28+ Best Adult Manhwa/Adult Webtoons(Updated)

As Korean manga, or more appropriately Adult Manhwa are recently shining in the world, the adult genre rules the Korean visual novel world from the shadows. 

The majority loves reading and watching Adult Manhwa/Webtoons/Adult web similar to regular manga.

From people who love to read adult novels, to those who enjoy watching hentai anime, everyone has to at least try manhwa.

Here’s a list of the most popular adult manhwa webtoons you must read in order to fulfill all your desires.

28. Young Boss

Adult Manhwa

Seung-ho is dating a sweetheart, Min-ha but he’s getting tired of her childish behavior.

After getting a job followed by a long hiatus, he meets an attractive and talented young boss.

He starts to struggle with his boss and his girlfriend.

27. One-Room Hero

One-Room Hero

After spending his entire life in all-male schools till high school, Mingu finally enters college.

Making things more exciting is the fact that he’s in the Food and Nutrition Department with a male-to-female ratio of 1 to 9!

A virgin and single since birth, this is his opportunity to date girls and enjoy romantic campus life.

But one wrong lie during a drinking party turns his life upside down and now he’s been branded as a sex beast all over the school!

26. Lilith’s Cord

Lilith's Cord

Most people commonly believe that humans are the descendants of Adam and Eve.

But…there lives a small number of people that are not.

These are the descendants of Lilith…the first Eve.

With unmatched powers and tastes like no other, they prosper by sucking the life out of humans.

But there’s one human, unlike others, that cannot be conquered…

25. Bastard’s Dead Man

Bastard's Dead Man

Shin Lee is the wealthy CEO of a company who should be able to get any woman he wants, but he has a problem: he can’t maintain an erection.

Hyonggi is a charming deliveryman who will answer any call within a few minutes.

The two cross paths when Hyonggi unexpectedly rescues Shin’s daughter from a dangerous situation, and Shin soon discovers that Hyonggi himself might just be the mystical solution to his penile dilemma!

24. Aharoo (Yahalue)


After acquiring the crème of the crop slave, an unimaginable adventure begins.

Birth of a sexy-fantasy series that will rock your world!

23. “Sunggi’s” Study Group (SStudy)

"Sunggi's" Study Group

A study group is where students gather together with the same goal in mind and help each other succeed.

But not every study group is the same.

And nobody said there had to be a single goal in mind.

Sunggi enters a study group that is supposedly focused on studying for the government service exam.

But that doesn’t mean that’s all they have to do, right?

22. Sneak A Peep

Sneak A Peep

A woman is violated in a train full of other commuters.

However, she finds herself unable to push the man away… and that she is actually enjoying it.

21. Sports Girl

 Sports Girl

Sweaty women are beautiful!

Martial arts, swimming, cycling, athletics, health, sticky…

The girls of exercising and sexy sports.

20. The Wife is Training

The Wife is Training

The tale alone is enough to make you scream, while the action and pace keep you engaged. It definitely deserves to be among the top adult manhwa.

The story concerns a virgin who is transformed into the god of sex by using the web. In the aftermath of an incident, many people ask him to control their wives.

Are you able to see a golden opportunity for him or a difficult scenario? Find out by reading this amazing adult manhwa.

19. Talk to Me

Talk to Me

Kaito is a college student who is a total womanizer.

He brings home a different girl every night, annoying his next-door neighbor Asami and making him bang on the wall to shut Kaito and his guests up.

One day, Kaito hears Asami talking dirty on the phone… and it turns him on so much he ends up touching himself!

What’s worse, Asami comes by to tell Kaito he knows what he was doing… A love story between a neighbor with a hot voice and a college student with a thing for voices.

18. Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle

There’s a late bloomer, and then there’s a *late bloomer.* Doyun may be half Omega, but he certainly doesn’t look it: he’s tall, chiseled…

But the worst of it all is that he’s a full-grown adult male who has yet to go into heat.

He doesn’t see the problem, and everyone assumes he’s an Alpha, anyway.

But when his body finally decides it’s “time,” it just happens to be at the most inopportune moment.

He has no one to turn to but his work rival, Taehan – but thankfully, Taehan is more than man enough to help him out.

17. My stepmom

My stepmom manhwa

The story revolves around Jin-woo who is awed by his stepmother, Ha-Yeon’s charm. 

Her stepmom is 10 times older than him which provides him with more reasons to develop a relationship with her.

What’s the reason this relationship isn’t working?

Where does it lead to? 

You’ll probably determine the answer after you have finished reading it.

It is a decent anime with an interesting storyline that could keep you hooked. 

It is, after all, one of the top adult manhwa/adult webtoons.

