15 Anime Like Erased Recommendation

The idea of time travel is never a failure to impress, no matter if it’s an upcoming TV show, movie, or animated series. 

The recently released mystery series ERASED (also called Boku dake Inai Machi) deals with the same subject. 

Here is the list of other anime that are like Erased that we have recommended. 

You can stream a few of these shows including Boku dake Inai Machi on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Updated by Garima Singh on June 8th June, 2024.

15. Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World

Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World

The story inspired me to watch Groundhog Day (1993). 

After being transported to an imaginary world, Subaru Natsuki and his new partner Satella are brutally killed, however, Suburu’s surprise is when he is reborn from the moment the first time he saw Satella. 

That is they live the same day over and over again. 

There are 25 episodes in total.

14. ReLIFE

ReLIFE 15 Anime Like Erased Recommendation

Kaizaki Arata happens to be a 27-year-old, but he is unable to be able to land a decent job after quitting his previous. 

The course of his life takes a drastic change when he meets Ryou Yoake.

He is a part of the ReLIFE institute. They offer him a drug that turns him into a seventeen-year-old. 

Then, he realizes that his life is being analyzed as an experiment and that he has to not repeat the mistakes made in the past when he struggles in high school due to changes in policies over the last ten years. 

It is a 13-episode series.

13. Orange

Orange 1 15 Anime Like Erased Recommendation

Have you thought that you could go back to rectify your mistakes from the past? This is the basis of the anime. 

Naho Takimiya receives a letter from her 10 years ahead of her future self.

She asks her to avoid the possibility of having her “biggest regrets.” It includes 13 episodes.

12. When They Cry: Kai

When They Cry : Kai

In the aftermath of Rika Furude’s desperate attempts to save her family from a horrible fate, she sinks into despair. 

Based on the visual novel with the same title, the anime spans 24 episodes. 

It was preceded by an animation titled When They Cry which consists of 26 episodes. 

Both have been praised by critics.

11. Case Closed

Case Closed

This show brings me nostalgia. 

It aired on TV when I was a child. 

Shinchi Kudo is a pro in resolving crime. 

In the course of looking for a couple of criminals, he is arrested and fed drugs, which is why his size is reduced to the size of a seven-year-old however his sleuthing abilities remain intact. 

He then hides his identity using the pseudonym of Conan Edogawa and solves cases for Senior Mouri and is also looking into the company that is responsible for shrinking him.

I will not be able to comment on the number of episodes in this series as it appears to continue for a long time.

10. From the New World

From the New World

Future-oriented, 0.3 percent of the human population has telekinesis capabilities. 

The world is peaceful until a lot of people utilize their powers to commit crimes of violence. 

The show is based on a Japanese novel that has the same title created by Yusuke Kishi. The series has 25 episodes.

9. Future Diary

Future Diary

It was an absolute thrill when I discovered the storyline of this anime. 

The story revolves around a school student who acquires diaries that contain entries about the future. 

Then, he is forced to participate in the battle royale with the other 11 who have such diaries to be a god. 

It is full of nakedness (a lot of buttocks and breasts!) The nudity directly relates to the twists and turns that occur in the show. 

It contains 26 episodes as well as one OVA.

8. Zetsuen no Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest

A pair of best buddies, Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino take on a quest to discover the reason behind Aika’s murder.

Aika Mahiro’s younger sister,

Aika is also Yoshino’s secret love. 

The story is filled with supernatural elements and has a Shakespearean hint. 

The melancholy tone draws you in. If you love tragic films (as a genre), make sure you don’t miss this.

7. Death Parade

Death Parade

If someone dies, their soul is either reincarnated or exiled to the vacuum. 

The deceased must participate in activities in the Quindecim bar.

To decide their fates, the Quindecim bar (where deceased people who have also died are taken)

The games are run by Decim, the mysterious bartender

It is made up of 12 episodes, which makes it the shortest of the animes on the list.

6. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate

This is an animation where the lines between the past and present are blurred.

In the sense that it is about time travel,

Based on a video game with an identical name, it follows a self-professed scientist, Rintarou Okabe, who is looking for innovative scientific discovery and encounters the elusive concept of time travel. 

The show has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

It is far beyond the expectations of a sci-fi (or action) animation and is sure to keep viewers interested from the first episode. 

