About Me

Hey guys, I am Anukul, founder of My Otaku World, I like thinking about anime, characters, analyzing them, wondering different theories.

I started blogging to let it all out as a hobby because I think this is the best way of discussing everything that I have in mind.

my otaku world

My Otaku World was founded on 10th Sep 2019 by Anukul, having the main objective of building No 1 Anime Community Website of the world.

What You Can Expect

My Otaku World is a website that provides the best possible news, reviews, spoilers, and prediction for different Anime and Manga series.

We are dedicated to covering Anime and Manga and everything that revolves around them.

My plans for this website is to create a superstore archive containing everything related to the Anime world, having fastidious stratification, which is available free of cost!

Most importantly, we have the extremely hard-working, excellent and experienced writers who do their work with utmost sincerity and dedication.

What Can You Do To Help Me !

I am inviting all anime fans to build a community you can help by keeping the community safe and spam free and you can help me in other way also … for example share my otaku world articles so we will able to create a good community in short amount of time possible.

At last i really thank you for supporting My Otaku World.