16. Secret X Folder

Secret X Folder

The manhwa in question is the creation by the person who created ” Drug Candy.”

Because Drug Candy is one of the most popular adult webtoons in the world, don’t think of anything less from this one.

The latest version features more mature graphics, humor, and better artwork. 

Also, you will receive a set of information in a hidden folder.

It’s a love-themed manhwa featuring hot stories from different couples. 

The couples all find themselves in the devil’s dance and experience satisfaction without regrets.

15. Club Sodom

Club Sodom

Club Sodom is an enjoyable manhwa brimming with adultery. 

Every chapter will keep your fear at its highest and offers you an enormous amount of enjoyment in reading.

The story of Club Sodom is about a reporter and assistant

The female journalist here is charming and gorgeous, while their assistant seems to be a bit odd.

Experience the love story between these two, which brings maximum pleasure as well as excitement. 

It’s one of the most enjoyable adult webtoons available there.

14. Redemption Camp

Redemption Camp

As the name suggests, the manhwa looks exactly identical to the one you’d imagine. 

There’s a phrase that goes ” What you reap will be what you plant,” which suits perfectly the adult manhwa?

The story is about Da-ae who has been caught in unclean acts and holds many secrets. 

But when Gitae the minister’s son observes her behavior He decides to teach her an important lesson.

The result is that He creates an organization called Redemption Camp and collects those who have been harmed by her to accomplish the goal.

It is packed with explicit-related content and manhwa fans of all ages will surely be enthralled by it to the fullest.

13. An Innocent Sin

An Innocent Sin

Innocent Sin Innocent Sin is a romantic adult manhwa, where the plot gets more attractive. It’s not a long time to get you hooked!

The main characters’ are introduced at the beginning, and after that, all you have to do is admire the stunning artwork.

In the midst of thinking about the possibility that Nayeon is alone on the train that she left Nayeon is trying to please herself, but finds a person through a different door.

The man comes up to her and hands the woman a card for business and because he’s beautiful and attractive, she takes the card. 

Then she realizes that he’s the person that will completely satisfy her.

12. Lilith


Although Lilith can be described as a GL (girls love) manhwa, the show has an interesting plot and the scenes that were shown were filled with fire.

Although you’re probably not into manga like GL or yuri, this might be a nice alternative for you. It’s got stunning art and some great situations that will captivate your interest.

Jahee is a hardworking high school teacher who has an introverted personality. When she finally gets to her room, she shuts her door and kneels in front of the end of her whip

Her childhood buddy Huilin was the first to hold the whip, and she loves the process more than any other.

However, when Sulhwa begins to take classes in the school that Jahee has been teaching Jahee starts to reveal her old feelings. 

It’s about to show her how much enjoyment she can take from pain.

11. An Apervert’s Daily Life

An Apervert's Daily Life

What happens when two estranged perverts of different genders get together? Yes, it’s odd or messy.

Seyoung does not know that she’ll be sharing a space with a different person in the dorms of her company.

As she enters her new home and is surprised, she discovers Jinwoo enjoying a treat on his own.

Incredulous, Jinwoo gets flustered, but what Jinwoo isn’t aware of is that Jinwoo is hiding her dark secrets.

10. Household Affairs

Household Affairs

Household Affairs is a clear and pure manhwa filled with thrilling characters and a fast speed. 

There is nothing more interesting than a woman who is cheating on her spouse now, is there?

Si-Yeon Hong is the spouse of Ha-jin who doesn’t show any attraction to her. 

In the end, she is forced to have an affair with a courier who is named Yeon-Woo Ha.

However, she’s husband has been a target and she’s not even aware of the fact. 

While she tries to make her wife cover for his work she is able to convince him that he wants her and realizes that it’s changing how he lives his life.

In this confusing love triangle What is the fate of each of them? 

The art is definitely awe-inspiring on this mature manhwa and you’ll love it to the max.

9. He is a good body

He is a good body

Many people’s lives, as well as many people’s hopes, likely have a lot in common with Super Guy’s. 

Many people can relate to the show.

The story is about Hosang Hosang, who has no luck with females during his time. 

It’s as if the women are invisible to him until he’s electrocuted.

Instead of being injured, he discovers an unusual strength within his body. 

In the next few days, the dark moments for him are getting close to the point of no return.

8. H-Mate


H-Mate is a manhwa for adults that is a reference to the idea of friends with benefits. 

The love story that is woven throughout the story is absolutely stunning.

Tae Tae and Miro have been best buddies for more than 15 years. 

Unfortunately (or fortunate), they end up having a sleepover together at night.

In the end, things become complicated for them in their quest for different relationships.

Do they really love each other or are they simply acquaintances with advantages? 

