Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero Season 2: Release Date

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is a summer 2012 animated show that ended its run in September of that same year.

Season 1 left viewers with a myriad of questions, looking for answers in Season 2. It’s been nearly 10 years since Season 1 was released, and the anticipation for Season 2 has been growing ever since.

Any anime-related update has not yet decided to renew the anime for a second season as of September 2022.

If you can’t get enough of ecchi-harems, then make sure to take a quick look into Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero.

About Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero Season 2

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is an ecchi manga based on the light novel with the same name written by Tetsuto Uesu.

The story takes place in a place where “Samon Syndrome” gives the power to travel across worlds of fantasy to thousands of children.

Akatsuki Ousawa, the main character is one of the young men. In the battle, he defeated the evil king Alayzard by winning his title as “Rouge Hero” returning to the earth along with Miu who is the daughter of the demon king.

Miu disguised as Akatsuki’s sister is enrolled in Babel, a school designed to teach travelers across realms.

The siblings are of the opinion that the motive behind the creation of Babel was not really to assist travelers in fantasy, but to do something much more grave. 

Therefore they decide to discover the truth by battling the opposition of the student council of the school.

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero Season 2 Release Date

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero Season 2 1

Season two of Aesthetica of Rogue Heroes is not yet released. 

But, it is important to be aware that there hasn’t been any announcement in the last nine years, and it’s possible that the show will not be renewed in any way.

One glimmer of optimism that keeps us alive is the fact that ecchi shows generally get renewed due to their popularity. It is possible to obtain the Aesthetica of Rogue Hero Season 2 in the near future.

What can we expect from Season 2?

Aesthetica of Rogue Hero Season 1 had adaptations of volumes 1-3 of the light novels. There are 11 volumes. The LN is currently on hiatus. Despite this, there’s plenty of material to allow the anime to modify.

Season 2 will start to adapt to LN volume 4 from then onwards.

It is possible to see what the truth is about the real Akatsuki’s little sister could be revealed and made public and should Akatsuki and Miu could finally be together, not just as fake siblings, but rather as lovers.