The second season of Steins; Gate 0 began airing in April 2018 and was loved by the viewers.

5. Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden

I thoroughly enjoyed watching “Naruto Shippuden.”

The show is a continuation of the original “Naruto,” which is among the most-watched anime.

The plot, the course of this series, is quite simple.

When we conclude the Naruto series, we discover that Naruto is training very intensely with Jiraya and has given everything he has to be extraordinary and unique.

The events of this series occur in the two years following the first episode.

Naruto has been working to the fullest extent and returned home to his home village, Kono Naruto. Naruto has grown bigger, and his character appears to have grown more solid and dependable.

But there’s more to come.

He has made a better female jutsu and is now required to impart it to his younger students.

Naruto may have improved his strength, but he isn’t changing at all.

The series is full of amazing and powerful villains who challenge Naruto to the limits of his power.

That will mean more enjoyment for us, isn’t it?

4. Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist

The story “Ao no Exorcist” is about demons, Satan, and, of course, exorcists. It follows the same premise as “ERASED’,” but the plot is completely different. 

It follows a young man who at first is feared because of his strength, but then, due to his character, makes people believe in his abilities. 

The anime takes place in a universe where humans and demons reside in two worlds. 

Demons are only able to enter the world of humans via possession. 

Satan, the demon king, would like to rule the world of humans. However, to achieve this, he needs to possess the perfect vessel that is his to possess and then become a part of the human race. It turns out that Rin Okumura may be a child of Satan. 

He isn’t aware of this at first and continues to carry on with his normal life. 

However, one day he’s confronted by a demon, and his life is turned upside down. Rin uncovers who he is, but isn’t ready to become a part of Satan. 

He decides to be an exorcist to protect his people and defeat Satan.

3. Death Note

Death Note

Another illustration that demonstrates the brilliance of anime, “Death Note,” attempts to give a scenario that provides the answer to the question: What happens when a person acquires Godlike abilities? 

Follow the story of Light Yagami, who finds a death note and a diary that was used by Shinigamis to murder people by writing their names on the note. 

Light starts slowly by eliminating a few criminals, but then is engulfed by this power and starts to murder anyone who dares stand in his way. 

The problems get worse when a genius detective, L of L, starts to investigate the case, and starts to have doubts about Light. 

The series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and the music and images provide a full experience.

2. One Piece

one piece anime 1 15 Anime Like Erased Recommendation

Next up is the “One Piece” anime, a genre-based adventure with a pirate theme. 

Man! This anime is very long. It’s still running and has over two decades of material. 

I am currently somewhere in the middle (hope to finish shortly). 

The main character in the show can be described as Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy has the title of leader of the straw-hat pirates.

He hopes to be the king of pirates by taking control of the treasure known as “One Piece,” left by Gol D. Roger, the pirate king before him.

Roger was a notorious pirate but was captured by the authorities. 

Before the time he died, he had divulged the secrets of this treasure. 

There are special fruits in this collection known as “devil fruits,” which bestow special abilities on their owners.

Monkey D. Luffy has consumed one of the devil’s fruits and has developed bizarre powers as well. 

He can extend his legs and arms a considerable distance. The ability comes in very handy in combat. 

Take part in members of the Straw Hats Crew as they take to the seas and embark on exciting adventures.

1. One Punch Man

1. One Punch Man 15 Anime Like Erased Recommendation

Man! “One Punch Man” was one of the top shows I’ve recently watched in the genre of superheroes. 

It’s hilarious, fun, and full of amazing action sequences, and the best thing is that it does it all while laughing at the show itself. 

I am a huge fan of parodies, and ‘One-Punch Man’ is a fantastic parody. 

The main character of the show is Saitama.

Through a normal routine of training that he followed for a year, he developed extraordinary abilities.

Then, Saitama is so powerful that he could take down any opponent in a single blow. Even one strike is not enough. If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ll know the meaning.

His punch destroys his opponent, causing them to crumble into a void.

It is a major source of frustration for him as he can’t compete to the fullest extent.

Saitama has always wanted to be a superhero for quite a while.

He has a meeting with Genos who would like to be his apprentice.

Together, they take the superhero test. The results are shocking since Saitama was graded as a C-class hero while Genos was supposed to be an S-class hero.

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