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Amazon Prime Free Games for December 2022 Revealed

Amazon Prime members who enjoy video games will be pleased to learn that the service will be giving away a plethora of games in December that too at no cost!

Amazon has just announced their free games for December 2022 on Amazon Prime Gaming, and they include some old favorites.

The service provider Prime Gaming has announced the December free game selection, which will no doubt delight its member base.

Prime members also have access to other enticing perks, such as special emoticons, Twitch incentives, and more broadcast storage space, in addition to the free games.

A few days ago, a website named mydealz released the Amazon Prime free games for December, including some big names like Quake.

Several days before their official release, the leak correctly forecasted the month’s free games. Fans of the cult classic first-person shooter Quake will be pleased to hear that the game was recently updated in August.

In addition to Quake, seven more well-known games, such as Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow, The Amazing American Circus, and Banners of Ruin, have been announced for Amazon Prime Gaming.

All three games fall under the indie category, with each one being developed by a tiny studio that has yet earned positive reviews from gamers.

In instance, Banners of Ruin is a widely played and highly regarded role-playing game with many fans who praise its design and mechanics.

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Amazon Prime members may also grab the free games Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Spinch.

In 2013, the award-winning game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was released to critical acclaim.

Similarly, Spinch is an independent game in which players assume the character of a hyper-agile monster on a quest to save its young.

Desert Child and Doors: Paradox are December’s last two free games for Amazon Prime members.

Both Desert Child and Doors: Paradox are racing/puzzle indie games made by smaller studios.

In Doors: Paradox, you explore a magical realm in search of hints and answers to perplexing puzzles.

In contrast, Desert Child casts players in the role of a hover-bike racer aiming for the Grand Prix, the ultimate competition in his or her sport.

However, out of the eight free games announced for December 2022, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Quake, and Banners of Ruin are probably the most well-known.

Amazon Prime Gaming members will not only have access to the free games but also to new in-game stuff for a wide variety of games, including Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, and Fall Guys.

In addition to FIFA 23, fresh downloadable content is coming out in December for Grand Theft Auto Online, League of Legends, and Realm Royale.