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8 Best Harem Anime With A Great Story

The harem genre has a reputation for being super trashy and ignoring the story for the sake of of ecchi scenes. But Not In these Harem Anime, though! You’ll find ecchi moments and best harem anime conventions that genre fans love.

And These harem anime are paired up with a good story and character development. I am not the fan of the genre though but after watching these harem anime i really love them and enjoy the story line a lot.

So without wasting anymore time let just dive into the best harem anime list.

8. Tenchi Muyo!

Tenchi Muyo! best harem anime

If you can look past the ’90s art style (which looked great for its time), then you’ll discover that a lot of action comedy harem anime hybrid series are copies of Tenchi Muyo

The basic story centers around Tenchi Masaki and how a space pirate named Ryouko Hakubi changes his life. There is a lot of adventure and comedy to go with old school ecchi, plus the cast is really well written.

Plot : Tenchi Masaki is a hapless school boy who suddenly finds himself in the midst of a bunch of women from outer space – among them, space pirate Ryoko, princess Ayeka and her little sister Sasami, scientific genius Washu, ditzy space cop Mihoshi, and the adorable little “cabbit”(part cat, part rabbit), Ryo-ohki.

7. A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index

Most people wouldn’t consider A Certain Magical Index a harem anime, but it definitely has the trappings of one! The science-fantasy series is known for having an entertaining story that centers around Touma protecting a nun named Index.

There are great fights, comedy, and character moments between Touma and his harem of at least nine different girls. Characters of the series even call him Harem Boy!

Plot : In a world where science clarifies supernatural powers. In a huge college that has power development in its curriculum. To a resident high school student, Kamijou Touma, a pure white sister appears. She calls herself “Index” and says that sorcerers are chasing her. Thus, Kamijou Touma enters the world of the occult.

6. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is another reverse harem that non-genre fans can enjoy. Instead of being a harem or a satire, it’s a fairly straightforward rom-com. But don’t let that deter you because Fruits Basket is filled with great emotional moments between Tohru Honda and her harem.

Plot : Tohru Honda is 16 year old orphaned girl who gets invited to live in the house of her classmate, the handsome boy Sohma Yuki, and his cousins, 16 year old Kyo and 27 year old Shigure.

However, these young men and parts of the rest of their family (both close and distant) hold a curse; if they are hugged by the opposite gender, they transform into animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Everyday is an adventure for sweet Tohru, as she gets to know everyone in the large family better (especially Yuki and Kyo), in both common and bizarre situations. But, the Sohma Family curse is certainly no laughing matter… it also holds horrible cruelity and heartbreak.

5. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

Like Ouran High School Host ClubThe World God Only Knows is a part parody and part satire series. Keima Katsuragi is a master at dating simulation games but is hopeless when talking to real girls.

While it may seem like a series that centers around an awkward otaku, The World God Only Knows does take a stab at examining relationships and developing the cast when it’s not parodying popular games.

Plot : Keima Katsuragi is an avid galge gamer known at his school as “Otamega” (a derogatory term combining the words Otaku and Megane) and on the internet a “The Capturing God.” One day he receives an e-mail offering him a contract to “capture” girls.

He accepts thinking it’s a challenge and a demon from Hell named Elsee appears. She asks for his help in capturing runaway spirits that are hiding in “real” girls. He refuses stating he only like the girls from the game and she tells him that if he refuses then both of their heads will be cut off.

4. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven has a lot of ecchi, and the magic school setting has been done to death. What really sets the series apart is the cast. 

Arata Kasuga is the rare harem lead that is not dense and all of the female characters have varied personalities. The overall story is a mess, which could turn some people off, but the charming cast makes up for it.

Plot : Everyday is a normal day in the small town where Kasuga Arata lives. However, everything changed on the day of the Black Sun, and following it, a magician appears before him.

The Black Sun caused the Breakdown Phenomenon which destroyed the town where he lives. Because of this, his normal life was artificially reconstructed by a Grimoire that his childhood friend had left. Just what is the purpose of the magician coming to the town? What will he do with the Grimoire’s keepsake?

3. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is a part parody and part satire on the reverse harem genre. The clever writing and observations of the cast, coupled with some late series twists, makes the series a wild ride. You don’t even have to be a shoujo or reverse harem fan to enjoy it!

Plot : Haruhi is a poor tomboyish student at a school for the ultra-wealthy, able to attend because of a scholarship, and unable to even afford a uniform. One day, she stumbles across the decidedly peculiar but very popular Ouran Host Club. She tries to leave, but accidentally breaks a vase, and unable to pay for it, she’s told that she’ll have to stay and do odd jobs.

That is, until they decide she would be more valuable as a club member. Not realizing she’s female due to her appearance, they fix her up and give her a male uniform. She’s an instant hit, so they decide to have her keep up the charade even after they find out the truth.

Haruhi, being average almost to a fault, doesn’t know what to make of the unconventional activities of the Host Club (or of the even more unconventional members), but having little choice, she plays along. Before long, real bonds are formed, friends made, and Haruhi finds herself accepted in a way she could never have been otherwise in this affluent school.

2. High School DxD

High School DxD

High School DxD is greater than the sum of its parts. Issei Hyodo comes off as a typical pervert and the girls look like standard ecchi fodder. But, that would be doing the world building a disservice.

The series is an interesting take on various mythologies that include angels and demons. While the overall story is simple, the characters go through massive growth as the series progresses.

Plot : The story follows Issei Hyodo, a dim-witted, lecherous second-year high school student who is killed by a girl on his first date ever. Issei is reincarnated as a devil, and from that day forward, he serves as an underling of Riasu, a high-level devil who is also the prettiest girl on Issei’s campus.

1. Monogatari


The Monogatari series easily has the best plot in the genre. Koyomi Araragi’s interaction with all of the girls feels fluid and natural, plus there is actual character growth! Coupled with Shaft’s inventive animation techniques and Nisio Isin’s wordplay, and you have a harem series that even genre haters will love.

Hope you all like this best harem anime list make sure to comment below What are your favorite harem anime with an actual plot that goes with the ecchi? and don’t forget to bookmark MOW.