Check out this romantic adult manhwa to discover the answer.

7. Wet Women

Wet Women

As the name suggests the euphemism behind it, this manhwa is extremely s*xually… stimulating and full of adult-oriented content. 

The style of the art adds more excitement since it’s on point.

Hye Juri is a delivery lady for a company that sells. It’s not just to earn a living, but it’s another motive.

She is always looking for a man who will satisfy her needs. But, does she know how to find the ideal man?

6. Perfect Half

Perfect Half

Perfect Half is a fantastic beginner manhwa for those who are looking to venture into the world of adult manhwa. 

It’s an environment where both fox and wolf dominate the earth.

In the world of today the world, both the wolves (men) and the foxes (females) are equal their only chance for them to be able to win over one another is to show their dominance by… is exactly that! A dom or a top or a seme.

The most important thing is that they struggle to defend their liberty. 

In this war of asserting dominance which side will prevail? Do we have a chance to find a solution?

We’ll let you use your imagination, however, it’s one of the most popular adult webtoons and manhwa’s available. Be sure to go through it at least once.

5. Brawling Go!

Brawling Go!

Brawling Go! is one hell of a hilarious adult manhwa on this list. It tells the story of someone with erratic abnormalities and is hilarious.

Jaejin can maintain his ereC/tion for an extended period of time. Moreover, when he is injured he goes through a major transformation.

But the main issue is that, once he is to ereC/tion, the patient has to fight to stop it from happening.

With his continuous EreC/tion and constant ereC/tion, he must face his daily life, particularly when his life is filled with women.

4. Lady Garden

Lady Garden

Imagine yourself being in an entire group of attractive women who rely on you constantly and take care of you, by giving you advice on your needs.

If Kang Doo is excluded from a UFO-related contest and is forced to join as a security guard in the Luxurious mansion referred to as Lady Garden

As the name suggests, the mansion will only allow beautiful and gorgeous women.

However, these women are faced with various challenges in their daily life as well.

Kang Doo has to protect the women. Of course, the women are very grateful to him and reward him often for his courage.

3. Lust Awakening

Lust Awakening 1

Emma quits his hometown and his girlfriend to become a caretaker in a different city. The girl worries that he could change when he moves there.

The plot twist is here since the man who hired him is averse to men, and so he enlisted Emma since his name, sounded feminine.

He has one time period of one week in which to demonstrate his merits or else he’ll be dismissed. 

Also, there’s a third obligation: not to do anything to her precious daughters.

Both women have previously lived their lives without ever seeing men, but what happens if their lust has resurfaced? 

What if they were to meet? 

will Emma not resist these hot girls without difficulty?

2. Drugs and Candy

Drugs and Candy

It is impossible to describe the impact this manhwa has on the reader emotionally. It is definitely an adult-oriented manhwa.

However, aside from being an erotic tale, the conclusion is incredible, or should I say that the author told the truth instead of making it an ordinary ending.

Seung-gu is a dedicated person with a gorgeous wife and a successful job. 

However, his personal life is changed when he is given an unwelcome promotion at work. The gap between his spouse and husband increases over time.

At this stage, he meets a young woman named Han Yuru when he starts to know her and ends up becoming hooked on her.

Then he realizes his mistakes cannot be easily corrected. It’s one of the most enjoyable adult webtoons ever created.

1. Secret Class

Secret Class

Daeho‘s parents died in a car accident, and ever since the couple has lived in the home of her father’s best friend’s family. 

At the age of twenty, he’s an s*x-free man however, he doesn’t really have a clue about sexuality.

His aunt feels hurt for him and decides to help him get rid of the masturbation. Since he’s innocent, she has to take drastic measures. 

Then, he’s going to end up in bed with his beautiful sisters.

Secret Class is pure entertainment, with no forcible elements and a rather typical storyline. The artwork is stunning and you’ll enjoy the characters and their interactions with Daeho.

The Honorable mentions that you will enjoy if you have read until here:

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  • The Perfect Roommates
  • Touch To Unlock
  • Silent War (My Kingdom)
  • Dog on Patrol
  • The Desire To Kill
  • Tie Me Up
  • Family Adjustments
  • The Inheritance
  • Queen Bee (The Landlord’s Daughter)
  • Seductive Uniform
  • She’s The Girl
  • The Fiancées Live Together (Cohabitation with My Fiancée)
  • Soojung’s Comic Store
  • The Stand-up Guy
  • My Friend’s Dad
  • The Good Manager
  • The Spot Master
  • Lady Long Legs
  • The Sharehouse
  • Close as Neighbors
  • Lightning Rod
  • Solmi’s Channel
  • Rental Girls
  • Pheromone-holic
  • Love Parameter