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A Silent Voice 2 Movie Release Date & Details

“A Silent Voice” ( Koe no Katachi) is an American Japanese animated film directed and written by Naoko Yamada.

The film was based on a novel written by Reiko Yoshida.

The film also had character designs created by Futoshi Nishiya. 

The film is based on the manga of the same name, illustrated and written by Yoshitoki Oima. 

The film was released in Japan on the 17th of September 2016 and has been released across different parts of the world during the months between February and June 2017.

For the people who love the story of the film, there is a sad announcement. 

It appears that the next chapter of the story is not going to take place any time soon. 

However, perhaps the top executives within the movie industry can delight us this time.

In this article, we’re going to tell you, actually remind you, about the film “A Silent Voice”, the manga that the entire plot is based on, as well as the reasons we should not be expecting the sequel to this thriller for teens “A Silent Voice 2”.

What is the Storyline for the “A Silent Voice” movie?

A Silent Voice 2

We’ve already mentioned that “A Silent Voice” belongs to the genre of a teenage psychological drama film.

The film focuses on the social, emotional, and spiritual characteristics that are revealed in a group of elementary school students of children with hearing impairments who are part of them, specifically as to how they relate to the girl with hearing impairment. 

Teens react to the new child in different ways, some are negative, and others are neutral.

Shoya Ishida who is a former criminal makes use of his peers to intimidate the deaf girl Shoko Nishimiya. 

When Shoko is finally able to attend school, Ishida’s family members and teachers accuse him of the pressure to make her transfer. 

Despite the different degrees of responsibility others were able to inflict on Shoko, he was portrayed as a victim.

This leads Ishida to be rejected by his senior peers. This is why Ishida decides that keeping friends is useless. Because of his lack of planning for the long term, Ishida even tried to commit suicide.

With the possibility of redemption at hand, the man realizes it is possible to learn sign language and he is able to make contact with Shoko who is incredibly alone due to her hearing impairment and severe shyness. 

In this state, Shoko begins to contemplate suicide because of the emotional and socially challenging circumstances she is confronted with.

The film expertly and accurately shows the different aspects of a relationship between teens including the feeling of rejection, pride, and betrayal. It also portrays redemption and true love.

Film director Naoko Yamada has done a fantastic job of describing the inner realms and world of two principal characters, Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. 

Each particular aspect, which appears to create a continuous gap between Shoya and Shoko is carefully thought out and then shown depending on whether it’s related to the audio or visual effects of the movie.

A Silent Voice – Manga vs. Movie

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The first time, “A Silent Voice” was an original Japanese manga series written by and drawn by Yoshitoki Oima. The manga series first appeared within Weekly Shonen Magazine in August 2013, first appearing as a single issue in the February edition of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Manga ran its course until its conclusion on November 19, 2014.

Seven volumes in Kodansha’s initial tankobon version of the manga were released in Japan. 

The manga was released in digital format through Crunchyroll Manga and later printed in English in North America by Kodansha Comics USA. 

Tankobon – Japanese word for an unpublished book that isn’t part of a corpus or series usually employed to describe independent volumes from an individual manga collection).

In the first week following publication, the first tankobon volume was sold at 31,714 copies, which placed it at the 19th spot in the Oricon manga chart. 

The year 2008 was the year that “A Silent Voice” was awarded the title “Best Rookie Manga” from Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.

Before February’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine chose it because the nature of the content was such that it was almost impossible for the material to be used elsewhere like manga magazines. 

The serialization was reviewed and endorsed by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf because the subject is about the lives of deaf individuals. It was nominated for an eighth Manga Grand Prize.

It is not necessary to go through the manga when you go to the theatre due to its fantastic adaptation. Although this is beneficial, however, we still suggest it. There’s a lot of information included in each of the characters and some arcs the film did not tackle.

Manga’s side characters certainly get more attention and attention.

An arc that plays a significant part in shaping the second portion of the story is separated in the manga. A lot of characters feel unimportant or out of place.

Also, you’ll see some great panels in the manga that was not included in the film’s script. There are several amazing scenes in the film that the plot does not provide.

It is expected to develop an even deeper connection between Shoko and Ishida in the course of the film forward. Viewers gain a better appreciation of the reasons why this scene is thought to be among the most significant scenes in the movie, because of the story of love.

Many other things were removed in the manga e.g. the movie we watched did not have subtitles to explain what the sign language was. However, the fundamental concepts are in place. 

Both are well worth your time. Therefore, you should read it and then go to the video.

Will There be “A Silent Voice 2”? The Latest Updates on a Sequel

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There’s been no announcement regarding whether a sequel will be created for the film it is based upon an unfinished manga with no material. The first film has already absorbed the manga’s plot and story details.

The first and only “A Silent Voice” movie was a great success and ended on a positive note and there doesn’t appear to be any sequel to the film. 

It’s a shame, Yoshitoki Oima had created seven volumes of the manga and that was it. A lot of elements were transferred from the book into the film to create it. There is no current source to tell the story in the form of a sequel.

In the film, the story did come to an ending. If fans are aware of this, they want to know what their futures be. 

They’re waiting with anticipation about the possibility that Nishimiya and Shoya do get married soon. This only addresses their current situation. There is a myriad of possibilities.

Manga is a great source for those looking to read the entire story However, even if fascinated by the story, we recommend reading more manga. 

The additional scenes were also included in the manga, even though they weren’t able to be integrated into the film due to the time restrictions.

Re-runs, DVD sales, and internet downloads increase the possibility of a series or film being re-released. They look at a variety of factors such as the source of the series, the degree of its popularity, as well as how well the franchise is selling.

It is comprised of two distinct storylines distinct by their time-based relationship. They contain 62 chapters as well as seven volumes. The film picks on the tale in the manga, from beginning to end. The movie ends the same way as the manga.

The film did well throughout its time in theatres in Japan as well as around the world, bringing in an impressive amount of dollars. As such there are no barriers to creating a sequel.

The popularity of the series determines the likelihood that the series receives an additional sequel. For the film, it’s more crucial to be unique.

According to MyAnimeList, The film has a rating of 12, and an overall popularity rank of 24, which is backed by 1,582.657 members. 

Since it is so high on the list, along with much other anime shows this film is sure to succeed in doing extremely well. It’s prominently featured on the official website and has an 8.98 grade.

According to IMDb, the film Silent Voice has received 8.2/10 by 55,311 people The film also has a Metacritic review that scored 78 out of 100. They’re very high marks for a sequel to be made, aren’t they?

Due to this, the show’s popularity may not be much, but it’s survived by ensuring that it gets the top position on both MyAnimeList along with the IMDb list, and also. 

This is because the popularity of the show will not hamper the possibility of a sequel to the film.

In conclusion, we would like to add that regardless of whether there is another sequel to the movie or not the prequel tugged at our hearts in two ways – happiness and sadness. 

While watching the film was so joyful, we were so content due to the numerous mistakes we made as children and the healing process, as well as the struggles that followed.

We’d love the sequel that is to follow as we believe that there are some who could create an exquisite story, similar to the one before even if it had no foundation in the novel.