Okay, here I’m telling some weirdest power sources of Anime character like if guys remember Popeye had his spinach.

So, anime also has some interesting power sources. Some of their powers are made up of elements and few need explanation.

So now I’m here to tell you about them with their interesting and weirdest anime power sources.

11 Anime Powers with Weirdest Sources

Let’s begin the list of weirdest sources of anime powers without wasting any time.

11. Breast milk From Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

We should simply move this one to the present time: the characters of The Qwaser of Stigmata get their forces from drinking breast milk. Or rather, breast “essence” that can only be drawn from the breasts of beautiful women.

The pretty young Mafuyu discovers this for herself one day when she is faced with the dilemma of being murdered or letting a mysterious man suck on her breasts, because of “science.” We guess anything is more regrettable than death, and things turn out far superior to genuine would have you accept.

Breast milk From Seikon no Qwaser

All things considered; this anime unquestionably takes the smooth scrumptious cake for having one of the most abnormal anime power wellsprings ever.

10. A kiss From Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo TV (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)

Who knew something as innocent as a kiss could make so much difficulty? The characters in Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches discover that a kiss has significantly more importance when they understand that kissing can allow them extraordinary forces.

For Shiraishi and Yamada, a kiss stirs the ability to switch bodies (fortunate Yamada, right?).

A kiss From Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo TV

In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the other incredible kiss-controlled witches? What forces could a kiss perhaps award?

09. Tears From Fairy Tail

The suitably named Warcry has truly outstanding and most noticeably awful power sources in anime: his own tears.

By crying, Warcry can activate his power to cast spells, and to develop further.

Tears From Fairy Tail

“Tear magic” may be helpful for its usability (all things considered, you can never run out of your tear supply), however there’s an inadequate thing about having an epic confrontation battle while crying wildly.

08. Panties From Arcade Gamer Fubuki

Anime being anime, you most likely expected to discover this somewhere on the rundown.

Surprisingly, this force isn’t actuated by observing another person’s underwear (however there are minor departure from that subject effectively in presence), yet rather by wearing a couple of fortunate undies.

Panties From Arcade Gamer Fubuki

Nominal hero Fubuki ascends through the positions of arcade gamers on account of the intensity of her Passion Panties since young lady gamers need a type of distorted trick or they may really be paid attention to.

07. Bananas From Banana no Nana

While not actually an anime, we just couldn’t neglect this one. In a universe of super-powered human, Nana has one of the most futile powers ever.

Her capacity comes from… bananas. That’s right, she has the ability to magically control bananas. It’s a disappointment, however there are more awful fruit to get your power from.

Bananas From Banana no Nana

We previously referenced spinach. Furthermore, in any event Nana doesn’t need to eat a vegetable she abhors to get her forces.

06. Carrots From Getsumen To Heiki Mina

She obtains two high-tech machines that look like carrots. She typically uses them as jet packs for flight or a hammer for defense. As a running gag, she hates carrots and grimaces in disgust whenever she uses them to transform.

Her Miina costume consists of a white, short-sleeved belly shirt, black mini skirt, blue heels and red gloves.

Carrots From Getsumen To Heiki Mina

In the Densha Otoko series, the pattern of her tail was reversed; having one large rabbit tail in the middle with two smaller tails at the sides.

05. Ballet From Princess Tutu

Music is an incredible capacity to have. Indeed, even in reality, music can enable individuals to cause others to feel, move, and that’s just the beginning.

Princess Tutu makes this a stride further by giving the hero mysterious artful dance powers. In her enchanted young lady persona, Princess Tutu has the ability to calm the disturbance in individuals’ souls through her moving.

Ballet From Princess Tutu

It seems like an absurd reason however figures out how to happen as a wonderful anime.

04. A dead fish From Puni_Puni☆Poemii

At the point when the world is in danger, Poemi (or Kobayashi, as she calls herself) is the last individual the world would call.

The quick talking, garbage rambling gag character isn’t actually hero material. Obviously, her source of power is fittingly ridiculous for her anime: a dead fish.

A dead fish From Puni_Puni☆Poemii

To change, Poemi gets a talking fish, skins it, and utilization it as a magical wand. It looks bad in setting.

03. Garbage From The Law of Ueki

Ueki has one of the most extraordinary powers in anime: he has the ability to change trash into trees.

This force is both amazing and weak, depending upon which side of the Tree Hugger movement you’re on.

Garbage From The Law of Ueki

In any case, the capacity to transform rubbish into something living isn’t a capacity to laugh at, regardless of whether it appears… pretty pointless over the long haul.

02. Hair From Cuticle Tantei Inaba (Cuticle Detective Inaba)

Hair is definitely not a bizarre power source all alone, following its foundations right back to Samson of Biblical times. Be that as it may, part wolf Hiroshi Inaba utilizes hair a piece diversely for his power: he eats it.

Well alright, he tastes it. Basically, tasting some hair gives him wealth of information about the individual who it came from.

Hair From Cuticle Tantei Inaba

This can really be useful if it’s all the same to you being named a freak. Inaba definitely let’s all the hair-tasting go to his head.

01. Nose hair From Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Discussing hair, we can’t in any way, shape, or form compose this article without including Bobobo, the nose-hair superhuman (of sorts).

Bobobo’s capacity comes from his nose-hairs, which he uses to battle.

Nose hair From Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

No baddie’s a counterpart for Bobobo’s nose-hair-fu, certainly not military workmanship we just made up.

Hope you like this list of weird anime powers source comment below if I miss any anime powers source share it with more anime fans and son’t forget to bookmark MOW.