans have high hopes for season 2, which they believe will get better and will be the most enjoyable season of the series.

When will Arifureta from Commonplace to the World’s Strongest season debut?

Release Date: When Is Arifureta Season 2 Coming?

The Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest, season 2 is scheduled to be released on January 13th, 2022. Studio Mother will produce the upcoming second season.

“Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” Season 2 is now getting a new trailer! The show will debut in the month of January 2022. (asread Studio MOTHER)

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The reason we need to wait to see the film has to do with the changes in directors and studios for Arifureta season 2.

Akira Iwanaga is replacing Kinji Yoshimoto as director as well. Studio Mother is replacing White Fox as the second studio.

Arifureta Season 2 Visual & Illustration

In the video, we see the main male protagonist, Hajime, with a smile as he holds handguns in both of his hands.

As Yue, the female lead is smiling, she is holding her hand on her back.

In the image, we can see an illustration of a new character, Yue. She is sitting comfortably and shows her cute smile and the victory symbol.

Arifureta Season 2 Trailer

The trailer begins by showing viewers a glimpse into the stunning Heilihi Kingdom. 

The trailer introduces a brand new character named Princess Liliana, who has a meeting with Hajime and his friends.

Hajime returns to his team and begins an adventure in which a huge monster is threatening the group. 

Then we witness Hajime asking, “Who are the real enemies of this world?”

The trailer concludes with the introduction of an unidentified new character.

New Character & Cast

In season 2 of Arifureta, we are likely to see the following characters for the first time:

I. Liliana SB Heilich

Liliana is a Princess of the Heilihi Kingdom. She is a sweet girl who is always concerned about her classmates who are summoned. She is a close companion to Kaori, along with Shizuku. She also goes by the name “Lily.”

II. Noint

Noint can be described as a mysterious lady sporting blue and silver eyes. Her characteristics include her lack of expression as an unassuming woman who speaks in a monotonous tone of voice.

The cast of the two new characters is:

CharacterCastOther Works
Liliana SB HeilichNoriko ShibasakiKirara (Boruto)
NointRina SatoShura Kirigakure (Blue Exorcist)

What to Expect In Season 2?

The first season focused more on an Isekai fantasy tale. However, in the second season, we’ll possibly see more of the harem tale get into the mix.

Arifureta season one concluded with Hajime beating the demon and saving his fellow students, with Kaori declaring her affection for Hajime and declaring her love for him. They continue to explore more labyrinths and finally find their way back to Earth.

In the second season of season 2, we could be able to see Hajime keep his eyes on Yue and take a serious approach to his relationship with Yue. In the case of Yue, she has different ideas about the relationship and she will encourage Hajime to be with other girls, not just her!

In response to Yue’s suggestion, Hajime gradually gets more girls as the story unfolds. While they journey through the labyrinth, Hajime is working on his perceptions of what he really would like to achieve. The next labyrinth might require Hajime to work out his emotions even faster when they come across trouble.


Season 1 had many production issues, which resulted in delays, and ultimately the product was ruined. The show was well-loved and yet it received plenty of criticism regarding the animation.

I hope that in season 2, with a new director as well as a secondary studio, they will be able to make a great product and deliver us an even better “Arifureta” that we all want to see.

As the year 2021 is fast ending, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next year, in January 2022.

Do you think Hajime will be able to conquer his foes and sort out his emotions? Who will Hajime pick in the end?