5 Centimeters Per Second Ending Explained

There are no different endings in real life. When things do not go as planned, you have no choice but to accept it and go on. 

This film, “5 centimeters per second,” is almost entirely about it.

The plot of 5 centimeters per second is about two people who were in love as children but grew apart both physically and emotionally over the course of their lives, which is a situation that occurs in the real world as well.

We soon forget the people who were once the most significant to us and eventually cease remembering them.

It is conceivable that this is just how life works; sometimes you have to forget the things that have happened in the past so you can go on.

As time pass, the links that bind us to our youth grow increasingly flaky until, finally, they are broken as we enter adulthood.

This occurs because as we age, we no longer have the same experiences that we did when we were younger.

The memories are never fully removed from our awareness, but as time passes, they become less distinct.

Ending Explained

5 Centimeters Per Second 5 Centimeters Per Second Ending Explained

In “5 centimeters per second,” Takaki knew that she noticed him, and he waited for the train (life) to pass by as he stood there patiently, frozen in time, thinking that she’d do the same.

However, now that he knows that she wasn’t waiting and that she had already broken free of her frozen time, he smiles and moves on, and his time has started to flow again.

This particular scene in “5 centimeters per second” breaks and warms my heart every single time. Takaki knew that she noticed him. He waited for the train (life) to come.

The understanding of this part of the argument is wrong since some people believe that he had the option to pursue her, but these individuals are incorrect.

It is intended to express the impression that he has reached the decision that she has moved on with her life and that it is now time for him to do the same.

This is communicated by the fact that he grins and then walks away from the conversation. He did not give chase to her by sprinting after her as a result of this reason.

They were emotionally invested in each other. Akari moved on.

Since it is depicted quite clearly in the manga that she is wearing a wedding ring, he ought to do the same.

Aside from that, he wasn’t really in love with her anymore; it was simply the thought of her that made him feel that way.

However, the conclusion of “5 centimeters per second” is rather on the upbeat side…

The movie suggests that there are two potential scenarios.

After moving on from the situation, Takaki eventually wed Kanae, the other girl who had a crush on him.

As a result of their conversation, Takaki and Akari ended up together, which is less likely than you might think.

But if we speak about how “5 centimeters per second” ends, it’s obvious that Takaki has moved on, and if we attempt to relate it to the manga, then it seems likely that he married Kanae despite the fact that both of them are living in the past.

There is another ending of “5 centimeters per second,” which is much less preferred, and it is —

Takaki was merely seeing hope or an illusion that maybe he did see Akari again, even though he never actually saw her again.

When you think about it, they didn’t communicate for a very long time, which is why Akari had no idea where the Takaki was.

Even though Takaki didn’t see her, he just grinned because he had finally come to terms with the situation.

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