All Ashika Island Weapons Case rewards in Warzone

Hey gamers!!!! The second season of Call of duty Warzone 2 introduces the exciting new Ashika Island map, offering players the opportunity to engage in thrilling battles in both the battle royale and DMZ game modes.

Discover the exciting additions to this latest map, including an exhilarating Weapon Case event in DMZ.

Join us as we provide a comprehensive guide to help you unlock all the amazing new rewards.

Weapon Case events explained

The Weapon Case event on Ashika Island’s DMZ operates in a similar manner to the one found on Al Mazrah.

The event occurs just once during each match, and it can easily become a wild and crazy scramble, since only one person can win the prize in each game.

Here, you can earn seven different rewards that are specially designed to be easily understood by children.

How to locate Ashika Island and complete the event

The event can be found at the island’s Castle POI.

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Look for a yellow folder icon with a question mark to easily spot the specific area within the castle. In this scenario, you’ll have to find a way to get into a restricted area and overcome obstacles by defeating adversaries in order to retrieve a briefcase containing a weapon.

In order for you to receive the rewards, it is crucial that this case is extracted successfully.

When you make your way towards the area, you’ll encounter an automated turret that will start shooting at you.

I suggest having at least one member of your group carry semtex grenades and the munitions box field upgrade in this situation.

Another option to consider is using an RPG, which can be quite effective. Alternatively, if someone has a custom light machine gun build with armour piercing rounds, that could also be a viable solution.

After disabling the turret, simply interact with it to gain access to the security system.

With this, you’ll be able to enter the previously inaccessible section of Tsuki Castle. You’ll have to face a bunch of AI enemies in Warzone, but it’s super important to head upstairs and take on the riot shield AI to grab the briefcase.

Inside the castle, you’ll find a plethora of proximity mines and claymores. It’s important to be cautious and wear armour plates to ensure your safety.

Just a heads up: When someone grabs the briefcase, their location will be visible to everyone in the game.

So be aware of that! Players who are eager to win can track you down and seize your weapon case. Similarly, you can employ this tactic to secure the event rewards for yourself.

Inside the castle, you’ll find a lot of those fancy orange and white supply boxes that you usually see in a DMZ Stronghold. So, before you go ahead and grab the case and let everyone know where you are on the map, make sure you’re fully equipped.

Weapon Case event rewards

There are a total of seven rewards available for the Weapon Case event. These rewards can only be obtained one at a time, with one reward being earned for each completion of the event. You’ll have to do this event seven times in order to get all the rewards.

Here is the order in which they are earned:

  • Backup Plan: Pistol weapon blueprint
  • Aces: Emblem
  • Full House: Calling card
  • Bear With Me: Weapon sticker
  • Triple Threat: Loading screen
  • Full House: Emblem
  • Fight Night: Assault rifle weapon blueprint

Remember that Ashika Island is the only place where these new awards are available. The Weapon Case event awards from Season 1 are still obtainable on the Al Mazrah map if you haven’t completed gathering them.

Ashika Island, Al Mazrah, and Building 21 make up the third location of DMZ. It takes special permission to enter Building 21.

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